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30. I don't know about well camouflaged. Most are pretty open about what they stand for
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 04:39 PM
Jun 2013

look at the embrace of Reich wing policy, corporatism, destruction of our civil liberties, education deform, constant defense of austerity, and on and on. Certain folks are pretty right wing and all is well as long as they recite their "hail Obamas" and a "hail Hillary" or two while avoiding open bigotry.

I don't think they camoflauge very well at all. n/t bitchkitty Jun 2013 #1
I agree Andy823 Jun 2013 #2
Aye. They're the ones that act like caricatures of liberals. Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #3
Most employ hideous grammar and make grade-school spelling and punctuation errors. Nay Jun 2013 #28
Many of them are smart-ass grammar police! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #31
They don't have to camouflage. They just have to game the juries. backscatter712 Jun 2013 #50
Doesn't matter. They come off dumb no matter where they go. n/t Bonhomme Richard Jun 2013 #4
Ba da bing! Kahuna Jun 2013 #7
Do you think many do not realize lots of us have memories not tainted by conserative Thinkingabout Jun 2013 #5
Isn't casting suspicions on others a favorite form of camouflage? JHB Jun 2013 #6
In your dreams. I entered blue and remain that way. Maybe you doth protest too much. mfcorey1 Jun 2013 #9
Think what you like JHB Jun 2013 #11
There are no real differences of opinion in the party, I mean the voters, elected officials are a sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #25
That happened to me after I joined, and disagreed with some posters. justice1 Jun 2013 #36
"casting of aspersions" xfundy Jun 2013 #16
Drat...beat me to it! truebluegreen Jun 2013 #19
They pop up here all the time and don't last long liberal N proud Jun 2013 #8
some last very long. Whisp Jun 2013 #17
Hipster Teabaggers?? That reminds me of a joke. Inkfreak Jun 2013 #59
Disagree, they are blatantly obvious Fumesucker Jun 2013 #10
+1. They may have used camouflage in the past, but not any more. (nt) Paladin Jun 2013 #61
LOL! sweetapogee Jun 2013 #63
Stick around for a while, you'll figure it out Fumesucker Jun 2013 #71
DU rec...nt SidDithers Jun 2013 #12
Can't help but wonder.... AverageJoe90 Jun 2013 #13
That must be it... Pelican Jun 2013 #14
So, what's this about? nt AverageJoe90 Jun 2013 #15
Interesting post there. Kingofalldems Jun 2013 #32
Indeed I am... Pelican Jun 2013 #38
That must be the royal 'we' Kingofalldems Jun 2013 #49
What's climate doomerism? Socialistlemur Jun 2013 #21
Well RobertEarl Jun 2013 #27
With friendly non-condescending posts like that one... Pelican Jun 2013 #37
There may be some truth here, though I do have a few caveats. AverageJoe90 Jun 2013 #43
So are you saying... Abq_Sarah Jun 2013 #40
Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what climate doomers do. AverageJoe90 Jun 2013 #44
Money to be made, or lost RobertEarl Jun 2013 #46
Not our own, though. AverageJoe90 Jun 2013 #48
But I'm looking forward to the collapse of this civilization, Joe. It sucks. hunter Jun 2013 #68
I know, right? When I see people wanting to rape the Constitution, I wonder if they're infiltrators. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #18
Your statements are being recorded Socialistlemur Jun 2013 #22
Republicans have infiltrated the Democratic Party YeahSureRight Jun 2013 #20
+1, n/t RKP5637 Jun 2013 #52
Who cares? Downtown Hound Jun 2013 #23
Because they influence debate on key issues BainsBane Jun 2013 #47
Right marions ghost Jun 2013 #55
Only the bad ones are obvious. nt BainsBane Jun 2013 #58
I think the appropriate pipi_k Jun 2013 #62
Let them Downtown Hound Jun 2013 #70
That's nothing new, they have always been around on liberal sites pretending to be democrats, sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #24
The worst are the ones who pretend to be good DUers. Nye Bevan Jun 2013 #26
Yep that's how it's done marions ghost Jun 2013 #56
Sooooooo meta. Threads on DU about DU are super awesome, yo! alcibiades_mystery Jun 2013 #29
I don't know about well camouflaged. Most are pretty open about what they stand for TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #30
"I love how paranoid these freaks are, so now if you are a good DUmmy and don't poke the hive..." Buzz Clik Jun 2013 #33
.. Buzz Clik Jun 2013 #66
If they're so well camouflaged, how do you determine that they're teabaggers? Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #34
Clue Bobbie Jo Jun 2013 #54
The post count? Xithras Jun 2013 #67
Didn't the last thread like this get zapped? randome Jun 2013 #35
yes everybody who doesn't adore obama as much as you is a teabagger posing boilerbabe Jun 2013 #39
What? Bobbie Jo Jun 2013 #53
LOL marions ghost Jun 2013 #57
The incoherent ranting of your post proves my point. eom mfcorey1 Jun 2013 #60
sounds like it's time for a 'purge' nt markiv Jun 2013 #41
one does have to wonder about anyone who thinks.....differently markiv Jun 2013 #42
Them and the authoritarian quislings. n/t backscatter712 Jun 2013 #45
baggers don't even know what the internet is. ileus Jun 2013 #51
You don't really believe that. Puzzledtraveller Jun 2013 #64
ive been called a teabagger here rdking647 Jun 2013 #65
It's the old "No True Scotsman" fallacy. Xithras Jun 2013 #69
That makes sense: I notice that dynamic a lot Populist_Prole Jun 2013 #72
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