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she looks poised and together riverwalker Jun 2013 #1
She is holding it together. See ZIMMERMAN though? JimDandy Jun 2013 #98
He was Fidgety Generic Other Jun 2013 #191
I'm not sure what you were watching WhataKnight Jun 2013 #183
Welcome to DU! cpwm17 Jun 2013 #185
He deserves jail time WhataKnight Jun 2013 #189
You are wrong. The gun changed everything Generic Other Jun 2013 #192
I'm sorry WhataKnight Jun 2013 #194
English is her third language and you complain she can't read, write cursive & doubt her? Huh uppityperson Jun 2013 #196
"I can't read cursive" n/t riverwalker Jun 2013 #2
evidently West can't either n/t riverwalker Jun 2013 #3
Asking Rachel about her characterzation of the case as a racial thing. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #4
West: "Are you okay? You seem so different from how you were yesterday" Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #5
I was interrupted when I heard her avebury Jun 2013 #8
OFFS. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #6
She looks like she has been crying her eyes are a bit swollen.... Little Star Jun 2013 #7
Does anyone have a link Lisa D Jun 2013 #9
here riverwalker Jun 2013 #11
Thanks! n/t Lisa D Jun 2013 #12
West: "isn't creepy assed cracker a racist comment"? n/t riverwalker Jun 2013 #10
I missed it. Was there an objection from Prosecution when he asked that? KurtNYC Jun 2013 #34
I think you can ask leading questions in cross-examination. antigone382 Jun 2013 #188
Judge: "Can we move on to another topic?" Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #13
he almost implied that Trayvons parents riverwalker Jun 2013 #31
It was clearly the implication. Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #52
Judge seems frustrated by West's questioning today. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #14
I'm having a hard time watching him. Silly but... Little Star Jun 2013 #20
the lawyer is pissing me off warrior1 Jun 2013 #15
He's pissing the judge off, too. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #16
"That's the last time this question will be asked" fishwax Jun 2013 #44
Thanks Tommy. I was up late last night. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #17
Semi-OT: Fun with internets. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #18
It's called Purple Drank Lurks Often Jun 2013 #84
And yet your talking points and seemingly 'helpful' JimDandy Jun 2013 #100
So sorry facts disturb you. Lurks Often Jun 2013 #105
On conservative sites, JimDandy Jun 2013 #133
Saying Martin was NOT under the influence of anything is a smear? Lurks Often Jun 2013 #163
Your very first post JimDandy Jun 2013 #173
Oh the horror of it all Lurks Often Jun 2013 #175
And isn't even true. Skittles don't melt like Jolly Ranchers in the Mountain Dew DevonRex Jun 2013 #124
The victim smearing by that poster JimDandy Jun 2013 #135
HAHA!!! MOUNTAIN DEW +JOLLY RANCHERS + CODEINE isn't Watermelon Arizona & Skittles.nt DevonRex Jun 2013 #122
Your point is? Lurks Often Jun 2013 #125
Skittles don't melt in the drink like Jolly Ranchers. They're NOT the same. They're gummy. DevonRex Jun 2013 #128
I have already stated that Martin was NOT under Lurks Often Jun 2013 #167
West keeps harping on the letter riverwalker Jun 2013 #19
He is being an asshole, imho. Ugh.... Little Star Jun 2013 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author JimDandy Jun 2013 #78
i agree: he is not doing his client any favor noiretextatique Jun 2013 #116
not only a jackass, but a bore and a boor Voice for Peace Jun 2013 #149
She seems poised today, non teenager-ish, I like the teenager uponit7771 Jun 2013 #21
At this point the jury has to be thinking can we just finish this testimony up already chelsea0011 Jun 2013 #23
+1, cause she's not saying anything new and it looks like Z's attorney is being a jerk uponit7771 Jun 2013 #24
I am amazed how long she has been on the stand.... chelsea0011 Jun 2013 #25
The defense is trying to embarrass IMHO, he's being antagonistic now uponit7771 Jun 2013 #27
he is effectively planting reasonable doubt in the jury as to whether or not Voice for Peace Jun 2013 #152
if so, that's a good thing. magical thyme Jun 2013 #26
yes -- redirect is next KurtNYC Jun 2013 #30
He is trying to wear her down riverwalker Jun 2013 #28
I have seen that with expert witnesses, but not with a layperson and especially a kid DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2013 #32
Dennis Fung at the OJ trial comes to mind. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #68
It has backfired for me and I'm just sitting in my own house.... Little Star Jun 2013 #101
Defense: At LEAST 20 seconds of Z following TM!! My goodness This guy is an IDIOT!! uponit7771 Jun 2013 #29
