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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Mon Jul 15, 2013, 07:14 PM Jul 2013

What is your opinion of the jurors in the Zimmerman case? [View all]

Which of these comes closest to your feelings?

41 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Racist and stupid.
23 (56%)
Racist, but not stupid.
0 (0%)
Stupid, but not racist.
0 (0%)
Probably basically good people who did the best job they could given their instructions.
18 (44%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I think they had a reasonable doubt Gman Jul 2013 #1
Without the 'boy of color's' testimony, what could they do? leftstreet Jul 2013 #2
Again, I'm not sure that "boy of color" is so offensive. Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #4
She knows EXACTLY what is/isn't offensive leftstreet Jul 2013 #5
wait, what? Fla_Democrat Jul 2013 #7
She KNOWS what isn't offensive. Chose not to use it n/t leftstreet Jul 2013 #11
Thanks for the clarification. n.t. Fla_Democrat Jul 2013 #21
I think you're right. She was probably trying to avoid being offensive notadmblnd Jul 2013 #54
At least one of them is racist and stupid Bjorn Against Jul 2013 #3
I have to give them a bit of respect for even serving on that jury HolyMoley Jul 2013 #6
I hope they stay safe. NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #12
Why would anyone retaliate? HolyMoley Jul 2013 #23
I can't believe the absolute hatred for these people. NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #29
The 6 that served didn't ask to be there HolyMoley Jul 2013 #37
I don't doubt that you're right. NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #40
Anyone, ANYONE HolyMoley Jul 2013 #45
Well...just look at them: Lizzie Poppet Jul 2013 #8
That made me guffaw. Apophis Jul 2013 #15
Which one is Paula Deen? n/t npk Jul 2013 #20
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #9
Oh? Fla_Democrat Jul 2013 #14
The jurors appear to be incapable of putting themselves into the shoes of Treyvon's parents. JEB Jul 2013 #31
So.... are you advocating, or just wishing Fla_Democrat Jul 2013 #33
Until people can put themselves in the shoes of Treyvon's parents JEB Jul 2013 #36
And people here? Fla_Democrat Jul 2013 #42
Naw, every thing is hunky dory. JEB Jul 2013 #43
There will be a few people here glad to hear it. Fla_Democrat Jul 2013 #44
Being a juror pipi_k Jul 2013 #49
That is one SICK comment. NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #18
The act of killing a child is sick. JEB Jul 2013 #38
That's pretty offensive. Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #19
What is offensive is a child has been shot dead and noone is held accountable. JEB Jul 2013 #22
That's pretty sick Yo_Mama Jul 2013 #30
What did Treyvon's parents do? JEB Jul 2013 #35
Shooting someone else's kids would somehow make that right? Yo_Mama Jul 2013 #39
I am relieved to hear that you think Treyvon's death is bad. JEB Jul 2013 #41
The prosecution put on a bad case. Yo_Mama Jul 2013 #69
I get what you are trying to say.... BronxBoy Jul 2013 #47
these 6 women sure didn't seem like the smartest folks around quinnox Jul 2013 #10
Racist and stupid. Apophis Jul 2013 #13
Wow...she did not do herself any good, did she? Evergreen Emerald Jul 2013 #17
I have to go with racist and stupid... TeeYiYi Jul 2013 #16
from this one- considering SYG when deciding- thinking it happened very late at night as if TM bettyellen Jul 2013 #24
apparently, to get an 'unbiased jury' , they had to chose the dumbest fuckers in the county. KG Jul 2013 #25
I heard one report that mentioned that when the jury came back into the courtroom, Arkansas Granny Jul 2013 #26
That's what I thought.... BronxBoy Jul 2013 #48
I didn't see the interview. Was she speaking only for herself, Arkansas Granny Jul 2013 #57
Except for the one who is going to write the book Yo_Mama Jul 2013 #27
Probably racist and stupid. RedCappedBandit Jul 2013 #28
Colored Boy and Riots JI7 Jul 2013 #32
at least that one is a RAcist Piece of Shit JI7 Jul 2013 #34
I don't have enough information to form an opinion at this point. JVS Jul 2013 #46
Based on B37 JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #50
Why do the other five need to come forward? NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #53
Because OP JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #55
You stated that the other five jurors need to come forward. NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #58
No JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #59
i don't feel your words are threatening. NaturalHigh Jul 2013 #62
If you say so JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #70
So stupid they don't know they are racist NoOneMan Jul 2013 #51
I have lived in the south for over 40 years. Believe it or not Arkansas Granny Jul 2013 #61
Oh, I didn't mean to imply that NoOneMan Jul 2013 #65
Save for the one with a possible book deal, I try to have no opinion on the jurors themselves Scootaloo Jul 2013 #52
+1 JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #56
Racist and stupid dominated the jury room in the end. Kudos to the 3 who voted to convict DevonRex Jul 2013 #60
awesome people who did the right thing! Vattel Jul 2013 #63
Probably stupid, racist Republicans nt flamingdem Jul 2013 #64
They thought Zimmerman's story was credible killbotfactory Jul 2013 #66
The correct technical term is "dumber'n a bag o'hammers" n/t Benton D Struckcheon Jul 2013 #67
Generally confused and frustrated fadedrose Jul 2013 #68
I'm going to pass davidpdx Jul 2013 #71
After watching the B-37 interview, I have no doubt. RedCappedBandit Jul 2013 #72
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