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Egalitarian Thug

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95. You're right, it doesn't eliminate capitalism (if only it were that simple), but we do it because
Mon Jun 3, 2013, 11:08 PM
Jun 2013

it is what we love to do, and make no mistake, you can make a good living doing it. It simply precludes the potential to become a billionaire by stealing other people's work claiming it as your own property and then reselling it forever.

The world has been moving to Linux for almost two decades now because of two basic factors; it doesn't lock you into becoming, what is for all intents and purposes, a permanent slave to a single corporate overlord that you must pay regardless of circumstance. And it just works.

As for my previous comment, and I don't expect that you are going to believe this, the urgent need for the so-called STEM workers is a myth. There has always been enough of us, more than enough, to fill the need. What they want is cheap and disposable and nothing says cheap and disposable like a bumper crop of new grads willing to work for as close to nothing as possible until they can be replaced by the next crop.

Reality is that technology has forever changed the world of the 21st century, but we're still supporting a 19th century social model and the beneficiaries of that old model want to keep their gravy train going as long a possible. Studying something that you really don't like simply because you believe that it will make finding a job more likely is a tragedy on several levels.

Employment is not a goal, it is a sentence.

I think better advice is follow your passions. Lady Freedom Returns Jun 2013 #1
How about "Indulge Your Curiorsity"? KittyWampus Jun 2013 #13
People should do that all the time. Lady Freedom Returns Jun 2013 #15
I like the advice I saw recently here on DU (from a different commencement speaker). Laelth Jun 2013 #54
More like: Newest Reality Jun 2013 #2
+1 Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #5
+1 90-percent Jun 2013 #17
Ouch rastaone Jun 2013 #20
Agreed. Very sad because, for many, it will be very true. Laelth Jun 2013 #55
Dude...That hits a little TOO close to home Blue_Tires Jun 2013 #72
Oh, sorry. Newest Reality Jun 2013 #74
Fuck this world without my dreams. hunter Jun 2013 #3
I agree with hunter! Awknid Jun 2013 #4
Holding Your Head Up RobinA Jun 2013 #107
Funny thing about the word robot... Xipe Totec Jun 2013 #7
+1,000 n/t malaise Jun 2013 #8
Do you want to Make Money.... bvar22 Jun 2013 #12
It's not necessarily a zero-sum thing anyway. (nt) Posteritatis Jun 2013 #16
I want to eat. DeadLetterOffice Jun 2013 #18
Yes, this. lolly Jun 2013 #22
Well said! nt raccoon Jun 2013 #65
"School was a Place to Learn about The World, Zorra Jun 2013 #39
today's kids can forget about creativity, fun, passion, and dreams. They don't teach those things liberal_at_heart Jun 2013 #42
Hear, hear. We are witnessing what a sad and hopeless place the world is when Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #89
I think this is what Prof. Wade is talking about... blahblah98 Jun 2013 #27
+1. working class kids are fed all sorts of unrealistic crap & thrown into the workplace. HiPointDem Jun 2013 #36
+1 DeadLetterOffice Jun 2013 #50
You and your son are likely to get another lesson in reality, I'm sorry to say. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #90
Love the romantics blahblah98 Jun 2013 #92
You're right, it doesn't eliminate capitalism (if only it were that simple), but we do it because Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #95
The Romantics RobinA Jun 2013 #108
Maybe your son likes history... a la izquierda Jun 2013 #97
Hunter, You CAN Follow Your Dreams Demeter Jun 2013 #29
Wherever I end up, I'm always living my dream. hunter Jun 2013 #37
I don't have a patron or an inheritance, klook Jun 2013 #71
Fuckin' a right, hunter! I followed my dreams and my life is, and has been, total ass kickin' Zorra Jun 2013 #35
Absofuckinglutely, hunter! Tom Ripley Jun 2013 #47
Yes, that sounded like she was just telling the truth treestar Jun 2013 #61
+ Infinity Octafish Jun 2013 #69
It does indeed follow that many people will put their dreams LanternWaste Jun 2013 #78
My current dream is to build an economic system... hunter Jun 2013 #79
but you are a slave. :( nt galileoreloaded Jun 2013 #94
Our economic masters ignore my good advice, so it's only fair I ignore them. hunter Jun 2013 #96
Jimmy Cliff- ruffburr Jun 2013 #103
A Dream? How about a Plan? sibelian Jun 2013 #109
I have some pretty weird dreams. JaneyVee Jun 2013 #6
Do tell. Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #77
How sad.. Texasgal Jun 2013 #9
Another academic advocating for post secondary education's devolution into overpriced Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #10
