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Egalitarian Thug

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80. Sorry Manny, I think I understand what you're trying to say and genuinely sympathize
Tue May 28, 2013, 01:55 AM
May 2013

with the sentiment, but the fact is that assholes have become the overwhelming majority in this nation (maybe that they always were and I just failed to notice) and they are very well represented on this site. I've no doubt that I am counted among them, perhaps by you, certainly by those for whom being a DU "cool kid" is the pinnacle of, and reason for, their existence.

We're not on the same, or any team. This is not a community, it's not a club (literally anybody can join), and nobody that matters pays any attention to what goes on here. It has had no effect on the issues that it pretends to address. It's just a means to an income for three people. Thom Hartmann seems to occasionally use this place to find topics on slow news days or when his show gets stale, but like Thom's show, the unfortunate fact is that you could stuff the entirety of it into the eye of any major players and it wouldn't even feel the need to blink.

I don't know if you are younger, more tolerant, or perhaps you just haven't experienced the consequences of their ministrations to the same degree that so many of their victims have, but it should be clear to you by now that many of the most prolific posters here are here for no other purpose than to exorcise and validate their own selfish agendas.

Anyone that is outraged and pissed off by this oh-so-very-unacceptable reply, before you hit the alert button, do yourself a favor; spend the next two weeks tracking how much time you waste here and promise yourself that you will spend that much time actually working to help alleviate the real human suffering that Manny and xchrom are talking about.

K + R. IBTL n/t Mister Ed May 2013 #1
k&r. Do you mean just DU or in general, people in general? uppityperson May 2013 #2
DU at the least! MannyGoldstein May 2013 #3
Well, if it is the whole world, then it fits GD and isn't just whining about DU uppityperson May 2013 #5
In that case, I meant to say "just the whole world". MannyGoldstein May 2013 #7
By the way, there are no Mods any more. The Hosts aren't drunk or sleeping either, why say that? uppityperson May 2013 #67
Lock it! Lock it I say! Be nice to one another, who ever heard of that! hrmjustin May 2013 #4
I do this... Spitfire of ATJ May 2013 #51
I'm in agreement. defacto7 May 2013 #6
Me too. whathehell May 2013 #59
Evidently, ProSense May 2013 #8
I love the part during the Yom Kippur service... MannyGoldstein May 2013 #37
I like that part too, Manny. You are so right. Hekate May 2013 #60
Lashing out and behaving rudely is a symptom of feeling lousy within yourself. Quantess May 2013 #9
This is very true. People here are even lashing out at the GD hosts....who aren't getting paid. MADem May 2013 #68
Well, this was a fun thread, defacto7 May 2013 #70
Who guys? I am not a GD host. I have been one, though, and I know how it works. MADem May 2013 #71
My apologies MADem defacto7 May 2013 #73
My comments are rude? In what way? MADem May 2013 #74
Be well! defacto7 May 2013 #75
We don't learn without feedback. I just didn't understand where I was rude, is all. MADem May 2013 #76
No worries. defacto7 May 2013 #77
No you weren't rude. Quantess May 2013 #78
I didn't understand the point at all...I also didn't see his or her deleted comment below. MADem May 2013 #79
I've been wondering the same thing. Anyone remember tolerance? JaneyVee May 2013 #10
Huge K and R! NRaleighLiberal May 2013 #11
are those some of the ones you are growing this year? beautiful. niyad May 2013 #24
some of my go-to, top flavor varieties... NRaleighLiberal May 2013 #31
thanks for the info--you have made me even more impatient for our farmers' market to start. niyad May 2013 #36
Those are just beautiful! You have a gold mine there R B Garr May 2013 #53
I was lucky - got involved in them early on (mid 1980s), so developed NRaleighLiberal May 2013 #58
I agree, I think people often mean. NYC_SKP May 2013 #12
The world should put a little love in its heart Art_from_Ark May 2013 #13
I like the Annie Lennox version better :) Katashi_itto May 2013 #38
Wrong Manny, it's been 16 minutes, still not locked. Good. I agree, how hard is it to just be kind Mnemosyne May 2013 #14
.. Buzz Clik May 2013 #23
how did you catch one of my kits in that bad a mood? niyad May 2013 #27
'we are all on the same team' Whisp May 2013 #15
Yes we are. The Ruling Elite like nothing better than when we fight with each other. nm rhett o rick May 2013 #39
Amen. It shuts down all hope of an actual discussion, or even a good fight. nolabear May 2013 #16
That's very unladylike of you. MannyGoldstein May 2013 #19
ME NO LADY!!! Skittles May 2013 #32
GAL? MannyGoldstein May 2013 #50
well.....I AM in Texas Skittles May 2013 #52
'Nuff said. MannyGoldstein May 2013 #54
Did you just call us all butt heads? Make7 May 2013 #18
Yes. I was just going to ask the same thing. BlueStreak May 2013 #21
You've got to figure out what you want. Buzz Clik May 2013 #20
Well, if it's the thread I'm thinking of... MannyGoldstein May 2013 #26
Are you shitting me? Buzz Clik May 2013 #30
I'm an admirer of Thompson's insight and prose MannyGoldstein May 2013 #40
Nice hug. Buzz Clik May 2013 #42
if invective is gonna be hurled undergroundpanther May 2013 #64
Manny, you are exactly right. I have thought the same asjr May 2013 #22
It's really hard to not be cranky... ReRe May 2013 #25
How DARE you! closeupready May 2013 #28
I just left a bar where someone came in just looking for a fight. lindysalsagal May 2013 #29
Thank you, Pollyanna. To avoid another dose of saccharin, I'm putting you on ignore. Buzz Clik May 2013 #35
Thank you for making my point: just looking for a fight. lindysalsagal May 2013 #41
Re-read my post -- the message text. Buzz Clik May 2013 #43
It's vitally important that we Democrats get along. The Ruling Elites want us to in-fight rhett o rick May 2013 #33
Yep. So everyone should just agree with me. MannyGoldstein May 2013 #44
I will agree with you Manny. Are you buying? nm rhett o rick May 2013 #46
Be kind. GoneOffShore May 2013 #34
I've alerted a few times on threads that were posted with no other intent but to ridicule cui bono May 2013 #45
My advice: "Be excellent to each other. And PARTY ON DUDES!" Rowdyboy May 2013 #47
"Bernard, I want you to know that I try" hfojvt May 2013 #48
You're obviously not going to be banned taking a non-controversial stance like Loudly May 2013 #49
It's Memorial Day...what did you expect? nadinbrzezinski May 2013 #55
good point Chaco Dundee May 2013 #56
ouch, now you see hfojvt May 2013 #57
If I may add my observation... Corruption Inc May 2013 #61
It reminds me of a song.... defacto7 May 2013 #62
happy helmet undergroundpanther May 2013 #66
Yeay!!! defacto7 May 2013 #69
Thank you....And happy to be rec # 100 abq e streeter May 2013 #63
There is a caveat to the GD SOP guidelines that if MADem May 2013 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author defacto7 May 2013 #72
Sorry Manny, I think I understand what you're trying to say and genuinely sympathize Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #80
Locking. Warren DeMontague May 2013 #81
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