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Fri May 31, 2013, 03:24 PM May 2013

If you found out your honest, trustworthy mechanic was a right winger, would you stop using him? [View all]

or her? This assumes that you've been using the mechanic for a while and felt that he was honest and trustworthy.

87 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
I would definitely change mechanics
11 (13%)
I would probably change mechanics
3 (3%)
I might change mechanics
1 (1%)
I would consider changing mechanics
2 (2%)
It wouldn't affect my decision to use this mechanic
59 (68%)
If my mechanic posted these bullshit polls I'd fire him on the spot
3 (3%)
There's no such thing as an honest and trustworthy right winger
7 (8%)
I like to vote.
1 (1%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Yup. Im not giving him or her money to donate to RW nutjobs. bunnies May 2013 #1
If he's honest and trustworty, why change mechanics? premium May 2013 #2
I don't know. If he has a confederate flag in the garage, wears a gun, talks thrash -- I'd tell him Hoyt May 2013 #18
Your prerogative. premium May 2013 #22
I am not surprised bigoted right wingers are fine for the gun promoters here. Hoyt May 2013 #118
The subject is auto mechanics. Jenoch May 2013 #127
Subject is right wing service providers. Guns and right wingers are often linked. Hoyt May 2013 #131
I did not see anything in the OP Jenoch May 2013 #132
Did you see anything about bigotry, war mongering, greed, etc. Those are all common characteristic Hoyt May 2013 #133
You seem to paint Jenoch May 2013 #142
Sorry, when it comes to politics and decency, right wingers don't cut it. Well except with those Hoyt May 2013 #150
You missed the point. Jenoch May 2013 #154
Actually I think the promotion of guns is the biggest difference. Hoyt Jun 2013 #157
Promotion of guns? Jenoch Jun 2013 #162
That's entirely your right. ... spin May 2013 #35
If he talks "...thrash..." AND wears a gun, you might want to couch your explanation bike man May 2013 #55
I vote Bravado. CokeMachine May 2013 #68
I've dealt with a few yahoos with guns in my life, and came out ahead Hoyt May 2013 #117
So... Pelican May 2013 #134
Not with the help of gun nuts who use them for intimidation. Hoyt May 2013 #135
Not sure if you mean the guns or the nuts.... Pelican May 2013 #137
Are you in law enforcement? Hoyt May 2013 #149
Of a sort... Pelican Jun 2013 #155
I've never suggested disarming law enforcement, except for the wannabes who tote Hoyt Jun 2013 #159
DAMN TheFutureWillCome May 2013 #67
They are the majority where I live. And they are mostly bigots too. Hoyt May 2013 #119
i mean TheFutureWillCome Jun 2013 #177
Pretty easy to tell, especially with their milita and Tbag "insignias." Hoyt Jun 2013 #178
You just have all the answers, don't ya Hoyt? premium Jun 2013 #183
Please take note. krispos42 Jun 2013 #166
Because most of them are right wingers. Aerows May 2013 #79
But if they have a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness premium May 2013 #80
i would change mechanics, if he were an active child molester markiv May 2013 #3
yup notadmblnd May 2013 #4
If he or she is passing money along to RW organizations riqster May 2013 #5
This happened to a member of my family. MADem May 2013 #6
My honest trustworthy mechanic is indeed Sherman A1 May 2013 #7
I agree with Sherman. dixiegrrrrl May 2013 #28
And I must Agree with dixiegrrrrl Sherman A1 May 2013 #51
I like my mechanic enough not to want to give him up. Aristus May 2013 #8
Absolutely agree. n/t UtahLib May 2013 #23
I would have to wonder about his ethics Just Saying May 2013 #9
There's a lot that goes with progressivism TekGryphon May 2013 #10
republican Niceguy1 May 2013 #92
A Republican can certainly run a progressive business, true. TekGryphon May 2013 #125
that is bs Niceguy1 May 2013 #140
You're right, I should have prefaced it with neo-conservatism TekGryphon Jun 2013 #168
I have the mindset of the great generation Niceguy1 Jun 2013 #169
The greatest generation didn't have bigotted obstructionist running half their government. TekGryphon Jun 2013 #171
our side has it's share Niceguy1 Jun 2013 #174
I have no idea if my patronage Ilsa May 2013 #11
In Tennessee, Sissyk May 2013 #12
And in Mississippi, its even worse....BTW, my mechanic is originally from Indiana.... Rowdyboy May 2013 #153
I must be weird or something. Sissyk Jun 2013 #179
Only if he tries to convert your car. Then it's time. randome May 2013 #13