This attorney keeps slipping and using Zimmerman's name....this attorney Ninga Jun 2013 #33
HLN just made interesting comment riverwalker Jun 2013 #35
Prosecution back up on re-direct. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #36
Never mind. West's still droning on. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #37
"I could hear Trayvon" riverwalker Jun 2013 #38
Yes they are and sometimes they leave out things too. Little Star Jun 2013 #102
It is so hard to believe that Knock Knock is actually avebury Jun 2013 #39
I went to his firm's website. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #42
The defense had better make its point soon LittleBlue Jun 2013 #40
He is also just a fraction away from getting avebury Jun 2013 #41
+1, his droning on is a good indicator that her testimony was powerful IMHO uponit7771 Jun 2013 #43
playing the audio (jury out of room) riverwalker Jun 2013 #45
now attorneys are argueing riverwalker Jun 2013 #47
The audio sounds like she said "could'a heard Trayvon" targetpractice Jun 2013 #48
The most important word in her sentence JimDandy Jun 2013 #103
In the recorded deposition audio? targetpractice Jun 2013 #112
The second and third time JimDandy Jun 2013 #119
I'm at work and unable to follow. reflection Jun 2013 #46
It's a bit of a Roscharch test. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #49
Re: #2 - I think there's physical evidence to back that up TorchTheWitch Jun 2013 #109
The four times she emphasized "Ended," it sounded like "Ennit." WinkyDink Jun 2013 #50
Oh dear LittleBlue Jun 2013 #51
If she heard "grass," she needs to explain that, not look dumbfounded by the follow-up question. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #54
She just recanted some testimony LittleBlue Jun 2013 #57
Next, watch West ask Rachel to describe the sound of one hand clapping. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #53
It's that bad? JustAnotherGen Jun 2013 #56
I fully expected this. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #58
and wet grass is squeeky riverwalker Jun 2013 #81
But it's hard to elucidate in words. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #91
exactly n/t riverwalker Jun 2013 #97
and the jury probably knows exactly the sound she's talking about Voice for Peace Jun 2013 #156
Yes, but it would have taken JimDandy Jun 2013 #104
WTF is this assholes point?! bunnies Jun 2013 #55
He is trying to trip her up, confuse her and get her to Rex Jun 2013 #66
And this in front of an all female jury? bunnies Jun 2013 #69
My mom asked the same question. Rex Jun 2013 #193
I had to shut it off HockeyMom Jun 2013 #59
That is my take exactly. JimDandy Jun 2013 #86
This cross-examination is excruciating, Tanuki Jun 2013 #60
Leading the witness much? hedgehog Jun 2013 #61
To be fair, attorneys are allowed to lead on cross. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #62
Thanks! I didn't know that! hedgehog Jun 2013 #64
The judge really doesn't like West. woolldog Jun 2013 #63
Not much to like as far as I can see. bunnies Jun 2013 #70
His defense role probably is to be the point JimDandy Jun 2013 #107
"that would be retarded, Sir" riverwalker Jun 2013 #65
That's going to be rememberd....the defense should sit down and let someone else talk uponit7771 Jun 2013 #74
She said that? JustAnotherGen Jun 2013 #79
Yep, she did. "THAT'S REAL RETARDED, SIR" DinahMoeHum Jun 2013 #108
Rachel, you go girlfriend!!! Don't let that slimeball, West, get to you!!! Stardust Jun 2013 #131
"No sir!"--Considerably louder from Rachel... Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #67
he is trying to trap her riverwalker Jun 2013 #71
"I did not say he (Trayvon) approached him (Zimmerman)!" Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #72
(error) WinkyDink Jun 2013 #75
West puts forth the defense's position, she refutes, he goes, "Well, whatever." Where is the DA?? WinkyDink Jun 2013 #73
The DA should stomp a mud hole in the defense after that...knock knock woke everyone up uponit7771 Jun 2013 #83
Defense showing it's true colors and strategy now... Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #76
"If Trayvon Martin planned to assault." "If Trayvon Martin planned to attack." Trayvon the Villain. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #80
Yep. Totally twisting her words. Repeatedly suggesting that she said things she didn't say Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #82
Then trying to minimize her words with "In any event." WinkyDink Jun 2013 #85
Yes, all they have left is the harassment of witnesses. JimDandy Jun 2013 #89
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2013 #94
