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Old and In the Way

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8. They'll probably be socially maladjusted.
Fri Feb 17, 2012, 04:37 PM
Feb 2012

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Forget the educational aspects of home schooling - I suspect for every brilliant teacher-parent, there are 10 idiot-parents overseeing their kid's education. The bigger problem is isolating them from their peers until their late teens...I think many are going to have lots of issues trying to fit into society when they are finally pushed out of the shelter into the real world.

on edit - qualify with "probably" in the subject line. Obviously plenty of anecdotal evidence to argue against the blanket statement. I even know a home-schooled person who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard and was class valedictorian. I just believe that a nation of home schooled children will weaken our social fabric and a majority of home-schooled children are not getting the education they'll need to compete in the 21st century. Being a good parent does not mean you are a good teacher. My opinion only, of course.

Which, in his case, means UNschooled izquierdista Feb 2012 #1
And he scammed the public education system rfranklin Feb 2012 #2
Something is wrong with those kids LiberalEsto Feb 2012 #3
I see some sad and disappointed faces RZM Feb 2012 #6
if you've been watching rickie frothytorum after primaries--- la la Feb 2012 #20
I feel sorry for them LiberalEsto Feb 2012 #26
Me too Cali_Democrat Feb 2012 #29
Ex-Senator's Son, or Daughter, just doesn't have the same cache. n/t DefenseLawyer Feb 2012 #30
Yes, while Pennsylvania taxpayers paid for it. sinkingfeeling Feb 2012 #4
It's spelled "homeskooled". n/t leeroysphitz Feb 2012 #5
Support YOUR Church HockeyMom Feb 2012 #7
They'll probably be socially maladjusted. Old and In the Way Feb 2012 #8
I was homeschooled until the eighth grade, and I have friends who were homeschooled until college... antigone382 Feb 2012 #14
Yes, that's definitely one thing that's a myth laundry_queen Feb 2012 #24
I totally disagree XemaSab Feb 2012 #15
He stole $55,000 from the Penn Hills Educational District to tsuki Feb 2012 #9
Wow, I did not know that. Quantess Feb 2012 #10
Don't tell the MSM...until AFTER he's the nominee... joeybee12 Feb 2012 #11
He lives in Great Fall$, Virginia. phylny Feb 2012 #27
No wonder his wfe has a "reverse smile". Ilsa Feb 2012 #12
the kids, too- have the same *look* on their faces n/t la la Feb 2012 #21
Yeah, yeah, I know, the idea of homeschooling isn't inherently bad... 2ndAmForComputers Feb 2012 #13
Those faces.... Progression Feb 2012 #16
What you've gotta wonder is Proud Public Servant Feb 2012 #17
They'll never admit it, but a lot of these turbo-Catholics get their ideas from RW Protestants. LeftyMom Feb 2012 #18
Poor kids. Imagine being educated by Rick Santorum! LeftishBrit Feb 2012 #19
I DO know some kids who were homeschooled who adjusted well....but w8liftinglady Feb 2012 #22
Why not send the kids to Catholic School? Riley18 Feb 2012 #23
yup... so he can brainwash them... control what they hear and see fascisthunter Feb 2012 #25
Lately he's been letting more and more of the crazy out Raine Feb 2012 #28
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