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18. African-Americans were hard hit by the 2008 bank bail out
Sat May 18, 2013, 03:11 PM
May 2013

Both African-American men and women have been harder hit than white females.

In the cases of both race and gender, the legacy of slavery continues to impact people, whether the slavery was based upon race or gender.

The commonality between all African-Americans and all women is that both groups, in American society, were not simply considered second-class citizens, they were considered property.

kr. a *real* feminist issue, but so little-discussed. equal pay for upper management! HiPointDem May 2013 #1
k&r RainDog May 2013 #2
These women are raising children on these salaries GiaGiovanni May 2013 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author RainDog May 2013 #4
What a fucked up thing to say. redqueen May 2013 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author RainDog May 2013 #8
What's fucked up is you attacking OTHER WOMEN when you had NO FUCKING CALL TO DO SO. redqueen May 2013 #13
those FEMEN 'feminists' aren't interested in lower-class women -- unless they work in the sex HiPointDem May 2013 #20
Apparently we can't discuss single moms without SOME women attacking feminists they don't like redqueen May 2013 #29
it's not unrelated. HiPointDem May 2013 #30
I don't think femen advances anything i care about, feminist or otherwise. On the contrary, I HiPointDem May 2013 #32
k&r Starry Messenger May 2013 #5
Thanks for kicking this. redqueen May 2013 #7
I'm pretty close to it myself. Starry Messenger May 2013 #9
Thanks, I have two young teens. redqueen May 2013 #12
My child support was just cut in half. xmas74 May 2013 #33
Marx was right...... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #10
And Engels rightly analyzed the origin of sexism RainDog May 2013 #11
Nope. nt redqueen May 2013 #14
Yep. I'm sure Penny Pritzker and Carly Fiorina...... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #17
glad your post is getting some more attention RainDog May 2013 #15
It's all about the plutocracy/plutonomy, as with all of the problems they've made for us. Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #16
African-Americans were hard hit by the 2008 bank bail out RainDog May 2013 #18
Very true. YoungDemCA May 2013 #22
and they, as well as black males, continue to be hit harder in the 'recovery,' as well as by the HiPointDem May 2013 #23
The For-Profit Prison Economy, with its racist basis RainDog May 2013 #25
Which goes back to what I wrote. If you focus your attention where you are directed to, Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #24
Yes. I agree RainDog May 2013 #26
Capitalism commodifies EVERYTHING, including sex...... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #27
There are varieties of feminism RainDog May 2013 #28
"should actually look at the economics that create this "service sector" in the economy." HiPointDem May 2013 #31
Hear fucking hear! nt redqueen May 2013 #34
K&R, Thank You! smirkymonkey May 2013 #19
It is important to discuss these issues.... YoungDemCA May 2013 #21
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