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Sun Jul 14, 2013, 12:04 AM Jul 2013

Do you think the jury got it right or wrong? [View all]

I think they got it wrong, but what do you think?

48 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Jury got it wrong and he is guilty.
30 (63%)
Jury got it right and he is innocent.
12 (25%)
Other and please explain.
6 (13%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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He's not innocent Shrek Jul 2013 #1
Uh, how about "the jury got it right and he might be guilty?" pipoman Jul 2013 #2
That is why I put other. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #3
The fact of our justice system pipoman Jul 2013 #23
Other: he is probably guilty, but the jury got it right Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #4
What you said. nt. premium Jul 2013 #6
What this guy said... nebenaube Jul 2013 #7
That's what I think, too Aerows Jul 2013 #17
And therein lies the differences of ohheckyeah Jul 2013 #26
There is no reason they couldn't have found him guilty of manslaughter. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #29
If they found self defense they cannot convict of manslaughter cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #32
Just because you pick a fight with someone doesn't necessarily mean you intend to kill them. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #37
Picking a fight armed only with fists Art_from_Ark Jul 2013 #55
There is "imperfect self defense." morningfog Jul 2013 #79
self defense applies to manslaughter as well as to second degree onenote Jul 2013 #63
Sadly, yes magellan Jul 2013 #31
I disagree that Zimmerman was the one defending himself, but that does not mean that Zimmerman liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #43
And that's where it got tough for the jury, I guess magellan Jul 2013 #48
Why is the bar so high that every second has to be absolutely accurately reconstructed? NoOneMan Jul 2013 #61
the jury got it right as far as the system is concerned burnodo Jul 2013 #74
There WAS enough evidence to find him guilty of manslaughter. n/t Tx4obama Jul 2013 #5
You and I agree on something. Rex Jul 2013 #10
I think the jury didn't understand 'manslaughter'. They should have asked Judge more questions. Tx4obama Jul 2013 #12
I think we also can't overlook Aerows Jul 2013 #22
+1 HiPointDem Jul 2013 #27
'Not innocent but not guilty' is not justice. Rex Jul 2013 #8
manslaughter was the appropriate verdict BainsBane Jul 2013 #9
How was he picked/selected? bobduca Jul 2013 #11
I think he's the DA of Seminole County BainsBane Jul 2013 #13
State Prosecutors represent the state - families/victims do not get to pick them. n/t Tx4obama Jul 2013 #21
Right, I was confusing civil cases where the victim/victim's family can pick bobduca Jul 2013 #40
Remember, the police initially covered up for Zimmie meow2u3 Jul 2013 #15
and the police deliberately threw the case in court BainsBane Jul 2013 #18
I finally agree with you on something. CokeMachine Jul 2013 #34
That's nice. BainsBane Jul 2013 #38
Thanks for showing an interest in me!! CokeMachine Jul 2013 #49
Not at all BainsBane Jul 2013 #50
Have a great weekend!! CokeMachine Jul 2013 #53
So why did you vote other? BainsBane Jul 2013 #47
Just to get your attention!! CokeMachine Jul 2013 #52
I'm heart broken BainsBane Jul 2013 #59
You'll get over me. CokeMachine Jul 2013 #62
though as pointed out, one factor hampering the prosecution treestar Jul 2013 #54
And a police force who handled the evidence appropriately. Avalux Jul 2013 #64
You are right. nt hack89 Jul 2013 #72
Other: The poll options are not very useful vis-a-vis American law cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #14
This was bullshit. Agschmid Jul 2013 #16
I agree 100% hrmjustin Jul 2013 #20
Regardless of the jury, I believe he is morally and ethically petronius Jul 2013 #19
There is a very distinct legal difference between pipoman Jul 2013 #24
do you think he is innocent? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #25
don't know beyond a reasonable doubt..he's "not guilty" (in the legal sense) pipoman Jul 2013 #42
Ok an honest answer I believe. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #44
These facts, with this evidence, gets this result. DirkGently Jul 2013 #28
"Other" Lizzie Poppet Jul 2013 #30
Yes BlueJazz Jul 2013 #33
An armed George Zimmerman follows, engages and shoots and kills an unarmed Trayvon Martin enigmatic Jul 2013 #35
other. jury got it right. He is not guilty rollin74 Jul 2013 #36
There's a reason the form says "not guilty" rather than "innocent" Azathoth Jul 2013 #39
The jury got it right LittleBlue Jul 2013 #41
No way to know 100%. n/t Skip Intro Jul 2013 #45
We "know" ForgoTheConsequence Jul 2013 #46
Well, that's one hell of a strawman... bobclark86 Jul 2013 #77
The jury is always "right" but treestar Jul 2013 #51
I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. I cannot believe this. Whisp Jul 2013 #56
I feel really empty after this verdict! hrmjustin Jul 2013 #57
An armed man stalked and killed an unarmed teenager because of his race. mick063 Jul 2013 #58
+1,000,000 hrmjustin Jul 2013 #60
You would be a very poor jurist, then Orrex Jul 2013 #73
If I believed in our justice system, you would be correct. mick063 Jul 2013 #81
If you're willing to risk contempt of court, I say go for it Orrex Jul 2013 #82
Jury got it right: Z's guilty, but reasonable doubt was there. Decoy of Fenris Jul 2013 #65
Some of these people are just new arrivals, others, not so much. Warren Stupidity Jul 2013 #66
Makes my ignore list easier... Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #68
The prosecution failed to make a case Lurks Often Jul 2013 #67
All things being equal DearAbby Jul 2013 #69
Righteous, Abby. A very rare sight, your post. Decoy of Fenris Jul 2013 #71
Your last pipi_k Jul 2013 #76
Guilty but inadequate evidence due to the lack of eye witnesses. nt hack89 Jul 2013 #70
Other... pipi_k Jul 2013 #75
The state presented a good deal of evidence showing Zimmerman was a liar... Demo_Chris Jul 2013 #78
Voluntary manslaughter in that Zimmerman was looking to start a The Second Stone Jul 2013 #80
Kick hrmjustin Jul 2013 #83
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