I don't care what someone's politics are if the work is good. cherokeeprogressive May 2013 #14
There are several local businesses that I no longer use for just this reason 1-Old-Man May 2013 #15
Probably instead of definitely because both our cars are very specialized and competent mechanics Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #16
The mechanics who own the shop where I take my car RebelOne May 2013 #17
Same here. (nt) enough May 2013 #19
yes, my mechanic is from the libertarian point of view, so are some of my school teachers mrdmk May 2013 #104
Do you remove leftist bumper stickers from the car before taking it in?? tokenlib May 2013 #20
I'd change mechanics and wonder how much I'd gotten ripped off for in the past. nt Zorra May 2013 #21
If he is honest and trustworthy (according to the poll question), why would you suspect bike man May 2013 #58
I don't discuss politics with my mechanic. Buns_of_Fire May 2013 #24
Pretty much how I feel. HappyMe May 2013 #37
I hate when people assume I'm repub (not sure why, 32 year old white female FWIW) and MillennialDem May 2013 #46
Until I see drones and surveillance vans circling his shop and find out that by doing business... JVS May 2013 #25
I'd change if I found an acceptable mechanic who is not a nutjob. nt SDjack May 2013 #26
He's very difficult to get rid of One_Life_To_Give May 2013 #27
Are we talking only auto mechanics, kentauros May 2013 #29
I'd consider changing defacto7 May 2013 #30
Those are mutually exclusive character traits, so it's a moot question. nt Electric Monk May 2013 #31
If he was literally an actual Nazi, or a member of the Klan, probably. Nye Bevan May 2013 #32
No. Because mine is, and he's always kind, cordial, hard-working, and good at what he does. BlueCaliDem May 2013 #33
Smart business owners don't discuss politics at work, much less rub their customer's noses in it Hekate May 2013 #34
No, I wouldn't change. HappyMe May 2013 #36
I'd drop his ass fast. WVU May 2013 #38
Your a real peach of a person. premium May 2013 #41
Whatever WVU May 2013 #43
And your talking it right now. premium May 2013 #48
Gee you side with Repukes quite a bit HangOnKids May 2013 #50
Gee, I do not, premium May 2013 #52
Tracking Your Posts? Another odd position from you HangOnKids May 2013 #54
Here's an idea sport. premium May 2013 #61
COMEDY GOLD!!!! HangOnKids May 2013 #64
Gunners are like that billh58 May 2013 #100
Nice try. WVU May 2013 #56
Whatever. premium May 2013 #63
I don't live my life hating people either William769 May 2013 #66
Believe it or not, premium May 2013 #69
Jeez... richmwill May 2013 #95
So, you think my husband's business philosophy is to "[screw] people over"? Seeking Serenity May 2013 #89
Yes, because it brings his intelligence into the picture. n-t Logical May 2013 #73
Yeah, there is that. nt. premium May 2013 #74
Congrats. You win today's Ideological Purity Award. cherokeeprogressive May 2013 #105
A bit of advice. You might want to tone down the rhetoric just a smidge. SlimJimmy Jun 2013 #160
What if you found out that your proposed FBI director was a Republican? BlueCheese May 2013 #39
Depends on how big of a crackpot he is. Does he blame Obama for your engine running rough? denverbill May 2013 #40
Well if your right wing mechanic found out... SummerSnow May 2013 #42
Why would he do that? premium May 2013 #45
Not to mention place him or her at risk for liability Seeking Serenity May 2013 #90
I get service contracts with my car, so I have the dealer service them. Initech May 2013 #44
oh hell, I just assume everybody around here is a winger Kali May 2013 #47
same here arely staircase May 2013 #49
Same here. premium May 2013 #53
Never discussed politics with him. However, graham4anything May 2013 #57
Or he just doesn't care who you voted for. premium May 2013 #65
I'm paying him for his mechanical skills, not his opinion rl6214 May 2013 #59
It depends. If he blasts Limbaugh in the garage all day long BlueStreak May 2013 #60
Yes. William769 May 2013 #62
No LittleBlue May 2013 #70
Would that be a satanic mechanic? The Velveteen Ocelot May 2013 #71
Sweet! nolabear May 2013 #75
I must be slow today, premium May 2013 #77
Excellent sarisataka May 2013 #94
Duzy! billh58 May 2013 #101
People can change. reflection May 2013 #72
It would depend. How are you defining it? nolabear May 2013 #76
I feel I must choose 'I like to vote' Inkfreak May 2013 #78
Hell no! It's only one guy with one vote. My truck is too critical and a good mechanic brewens May 2013 #81
