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Much more difficult now Ron Green May 2013 #1
Yup. If someone does that today, Art_from_Ark May 2013 #6
True NewJeffCT May 2013 #20
My students give me hugs all the time. LWolf May 2013 #23
Glad to hear things are at least going well on the hug front... villager May 2013 #27
I'm hanging on. LWolf May 2013 #28
At the first parent teacher conference each year, I tell the teacher it's ok to hug my son. SunSeeker May 2013 #32
We're a school of huggers. noamnety May 2013 #35
That was the first thing that came to my mind also. Curmudgeoness May 2013 #36
'With elevated standards and increased testing, elleng May 2013 #2
More fallout from neocon mean spiritedness BeyondGeography May 2013 #3
Plenty of blame to go around, we have plenty of pearl clutchers right here on DU Exultant Democracy May 2013 #8
Exactly!!! gopiscrap May 2013 #19
It's true. The politicians... and the people who OWN them... have to get over the idea that they.... Smarmie Doofus May 2013 #4
If you talk to anyone about education, they have an opinion. And the bought and paid for world wide wally May 2013 #10
To a certain degree Spike89 May 2013 #24
Teachers have always sulphurdunn May 2013 #43
I agree with all of that Spike89 May 2013 #45
Education is no longer about kids. Its about $$. And we ALL know how well that works. MichiganVote May 2013 #5
Thank you. woo me with science May 2013 #11
+ infinity BrotherIvan May 2013 #22
Its not too late. It will never be too late. MichiganVote May 2013 #30
This brings tears to an old man's eyes. JEB May 2013 #7
Talk to any teacher who has been around for 15 or 20 years and they will all say the same thing... world wide wally May 2013 #9
I used to give all-essay Final exams. Then a new principal asked for exams that anyone could grade/ WinkyDink May 2013 #26
Just Retired Cybergata May 2013 #39
kr. yes, heart-breaking. anti-human policies for anti-human times. the fruits of neoliberal HiPointDem May 2013 #12
Huge, huge K&R woo me with science May 2013 #13
I agree with you. bbkenn92 May 2013 #42
Great, great letter n2doc May 2013 #14
Morning kick. Brickbat May 2013 #15
du rec. nt xchrom May 2013 #16
k&r for exposure. This is very important. n/t Laelth May 2013 #17
No mercy for a mistake BanzaiBonnie May 2013 #18
Starting my 28th year next year Ishoutandscream2 May 2013 #21
K&R nt CokeMachine May 2013 #25
Excellent commentary! CrispyQ May 2013 #29
Yes libodem May 2013 #31
Great article! PennsylvaniaMatt May 2013 #33
Trust is basically dead defacto7 May 2013 #34
sad kick.. . . . n/t annabanana May 2013 #37
I tried volunteering at a school last year. BlueCheese May 2013 #38
k&r'd snot May 2013 #40
k&R midnight May 2013 #41
Who is "us," really? blkmusclmachine May 2013 #44
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