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Which, in his case, means UNschooled izquierdista Feb 2012 #1
And he scammed the public education system rfranklin Feb 2012 #2
Something is wrong with those kids LiberalEsto Feb 2012 #3
I see some sad and disappointed faces RZM Feb 2012 #6
if you've been watching rickie frothytorum after primaries--- la la Feb 2012 #20
I feel sorry for them LiberalEsto Feb 2012 #26
Me too Cali_Democrat Feb 2012 #29
Ex-Senator's Son, or Daughter, just doesn't have the same cache. n/t DefenseLawyer Feb 2012 #30
Yes, while Pennsylvania taxpayers paid for it. sinkingfeeling Feb 2012 #4
It's spelled "homeskooled". n/t leeroysphitz Feb 2012 #5
Support YOUR Church HockeyMom Feb 2012 #7
They'll probably be socially maladjusted. Old and In the Way Feb 2012 #8
I was homeschooled until the eighth grade, and I have friends who were homeschooled until college... antigone382 Feb 2012 #14
Yes, that's definitely one thing that's a myth laundry_queen Feb 2012 #24
I totally disagree XemaSab Feb 2012 #15
He stole $55,000 from the Penn Hills Educational District to tsuki Feb 2012 #9
Wow, I did not know that. Quantess Feb 2012 #10
Don't tell the MSM...until AFTER he's the nominee... joeybee12 Feb 2012 #11
He lives in Great Fall$, Virginia. phylny Feb 2012 #27
No wonder his wfe has a "reverse smile". Ilsa Feb 2012 #12
the kids, too- have the same *look* on their faces n/t la la Feb 2012 #21
Yeah, yeah, I know, the idea of homeschooling isn't inherently bad... 2ndAmForComputers Feb 2012 #13
Those faces.... Progression Feb 2012 #16
What you've gotta wonder is Proud Public Servant Feb 2012 #17
They'll never admit it, but a lot of these turbo-Catholics get their ideas from RW Protestants. LeftyMom Feb 2012 #18
Poor kids. Imagine being educated by Rick Santorum! LeftishBrit Feb 2012 #19
I DO know some kids who were homeschooled who adjusted well....but w8liftinglady Feb 2012 #22
Why not send the kids to Catholic School? Riley18 Feb 2012 #23
yup... so he can brainwash them... control what they hear and see fascisthunter Feb 2012 #25
Lately he's been letting more and more of the crazy out Raine Feb 2012 #28
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