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24. To a certain degree
Fri May 24, 2013, 01:29 PM
May 2013

I agree without reservation that schools/teaching can easily become over politicalized. That really isn't anything new and it probably isn't something that can be "fixed". Public education is at its very core somewhat coercive--the system takes your child and immediately becomes a major influence on them. It is natural for parents to be highly involved and interested in how schools are being run. Yes, I know that parents have some options, but not all can afford private schools (and even if they can, private schools can be just as politically volatile), and home school isn't going to work for many.

Car mechanics and air conditioning repair people, even working on just a piece of equipment, do have regulations and laws governing how they do their jobs. Dentists are required to undergo rigorous training and licensing and do face very strict government controls over what they can and cannot do to/with their patients.

Teachers are given the care of children--they should be respected, but they should also be held up to scrutiny, highest standards, and expect a huge level of oversight. They should also be paid better.

Much more difficult now Ron Green May 2013 #1
Yup. If someone does that today, Art_from_Ark May 2013 #6
True NewJeffCT May 2013 #20
My students give me hugs all the time. LWolf May 2013 #23
Glad to hear things are at least going well on the hug front... villager May 2013 #27
I'm hanging on. LWolf May 2013 #28
At the first parent teacher conference each year, I tell the teacher it's ok to hug my son. SunSeeker May 2013 #32
We're a school of huggers. noamnety May 2013 #35
That was the first thing that came to my mind also. Curmudgeoness May 2013 #36
'With elevated standards and increased testing, elleng May 2013 #2
More fallout from neocon mean spiritedness BeyondGeography May 2013 #3
Plenty of blame to go around, we have plenty of pearl clutchers right here on DU Exultant Democracy May 2013 #8
Exactly!!! gopiscrap May 2013 #19
It's true. The politicians... and the people who OWN them... have to get over the idea that they.... Smarmie Doofus May 2013 #4
If you talk to anyone about education, they have an opinion. And the bought and paid for world wide wally May 2013 #10
To a certain degree Spike89 May 2013 #24
Teachers have always sulphurdunn May 2013 #43
I agree with all of that Spike89 May 2013 #45
Education is no longer about kids. Its about $$. And we ALL know how well that works. MichiganVote May 2013 #5
Thank you. woo me with science May 2013 #11
+ infinity BrotherIvan May 2013 #22
Its not too late. It will never be too late. MichiganVote May 2013 #30
This brings tears to an old man's eyes. JEB May 2013 #7
Talk to any teacher who has been around for 15 or 20 years and they will all say the same thing... world wide wally May 2013 #9
I used to give all-essay Final exams. Then a new principal asked for exams that anyone could grade/ WinkyDink May 2013 #26
Just Retired Cybergata May 2013 #39
kr. yes, heart-breaking. anti-human policies for anti-human times. the fruits of neoliberal HiPointDem May 2013 #12
Huge, huge K&R woo me with science May 2013 #13
I agree with you. bbkenn92 May 2013 #42
Great, great letter n2doc May 2013 #14
Morning kick. Brickbat May 2013 #15
du rec. nt xchrom May 2013 #16
k&r for exposure. This is very important. n/t Laelth May 2013 #17
No mercy for a mistake BanzaiBonnie May 2013 #18
Starting my 28th year next year Ishoutandscream2 May 2013 #21
K&R nt CokeMachine May 2013 #25
Excellent commentary! CrispyQ May 2013 #29
Yes libodem May 2013 #31
Great article! PennsylvaniaMatt May 2013 #33
Trust is basically dead defacto7 May 2013 #34
sad kick.. . . . n/t annabanana May 2013 #37
I tried volunteering at a school last year. BlueCheese May 2013 #38
k&r'd snot May 2013 #40
k&R midnight May 2013 #41
Who is "us," really? blkmusclmachine May 2013 #44
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