Let's put it this way Shankapotomus May 2013 #82
In today's political climate, it's probably a horrible idea to talk politics with just about anyone. Buzz Clik May 2013 #86
Mechanic -- no problem. But my gynocologist? No fargin way. Buzz Clik May 2013 #83
LOL n/t cherokeeprogressive May 2013 #103
It's not really something that comes up in convos in those appointments, lol Starry Messenger May 2013 #107
How about the Sec of Defense? Head of the FBI? Bluenorthwest May 2013 #84
+1000 forestpath May 2013 #91
It depends FreeJoe May 2013 #85
if he keeps his conservative opinions to himself, OK Skittles May 2013 #87
Did this about six months ago. Found out and stopped trusting him. byronius May 2013 #88
When I'm doing business or making a purchase, politics never enters the decision process. Pragdem May 2013 #93
Ah another are you a worthless bigot poll! whistler162 May 2013 #96
If he was listening to Rush while he works, then yes, I would go elsewhere. northoftheborder May 2013 #97
That proves nothing Ter May 2013 #120
Exactly. Where I live, the right wing bigots loved Neil Boortz. Hoyt May 2013 #121
My hair stylist turned out to be a right wing nut job etherealtruth May 2013 #98
My hair stylist too Freddie May 2013 #128
One does NOT mess with a good stylist etherealtruth May 2013 #141
No. An honest mechanic is worth his/her weight in gold. Smarmie Doofus May 2013 #99
my mechanic knows i am a dem, we don't talk politics dembotoz May 2013 #102
That would be an incredibly sad and juvenile reaction. tritsofme May 2013 #106
The shop we take our vehicles Jenoch May 2013 #108
I put qualities like "honesty" and "trustworthy" ahead of politics Captain Stern May 2013 #109
I have such an a person. However, it would be hard to find one Cleita May 2013 #110
I wonder why it ius that so many answered that they may be repubs oneshooter May 2013 #111
Yes, they also become bad, dishonest mechanics. hughee99 May 2013 #113
i think they are making the point that what matters is they are good honest mechanics JI7 May 2013 #116
Are there any gun stores that hung up Obama posters? Or Hoyt May 2013 #123
I'm surprised by the number of people who felt the need to alter hughee99 May 2013 #112
Well, I have done so. And try to vote with my pocketbook everyday rurallib May 2013 #114
To be able to do that, you'd have to have a directory of progressive or at least moderate auto shops Ken Burch May 2013 #115
In A Heartbeat - My Money otohara May 2013 #122
You should be thankful for every rightwinger that passes your way. Th1onein May 2013 #124
I can't believe it took 124 posts for someone to say this. Kali Jun 2013 #163
Whatever you do might seem insignificant, Kali.... Th1onein Jun 2013 #182
I'd still use them, of course. Why wouldn't I? BenzoDia May 2013 #126
keeper, but negotiate for a better price... usGovOwesUs3Trillion May 2013 #129
oxymoron riverwalker May 2013 #130
My mechanic's a Mormon XemaSab May 2013 #136
Ive always known, my Honest Trustworthy mechanic is a right winger.... jdadd May 2013 #138
I don't have an honest, trustworthy mechanic who is a right winger - Ms. Toad May 2013 #139
Good on you! DeSwiss May 2013 #145
Very nice! n/t Ms. Toad May 2013 #147
... Kali Jun 2013 #164
I would if I could find another mechanic equally trustworthy who was not a RWNJ eridani May 2013 #143
I have a very good mechanic I use sarisataka May 2013 #144
K&R DeSwiss May 2013 #146
No. nt Deep13 May 2013 #148
I have no car or license but it would not bother me. hrmjustin May 2013 #151
your question reminds me of what Lenin once said about carburetors Douglas Carpenter May 2013 #152
Really? sellitman Jun 2013 #156
That happened to me back in the bush years in NY. Cha Jun 2013 #158
No, but my Republican mechanic is a family member Incitatus Jun 2013 #161
My hypothetical mechanic... krispos42 Jun 2013 #165
I'm not hiring him for his political point of view. Agnosticsherbet Jun 2013 #167
Competent, honest mechanics are rarer than hen's teeth. LeftyMom Jun 2013 #170
My mechanic is from Yemen. Starry Messenger Jun 2013 #172
I don't think i ever met a mechanic who was left leaning. Notafraidtoo Jun 2013 #173
Agree marions ghost Jun 2013 #181
I would not even think twice and stop using them YeahSureRight Jun 2013 #175
A good mechanic is hard to find. TexasTowelie Jun 2013 #176
I don't know any mechanics who aren't right wingers. librechik Jun 2013 #180
Yes definitely. truebrit71 Jun 2013 #184
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