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Sun Jun 9, 2013, 03:58 PM Jun 2013

Do you support Edward Snowden leaking the classified NSA secret program details? [View all]

80 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, I support Edward Snowden leaking the classified NSA program!
59 (74%)
No, I do not support Edward Snowden leaking the classified NSA program!
19 (24%)
Who is Edward Snowden???
1 (1%)
1 (1%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Yes I do. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #1
Absolutely What our gov is doing is not only ineffective e.g. Boston Bombings it's unconstitutional usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jun 2013 #2
The "best" of both worlds... deurbano Jun 2013 #108
Way, way, way too early to say Recursion Jun 2013 #3
Anybody who has made up their mind already is being absurd. jschurchin Jun 2013 #17
Hogwash. 99Forever Jun 2013 #33
Yeah, you go right ahead and think that one over for awhile Downtown Hound Jun 2013 #45
Why is now to early to say? ZombieHorde Jun 2013 #49
Well, whether he actually knows what he claims, for one Recursion Jun 2013 #50
Didn't President Obama admit to the gathering of "metadata?" nt ZombieHorde Jun 2013 #52
FFS... WE'VE KNOWN THIS FOR 7 YEARS Recursion Jun 2013 #56
He's not the first whistle blower to say what he is saying. There have been a few over the past sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #112
100% nt. Warren Stupidity Jun 2013 #4
You bet. Th1onein Jun 2013 #5
I did not know verizon was sharing logs of every call i make markiv Jun 2013 #6
+1000! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #7
if this is ok, i think the nation owes this man an apology markiv Jun 2013 #8
I'm old enough to remember Nixon too. Benton D Struckcheon Jun 2013 #11
No knock warrants are abused beyond belief. But people put up with it. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #15
well, at least Nixon didnt dig through MY pone records markiv Jun 2013 #22
There's gotta be a prize for this. OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #13
Hyperbole much?! More winger memes on DU....fudr anyone? uponit7771 Jun 2013 #43
They aren't even pretending to hide it anymore, are they? arcane1 Jun 2013 #104
+1! snot Jul 2013 #116
"I did not know verizon was sharing logs of every call i make" You have got to be kidding. Buzz Clik Jun 2013 #69
I've gone back and forth on this, and finally decided it was a bad thing. Benton D Struckcheon Jun 2013 #9
I will take the risk. I do not trust the government to always use the information for good. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #10
The only bad guys who acted on the assumption that the U.S. wasn't capable of tracking Luminous Animal Jun 2013 #77
Absolutely. WestStar Jun 2013 #12
lolololololol treestar Jun 2013 #32
What does the Koolaid man say? TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #14
Or woman? n-t Logical Jun 2013 #19
Well, one dutifully reported that he gave... WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2013 #26
Hey, it was as busy as... ReRe Jun 2013 #72
Was it? WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2013 #79
It was. ReRe Jun 2013 #93
And new friends were made? WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2013 #113
I wouldn't go that far... ReRe Jun 2013 #115
Civil disobedience, baby. reformist2 Jun 2013 #16
Other: Don't give a good flying fuck about Edward Snowden or this whole issue alcibiades_mystery Jun 2013 #18
Why, maybe he is the only reason it is an "issue"! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #21
The whole thing is overblown and boring alcibiades_mystery Jun 2013 #23
it bores you, yet you write on the internet about it markiv Jun 2013 #27
Boredom is a legitimate viewpoint, too. randome Jun 2013 #31
The OP asked if I support the person alcibiades_mystery Jun 2013 #39
Snowden didn't leak the program Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #20
Well, they why is Obama holding press conferences? n-t Logical Jun 2013 #24
Because all the media outlets acted as if it was a new bombshell story and it was all over the news Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #25
This story is a story because people did not know the details of what the NSA.... Logical Jun 2013 #29
Most details about phone record collection were already known in 2006 Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #34
If you are right then this story will have no impact. If not it will. We will see. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #37
Just because a story is recycled, it doesn't mean it cant have an impact Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #40
That's because you're invested in fiction DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #60
