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Sun Jul 21, 2013, 10:17 AM Jul 2013

So do you think Zimmerman should have just took his ass whoopin'? [View all]


Interviewer: "So if I understand you right, your depiction of what happened is that George Zimmerman is pursuing Trayvon..."

Rachel: "Yes."

I: "...At some point a fight breaks out. Who swings, who hits who first, in your mind?"

R: "In my mind... I believe Trayvon. It was Trayvon. 'Cause like I said it was a headset. I know Trayvon. That headset always over by his chest area. And I was on the phone. Why would Trayvon leave me on the phone if he going to start something? That's a black... well not a black situation, any teen situation. 'Imma call you back, I gotta go handle something.' Trayvon had not said nothing to me. The only thing is... 'Okay, I'm at the back, almost by my daddy fiance house.' Wow."

I: "So why do you think he... if Trayvon swung first, what do you think Zimmerman did to make him swing first?"

R: "I think Zimmerman is a wannabe cop. Tryna say, 'Oh, I got you."

I: "Do you think he pulled his gun out?"

R: "No, I believe he tryna..."

I: "Grab him?"

R: "...Grab him. 'I got you. You comin' wit me.' And that's a teenager. You did not say you an officer. In his black, all black, the whole area was black. 'Who are you? Why are you touching me?'''

I: "You said something last night on Piers Morgan. You said that what Zimmerman should have done... you said there's something called 'whoop ass' and that he should... I laugh. You made me laugh out loud with that. You said that's what... he should have just took the ass whoopin', right? What did you mean by that? What did you mean by that?"

R: "Ass whoopin' and how the defense attorney say, 'Oh, Zimmerman just got BEATEN,' not... no, that's just called ass whoopin'."

I: "But Trayvon... George Zimmerman's defenders would say if he didn't pull out a gun, if Trayvon was whoopin' his ass, he could have killed George Zimmerman."

R: "No. Trust me: that's not killin'. You have a big bruise. You don't see inside your skin. You might have a little stitches. This normal teenager. Yeah, you might have a little hit, but who started it? You started it. You caused this situation."

I: "So you're saying Trayvon would have, may have, wanted to fight, he wouldn't have tried to kill George Zimmerman?"

R: "No. No. He woulda fight him and then run."

