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Mon Jul 1, 2013, 12:24 AM Jul 2013

Snowden: more like Ellsberg or Benedict Arnold? [View all]

36 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
More like Daniel Ellsberg
30 (83%)
More like Benedict Arnold
6 (17%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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You forgot to add: Satan. Arctic Dave Jul 2013 #1
dun dun DUNNNN! longship Jul 2013 #9
Neither. Snowden in on an ego trip. n/t Azathoth Jul 2013 #2
Imagine that? newthinking Jul 2013 #14
Because it would destroy his cult's "the MSM can't be trusted" talking point. Galraedia Jul 2013 #34
What is your opinion of Daniel Ellsberg? Does his opinion count in regards to whistle blowing? think Jul 2013 #35
What did Daniel Ellsberg lie about? baldguy Jul 2013 #36
that's what i keep hearing from the people that continually bring up snowden frylock Jul 2013 #24
I think we know how Ellsberg would vote. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #3
Yeah, but what does Ellsberg know about the subject? MannyGoldstein Jul 2013 #6
More like Bozo the Clown. MADem Jul 2013 #4
Ellsberg has plenty to say about all this if people would take the time to listen: think Jul 2013 #5
Ellsberg compares Snowden to Nathan Hale deurbano Jul 2013 #7
Everyone ought to watch that video MannyGoldstein Jul 2013 #11
The M$M that use Ellsberg's name to contrast him with Snowden might consider watching it. think Jul 2013 #13
Zakaria is smart, but obviously lazy this time (nm) MannyGoldstein Jul 2013 #15
Yes. He is very smart and usually impresses me think Jul 2013 #17
More to the point, Ellsberg is saying that Snowden's leaks are more HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #18
That's an important video to watch. Waiting For Everyman Jul 2013 #20
They don't want to listen. They don't want to learn newthinking Jul 2013 #45
Snowden! More like Jesus or Hitler? longship Jul 2013 #8
Better watch out, "they" will try to hide this one too. I thought the calling all rodentcopulaters Zorra Jul 2013 #10
I think that only one side is allowed to come out of *that* closet. MannyGoldstein Jul 2013 #12
Every time I come on this board... BlueCheese Jul 2013 #16
We had to destroy America in order to save it, or some such malarkey - nt HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #19
Amazing, isn't it. backscatter712 Jul 2013 #22
Every time I come on this board... baldguy Jul 2013 #37
I think the Bush era may have melted them a bit. sibelian Jul 2013 #40
He's no Ellsburg, but he's not fit to be compared to Benedict Arnold either WatermelonRat Jul 2013 #21
he's teh sweet bebe jeebus. dionysus Jul 2013 #23
More like the Unabomber. On Edit: explanation UTUSN Jul 2013 #25
You anti-Snowdens are sure vocal on DU. Yet you only make up 10% fasttense Jul 2013 #26
Is "anti-Snowdens" a phrase like "you people"?!1 Plus, I am not counted on this poll since I didn't UTUSN Jul 2013 #32
.... sibelian Jul 2013 #41
As a humble, simple one always striving to understand & learn, from the Urban Dictionary: UTUSN Jul 2013 #42
Is "?!1" a common stream of punctuation for you? fasttense Jul 2013 #50
Your deep concerns have been answered. It's a feature of flaming to disregard the content of Replies UTUSN Jul 2013 #53
And yet you did exactly what you accused me of. fasttense Jul 2013 #55
Ellsberg says he is like Ellsberg. truebluegreen Jul 2013 #27
You'd think that would carry some weight in a consversation... think Jul 2013 #31
You would have to think to think that. truebluegreen Jul 2013 #33
!!! (nm) MannyGoldstein Jul 2013 #39
Arnold fled to the British, Snowden fled to Hong Kong Progressive dog Jul 2013 #28
The USA in 1971 Art_from_Ark Jul 2013 #44
Relevance? Progressive dog Jul 2013 #47
Daniel Ellsberg can tell you about the relevance Art_from_Ark Jul 2013 #57
I didn't think you could. nt Progressive dog Jul 2013 #58
You wouldn't have listened to me anyway Art_from_Ark Jul 2013 #60
I sure won't listen to the weeks old Progressive dog Jul 2013 #61
But you yourself praised Ellsberg's decision to stay in the US Art_from_Ark Jul 2013 #63
There are several newer than Ellsberg Progressive dog Jul 2013 #65
a modern day Paul Revere with a thumb drive full of the news that Tyranny is coming! usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #29
My favorite silly picture nt Progressive dog Jul 2013 #48
mine, too! However, we part company on the 'silly', it is a real work of art to me usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #49
Neither. He is like a confused guy I know emulatorloo Jul 2013 #30
As another Duer has been posting, I like the Paul Revere comparison quinnox Jul 2013 #38
More like alcibiades_mystery Jul 2013 #43
lol usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #46
Yes tyranny is coming and what better places to flee than China and Russia. Vietnameravet Jul 2013 #51
Ironic, isn't it... I think it speaks volumes about our current national security state, eh? usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #52
looks like we have a clear winner.... nt limpyhobbler Jul 2013 #54
Neither strikes me as an good comparison Recursion Jul 2013 #56
He's a buffoon. Ellsberg had evidence. Snowden has claims. randome Jul 2013 #59
Wasn't Benedict Arnold a British spy? So he was loyal to his country Britain. Cleita Jul 2013 #62
More like Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Octafish Jul 2013 #64
An opportunist. nt bluestate10 Jul 2013 #66
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