"If Trayvon Martin was getting ready to assault..."???!!!! WTH?! FINALLY THE DA OBJECTS. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #77
IMHO West is alienating this jury riverwalker Jun 2013 #87
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2013 #95
That's exactly what I think TorchTheWitch Jun 2013 #195
Good grief. I find the JUDGE'S voice to be tremulous. They need Judge Judy! WinkyDink Jun 2013 #88
Why doesn't the judge insist Lisa D Jun 2013 #90
Ain't THAT a good question! Oy. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #92
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2013 #93
delay and sidebar, at dispute riverwalker Jun 2013 #96
"Yeah, lunch!" nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #99
Thank you! JustAnotherGen Jun 2013 #110
Nice! Thanks. n/t JimDandy Jun 2013 #121
Why was Rachel dismissed? Done? WinkyDink Jun 2013 #111
Done. But might be called back. nt bunnies Jun 2013 #115
phone guy is done riverwalker Jun 2013 #113
Is West going to ask this pretty, well spoken, white woman what GRASS sounds like too? bunnies Jun 2013 #114
I'm pretty sure it sounds like "Heeeeyyyy......Doriiiiitoooos." WinkyDink Jun 2013 #117
lol. bunnies Jun 2013 #120
I felt so bad for her then. Sometimes i have trouble describing DevonRex Jun 2013 #126
Shit does that 9-1-1 operator sound like an idiot! Myrina Jun 2013 #118
the 911 call tape riverwalker Jun 2013 #123
and why would a shooter yell like a banshee riverwalker Jun 2013 #127
This is precisely my thinking!n/t Dalai_1 Jun 2013 #129
Spot on! n/t JimDandy Jun 2013 #137
There's only do much they can do riqster Jun 2013 #130
these dorks riverwalker Jun 2013 #132
I'm a little nervous where the prosecution is going with the Zimmerman question Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #134
And is the witness following the brother's Twitter account? Generic Other Jun 2013 #136
yes interesting riverwalker Jun 2013 #138
has no idea why riverwalker Jun 2013 #139
also friends with Z's pal on Facebook n/t riverwalker Jun 2013 #140
but he's her neighbor who also heard something right? Generic Other Jun 2013 #146
She has zero tweets Generic Other Jun 2013 #142
Who is this witness? No access to the trial feed right now. JimDandy Jun 2013 #145
She's one of the neighbor's Generic Other Jun 2013 #147
Lauer Jennifer I think is first name riverwalker Jun 2013 #158
Thanks. Why do you think she had a attitude? JimDandy Jun 2013 #160
The fools don't understand Twitter... targetpractice Jun 2013 #143
Yes! That's what I heard Generic Other Jun 2013 #150
I am so glad that the Prosecution did not ask the avebury Jun 2013 #154
Looks like Zimmerman's brother is Twitter stalking the witnesses. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #141
Indeed. targetpractice Jun 2013 #144
And Bob Dylan is P****D! WinkyDink Jun 2013 #148
My take is prosecutor was surprised too Generic Other Jun 2013 #151
Never ask a question you dont know answer to. ksoze Jun 2013 #155
He's also following Sabrina Fulton (Trayvon's mom)... targetpractice Jun 2013 #157
He is not helping things Generic Other Jun 2013 #171
It makes sense. JVS Jun 2013 #174
Almost sounds like witnesss intimidation. Incitatus Jun 2013 #178
This whole thing gets weirder and weirder. Initech Jun 2013 #153
New witness riverwalker Jun 2013 #159
WTF? pokerfan Jun 2013 #172
Selma Mora, a construction salesperson riverwalker Jun 2013 #161
She's good. And she bolsters the other girl's testimony. Trayvon's friend's, DevonRex Jun 2013 #180
Witness saw a person with a red and black patterned top on top of the scuffle!!! Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2013 #162
She seems to be a pretty good avebury Jun 2013 #164
WOW! she saw Zimmerman straddeling Trayvon riverwalker Jun 2013 #165
She is doing really well on cross. I don't think that the avebury Jun 2013 #166
I believe Zimmerman already said he was on top AFTER the shot ksoze Jun 2013 #168
So glad there is a daily thread about this trial! MoonRiver Jun 2013 #169
the daily threads here are somewhat limited grok Jun 2013 #176
The prosecutor is being a dumbass about the twitter account. JVS Jun 2013 #170
TalkLeft: "Rachel Jeantel was a train wreck as a witness" Shrek Jun 2013 #177
They're totally wrong. If she were the only witness, I'd still believe DevonRex Jun 2013 #179
"Train wreck" would be a good way to describe her cpwm17 Jun 2013 #182
I don't read TalkLeft often, but from perusing the site stranger81 Jun 2013 #187
My heart goes out to this young lady..... BronxBoy Jun 2013 #181
YES!! MoonRiver Jun 2013 #184
Brilliant. Thank you for the post. nolabear Jun 2013 #186
Catching up with Jeantel testimony. I think the prior transcripts of her initial statements ecstatic Jun 2013 #190
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