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Yes, even if Trayvon actually started the fight, Zimmerman was asking for it and he should have just took his ass whoopin'
15 (71%)
I can't believe this chick was the star witness for the prosecution; these quotes alone raise reasonable doubt that Zimmerman may have feared for his life
6 (29%)
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You're very good at push polls. Pale Blue Dot Jul 2013 #1
+1 Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2013 #11
Hmmm?? I was thinking the same thing. Pisces Jul 2013 #51
Snort. yardwork Jul 2013 #76
Pass. I don't do push polls. MineralMan Jul 2013 #2
I think he should have stayed in his car, like he was instructed to do. Sivafae Jul 2013 #35
he was NOT instructed to stay in his car by anyone hfojvt Jul 2013 #74
Zimmerman asked the police dispatcher if he should follow Trayvon DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2013 #81
actually it was the dispatcher who asked hfojvt Jul 2013 #90
I think Zimmerman should have stayed at home... hunter Jul 2013 #3
Your post is disgusting. Lisa D Jul 2013 #4
There was no ass whoopin' Beaverhausen Jul 2013 #5
Unrec. myrna minx Jul 2013 #6
Pathetic... unrec. n/t demmiblue Jul 2013 #7
I'd never advocate "just taking the ass-whooping." Lizzie Poppet Jul 2013 #8
I agree. Unfortunately, as B37 showed, the jury was weighted with bigots and gutless people. Hoyt Jul 2013 #15
Yep. I disagree with how the law is written. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2013 #19
I agree that Zimmerman was asking for trouble and was the responsible party XemaSab Jul 2013 #30
There was no ass whopping TorchTheWitch Jul 2013 #9
This chick??? n/t BronxBoy Jul 2013 #10
One of things that really ticks me off about the trial, was way people ridiculed Trayvon's friend. Hoyt Jul 2013 #16
Wow...second time in one thread we're in agreement! Lizzie Poppet Jul 2013 #20
Yep. Did you see her on any of the talk shows? I thought she was delightful and wish her well. Hoyt Jul 2013 #26
Yep..... BronxBoy Jul 2013 #25
UnRec Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2013 #12
I think he should have taken the ass whooping treestar Jul 2013 #13
That's an odd use of reasonable doubt cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #14
Isn't it obvious anyone who is pissed at Z didn't care if he got injured or killed? dkf Jul 2013 #17
Not when you started the crap, and should have handled it like an adult, rather than Hoyt Jul 2013 #27
Ha! So you admit it. You don't care if he died. dkf Jul 2013 #50
God you are obtuse. I'm saying he started the crap and should have handled it differently. Hoyt Jul 2013 #53
Exactly, you think because he followed Trayvon he should have allowed himself to be killed. dkf Jul 2013 #55
Zimmerman was never in danger of being killed. yardwork Jul 2013 #77
So, you believe that you have the right to provoke someone into a fight and kill them Yavin4 Jul 2013 #84
Hoyt, DFK is being purposely obtuse...I posted a thread that illustrated what he SHOULD have Ecumenist Jul 2013 #85
Zimmerman should have waited til he was unconscious. Lol. dkf Jul 2013 #91
WHAT AN IDIOTIC STATEMENT but he SHOULD HAVE looked somewhat near this...PERIOD Ecumenist Jul 2013 #93
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #96
WHAT?!! What the fuck is wrong with you? NEVER IMPLIED ANYTHING O THE SORT....BUT Ecumenist Jul 2013 #97
Good point about the goose eggs. I always figured those were scratches on his head from the tree. Hoyt Jul 2013 #99
An adult would have stayed in his car and waited for the police ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2013 #58
Because men like to forcibly rape 17 year old 6 ft tall boys? dkf Jul 2013 #60
It's as much a reasonable fear as the fear of a black kid walking around your neighborhood (n/m) ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2013 #68
Maybe for a little kid that can be grabbed. dkf Jul 2013 #70
EVER HEARD OF PRISONS OR Penitentiaries? MEN RAPE 6 FOOT tall men ALL.THE.TIME! Ecumenist Jul 2013 #103
One person is dead and the other has scratches? Pisces Jul 2013 #48
You think he would have experienced not a single other injury had he allowed himself to beat up for dkf Jul 2013 #56
The police were en route. 2 more minutes and a teenager would still be alive. Zimmerman couldn't put Pisces Jul 2013 #73
No sirens. How does Zimmerman know how long and what he can withstand. dkf Jul 2013 #92
EXACTLY! Check out my post where I gave VISUAL examples of what he should have looked like Ecumenist Jul 2013 #86
Thousands of potential options for action, but those are the only two you listed. Pathetic. Scuba Jul 2013 #18
The hole you are digging is looking more and more like a canyon... Spazito Jul 2013 #21
Apparently Trayvon feared his own @ss getting whupped by a child predator. But, HIS frame blm Jul 2013 #22
what the Hell!!! Whisp Jul 2013 #23
And the Jury let it stay Ohio Joe Jul 2013 #28
grrrr!!! Whisp Jul 2013 #36
Obvious trolling is so like last week. Rex Jul 2013 #24
Zimmerman created a dangerous situation Bradical79 Jul 2013 #29
Using a gun against bare fists = Excessive Force ShadowLiberal Jul 2013 #31
Isn't that just for police and military? XemaSab Jul 2013 #32
no, the weapon used against you does not matter be it fists or knife etc loli phabay Jul 2013 #38
I was asking if civilians can be changed with use of excessive force XemaSab Jul 2013 #42
its not so much excessive force, if you can justify what you had to do then you are golden loli phabay Jul 2013 #46
Except ceonupe Jul 2013 #34
Zimmerman was using a rifle? Scootaloo Jul 2013 #41
Nope a handgun ceonupe Jul 2013 #67
70% of all homicides happen by way of gun. Rex Jul 2013 #59
Specificly responded to the point some one was ceonupe Jul 2013 #66
Did you try very hard on this poll? RedCappedBandit Jul 2013 #33
If he would have stayed in the car instead of acting like a fucking criminal, greyl Jul 2013 #37
How do you think Zimmerman's completely legal action constitute acting like a criminal? Taitertots Jul 2013 #65
I don't think you understand what you just asked. greyl Jul 2013 #107
Premise flawed. nt Lex Jul 2013 #39
Despicable post. Your pointy white sheet is showing. AtomicKitten Jul 2013 #40
He should have stayed in his vehicle. End of story. geckosfeet Jul 2013 #43
Zimmerman failed. wundermaus Jul 2013 #44
Since when can't a grown man take a few punches??? My husband has been in many fist fights when he Pisces Jul 2013 #45
I've believed that since the first time I heard about this murder. Little Star Jul 2013 #47
Just because that ignorant Interviewer didn't understand Rachel Duer 157099 Jul 2013 #49
I agree with many others: HE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN HIS DAMNED CAR etherealtruth Jul 2013 #52
I don't think GZ was getting his ass whooped notadmblnd Jul 2013 #54
Even though every eyewitness said they were fighting XemaSab Jul 2013 #61
There is no other evidence except GZ's word that it was him screaming notadmblnd Jul 2013 #62
AND, when asked IMMEDIATELY after the incident if he was screaming, he is on video saying Ecumenist Jul 2013 #105
No witness to the actual fight, sorry Charlie. Rex Jul 2013 #64
Yes, he needs all the practice time he can get in for the forthcoming ones Tom Ripley Jul 2013 #57
FACT: Zimmerman unecessarily stalked and murdered an unarmed, innocent child. polichick Jul 2013 #63
sigh............ Marrah_G Jul 2013 #69
Me too. Arugula Latte Jul 2013 #80
70 posts. One rec. n/t backscatter712 Jul 2013 #71
and that one further proves the theory - AtomicKitten Jul 2013 #72
Of course he should have. JaneyVee Jul 2013 #75
Wow. Arugula Latte Jul 2013 #78
Zimmerman provoked the confrontation Yavin4 Jul 2013 #79
But if you insist on starting shit, when fucked up as he claimed, he SHOULD look like this: Ecumenist Jul 2013 #89
I kinda miss the days when all people had to worry about was an ass whoopin' justiceischeap Jul 2013 #82
Zimmerman certainly deserved an ass whoopin. Following a kid like that. Creepy guy. DevonRex Jul 2013 #83
AND this is what is he should have looked like i Trayvon did all he claimed: Ecumenist Jul 2013 #88
I'd hope any man would choose getting hit by a child over killing a child. egduj Jul 2013 #87
I thought there wad no struggle that would indicate Dreamer Tatum Jul 2013 #94
I think Zimmerman should have stayed in his car. n/t Blue_In_AK Jul 2013 #95
I think your broccoli looks like a big fat.. MrMickeysMom Jul 2013 #100
It's posts like this that define a DUer ... It becomes your tagline ... Trajan Jul 2013 #101
Seriously? FunkyLeprechaun Jul 2013 #102
There was no ass-whooping SoCalDem Jul 2013 #104
Hell no! Anyone tries to give me an "ass whoopin" LittleBlue Jul 2013 #106
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