Fiction? Not so much.... Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #64
Yes, thank you. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #66
I'm surprised you don't similarly shut yourself down for being disingenuous Major Nikon Jun 2013 #80
There's a reason this story is making headlines worldwide DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #82
And Obama No Longer Has Credibility - His Hope And Dreams Shtick Died Long Ago cantbeserious Jun 2013 #57
And why are my Senators Wyden and Merkley upset with the spying? neverforget Jun 2013 #55
Article from 2006: Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #58
So it took them 7 years to get outraged? Got it. neverforget Jun 2013 #59
Well...I can't speak to their reaction Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #62
That doesn't explain their outrage. nt neverforget Jun 2013 #63
OK Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #65
I don't care at all about what is new and what isn't. I care immensely that it morningfog Jun 2013 #86
So how many posts did you make in 2012 about the NSA collection of phone records? Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #87
Your defense of ongoing spying on everyone in the country is sickening DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #91
Where did I defend the program? Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #94
Are you kidding? DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #97
Please link to where I said this program was necessery Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #98
Cheerlead for a totalitarian government if that makes you feel good DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #99
No link? Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #100
Not for you DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #101
Still nothing? Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #102
That's how they roll n/t arcane1 Jun 2013 #105
Yeah, I'm the good soldier. Too fucking funny. morningfog Jun 2013 #95
You didn't answer my question Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #96
Your question is irrelevant. morningfog Jun 2013 #107
So far Snowden is long on generalities and short on specifics. randome Jun 2013 #28
thank you giftedgirl77 Jun 2013 #42
The DU hurricane will pass and we'll get back to talking about pit bulls, guns & Olive Garden. randome Jun 2013 #44
Appreciate it giftedgirl77 Jun 2013 #47
How DARE you bring patient reason into this discussion!!! arcane1 Jun 2013 #106
We only found out about him, today treestar Jun 2013 #30
wait creon Jun 2013 #35
how did he get the docs from his company, 'Booz Allen Hamilton' ? Sunlei Jun 2013 #36
Without a doubt. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #38
+1 n-t Logical Jun 2013 #109
Not yes-HELL yes. liberaltrucker Jun 2013 #41
Yes. If we don't deserve privacy, than neither do the people that want to take it from us n/t. TheBadWolf Jun 2013 #46
I need more time to reach a conclusion... rubluetoo Jun 2013 #48
The question really comes down to this, should the U.S. have any secrets from its populous, and if still_one Jun 2013 #51
I support him 100% LittleBlue Jun 2013 #53
Yes - Because I No Longer Trust Obama Or The US Government - We No Longer Live In A Democracy cantbeserious Jun 2013 #54
Unequivocably.... nradisic Jun 2013 #61
+1 Logical Jun 2013 #70
I can't take a poll now. My fingernail polish is still wet. Buzz Clik Jun 2013 #67
I don't know enough yet, but I admire him a lot more than Manning. grantcart Jun 2013 #68
Here's some crap on Booz Allen Hamilton; greiner3 Jun 2013 #71
Good point n-t Logical Jun 2013 #84
I do. ReRe Jun 2013 #73
Snowden broke the law. Laelth Jun 2013 #74
+ 1000 n-t Logical Jun 2013 #83
Is the goverment misusing the information? perdita9 Jun 2013 #75
You'll never know usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jun 2013 #88
I'm reserving judgment till I see more facts. roamer65 Jun 2013 #76
I'd have to ask why it was so secret. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #78
Snowden appears to be a sincere, honorable young man & I don't doubt his motivation pacalo Jun 2013 #81
Abso-fucking-lutely. More sunlight, please. morningfog Jun 2013 #85
Kick !!! WillyT Jun 2013 #89
I don't see how this will change 1 thing. They spy on us when we know and when we don't. They have Pisces Jun 2013 #90
good poll Liberal_in_LA Jun 2013 #92
I just heard about this today, and have no details yet. arcane1 Jun 2013 #103
sunlight is the best disinfectant.... mike_c Jun 2013 #110
I think there's more to it & Snowden isn't telling the whole story. baldguy Jun 2013 #111
They seem really upset if he is making it all up. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #114
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