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45. So this is proof that the government can order crimes to be committed with impunity
Sat Mar 16, 2013, 11:13 AM
Mar 2013

How is it that "The CIA made me do it" gets dropped?

WTF? Ok if you want it that way then the fact remains crimes were committed and someone should be held responsible for them. Where is the prosecution against the person who ordered this shit?
Still short of the full admission, CIA created the FRONT! Coyotl Mar 2013 #1
And not only Blackwater/Xe/Advanti but there are other "Blakcwaters" dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #2
The advantage of a CIA Front is that they are not subject to the same rules. Coyotl Mar 2013 #4
The CIA created the enemy and has been doing so for decades. Skidmore Mar 2013 #27
We have always been at war with Goldstein & The Brotherhood Berlum Mar 2013 #42
"One court document even lists “Erik P” as a CIA officer himself." dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #3
Now I feel sick Demeter Mar 2013 #5
Does explain why they got all those no bid contracts for DOD dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #6
Maybe B*shCo is involved with importing and selling illegal drugs. AikidoSoul Mar 2013 #53
And this is a newsy surprise? Yawn... xtraxritical Mar 2013 #7
Sort of a free market SS then. Marr Mar 2013 #8
+1 excellent point. idwiyo Mar 2013 #41
We are not living in a democracy. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #9
Hopefully more and more people are waking up, JD. dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #10
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!SPARKAGE!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dryvinwhileblind Mar 2013 #15
This is an issue where libs and conservatives can find common ground, actually. reformist2 Mar 2013 #39
Prince is a strange character Paul E Ester Mar 2013 #11
spook work is a 1%-er tradition. it *is* their normal work. HiPointDem Mar 2013 #30
ugh ZRT2209 Mar 2013 #12
It sounds like the agency is being privatized one no bid contract at a time... midnight Mar 2013 #13
Interesting way to look at it... dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #23
It does look like the privateers are usurping our infrastructure... midnight Mar 2013 #28
We suspected as much nadinbrzezinski Mar 2013 #14
I said it before ProSense Mar 2013 #16
the employees had been acting under the orders of the US government. AlbertCat Mar 2013 #17
The CIA has used paramilitary groups throughout their long history.... OldDem2012 Mar 2013 #18
Gosh, a group known for murder, torture, subversion, spying, hires thugs to help them out. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #19
DeVos, Amway, RW extremists-yep the CIA "had" to go there to accomplish it's fascist agenda K&R bobthedrummer Mar 2013 #20
Used to be the Mafia what got paid to do dirty work for gentlemen who didn't like dirty hands. Octafish Mar 2013 #21
Yikes....but then again, why am I surprised???? dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #24
A for-profit government agency? caseymoz Mar 2013 #22
A raise and apparently immunity from the rule of law Vinnie From Indy Mar 2013 #33
Do you remember when Rumsfeld sat in front of a Senate Committee.... bvar22 Mar 2013 #25
Thanks. I think many of us already figured this out. nt Zorra Mar 2013 #26
on the one hand, it's not surprising. On the other hand, it's a black eye for the CIA since these yurbud Mar 2013 #29
Hey yurbud... dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #31
family life keeps me busy lately. Thanks for shout out yurbud Mar 2013 #32
Amazing how the government will allow an agency to be Rex Mar 2013 #34
Evening Kick n/t johnnyreb Mar 2013 #35
Oh Canuckistanian Mar 2013 #36
It was a welfare program for rich people. David Zephyr Mar 2013 #37
Meglomania rich people. dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #38
I like how they were all prosecuted for treason, warmongering and banksterism... Octafish Mar 2013 #48
"nothing more than probation, house arrest and $5,000 fines" progressoid Mar 2013 #40
k & friggin r! nt wildbilln864 Mar 2013 #43
Federal prosecutors have the DUTY to indict the outlaws in BOTH Blackwater & the CIA. Faryn Balyncd Mar 2013 #44
So this is proof that the government can order crimes to be committed with impunity hootinholler Mar 2013 #45
Well if the CIA "ordered this shit" dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #46
The unanswered question for the last half of the 20th century hootinholler Mar 2013 #47
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Octafish Mar 2013 #49
thanks for the link to the National Archives! dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #50
Nyet, vui panameiyo nymanoga Russki?! Like Aldrich Ames, Robert Hansen, etc. Kick. bobthedrummer Mar 2013 #52
Anybody with half a brain could have figured this out kattycat Mar 2013 #51
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