How many people really *want* to be "banksters", anyway? YoungDemCA Jun 2013 #84
I Guess She Never Dreamed About Being A Professor.......... thelordofhell Jun 2013 #11
Muddle through and make the best of things daleo Jun 2013 #14
I agree with the professor Shankapotomus Jun 2013 #19
Absurd. nolabear Jun 2013 #21
My father always told us rastaone Jun 2013 #23
It is true that it is very rare to actually survive Curmudgeoness Jun 2013 #24
well obviously she is right - at least for the overwhelming majority of people Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #25
Dontcha have to find yerself first? L0oniX Jun 2013 #26
Our sick society only values making money. Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2013 #28
Colleges should stop saying "Follow your dreams" when they enter college FarCenter Jun 2013 #30
Look, you're American, so scale it back it, alright? Marr Jun 2013 #31
"Choose to be happy." AnotherMcIntosh Jun 2013 #32
It's OK to follow your dreams if you do it with eyes wide open. MadrasT Jun 2013 #33
My dad is an artist. For some years he made his living teaching art. hunter Jun 2013 #34
most people have lost something th HiPointDem Jun 2013 #38
Somebody may have a passion for information science treestar Jun 2013 #62
I say pursue your interests... At this point, picking the "right" major is pretty much a crapshoot. reformist2 Jun 2013 #40
Thought this was the extension of the "You aren't special" guy... Pelican Jun 2013 #41
I keep thinking of this video... backscatter712 Jun 2013 #80
I like his speech better... Libertas1776 Jun 2013 #82
She's right. And you dreams should have nothing to do with which degree you pursue. nt Pragdem Jun 2013 #43
Is this a public school or private? liberal_at_heart Jun 2013 #44
It's the private college in Los Angeles where Barack Obama went from '79 to '81! n/t alp227 Jun 2013 #99
This whole society undergroundpanther Jun 2013 #45
That has been my experience as well. This culture rewards sociopaths. nt DLevine Jun 2013 #56
I always wonder what that would have been like... bhikkhu Jun 2013 #46
why does it have to be one or the other ? JI7 Jun 2013 #48
Bumper sticker truisms are always lousy advice. Quantess Jun 2013 #49
You should start a thread with this! nt raccoon Jun 2013 #67
Meh! Are_grits_groceries Jun 2013 #51
the sad thing for me is that had I followed my dreams magical thyme Jun 2013 #52
Oh magical thyme (((hugs))). You know my husband was one of the "lucky few" riderinthestorm Jun 2013 #93
it's ok, Rider, I re-read my post at work yesterday magical thyme Jun 2013 #100
Good luck! I know many people make extra bucks with prospects that fall through the cracks riderinthestorm Jun 2013 #105
my understanding is that arabians are all about bloodlines magical thyme Jun 2013 #106
That happened to me as well. sibelian Jun 2013 #110
I agree. That's cruel and unrealistic advice for all but the very rich. k&r n/t Laelth Jun 2013 #53
Next she'll be telling us there are no silver linings in dark clouds. Buzz Clik Jun 2013 #57
My current theory: Have two jobs. backscatter712 Jun 2013 #58
That is basically my situation right now. The other thing I would advise is... stevenleser Jun 2013 #102
It is cruel and stupid. Safetykitten Jun 2013 #59
After reading the comments treestar Jun 2013 #60
Horatio Alger: Bullshit then and bullshit now. HughBeaumont Jun 2013 #63
Yup, 6 more years until retirement, then I'll follow some dreams.... callous taoboy Jun 2013 #64
Most dreams turn into nightmares. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #66
"Is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse?" -- Bruce Springsteen. nt raccoon Jun 2013 #68
This message was self-deleted by its author MineralMan Jun 2013 #70
The Onion: Turning Satire Off For a Bit . . . HughBeaumont Jun 2013 #73
After graduation, it took awhile to figure out 4_TN_TITANS Jun 2013 #75
Dynamic balance + Isn't it to be expected that a dysfunctional culture would produce inflated patrice Jun 2013 #76
"Follow your dreams" isn't only about getting a job, it is about living a good life. cbdo2007 Jun 2013 #81
Without a roof over your head and food to eat, there's nothing to strive for either... YoungDemCA Jun 2013 #86
except food and shelter. We all have different levels of dreams and goals. cbdo2007 Jun 2013 #91
. snagglepuss Jun 2013 #83
The issue is that we a society and system that equates happiness with wealth and status... YoungDemCA Jun 2013 #85
Scott Adams' take on this jrandom421 Jun 2013 #87
But Dilbert is a miserable little man living in his own self-imposed hell. hunter Jun 2013 #104
Harry Chapin's take on this jrandom421 Jun 2013 #88
She should just say "Look student you're flamingdem Jun 2013 #98
All I got from that advice was a restraining order.... WCGreen Jun 2013 #101
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