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Sat Aug 3, 2013, 04:22 PM Aug 2013

Fact: The Obama Administration Has Spent $120 Million More Than Bush Fighting Medicinal Marijuana [View all]

By Jonathan Wolfe, Fri, August 02, 2013

In December of 2012, President Obama did an interview with the ABC program 20/20. The focus of the interview was his administration’s drug enforcement policies. During the show, President Obama told reporters that cracking down on states that have legalized marijuana – either entirely or for medicinal use – would not be a priority for his administration.

“We’ve got bigger fish to fry … It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it’s legal,” he said.

To be specific, the administration has spent $289 million dollars fighting medicinal marijuana policies in the last four-and-a-half years. This breaks down to over $100,000 per-day spent fighting citizen-approved medicinal marijuana policies. For pro-legalization voters that elected President Obama in hopes of seeing federal marijuana policies loosened, this has to be disappointing.

What’s more disappointing is that in just four-and-half-years, the Obama administration has spent $120 million more fighting medicinal marijuana than the Bush administration did over eight years.



Glad we're concentrating on the real important stuff. You know, the stuff Obama did and got away with as a kid. The stuff he wants to criminalize every pot smoker for.

Just think, we could have used that money for things like, oh, HEAD START. Or maybe MEALS ON WHEELS.
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:/ Go Vols Aug 2013 #1
Who has Obama sent to prison for smoking marijuana? tridim Aug 2013 #3
Here is one Go Vols Aug 2013 #13
Typical Aerows Aug 2013 #19
To be fair, he was convicted of distribution, not personal usage. randome Aug 2013 #41
Yes,the poster I was replying to Go Vols Aug 2013 #51
a better question would be questionseverything Aug 2013 #75
None. Obama has left no legal MMJ users in jail, nor has he put any there. tridim Aug 2013 #87
quite a few people as it happens. do your own due diligence and don't be lazy cali Aug 2013 #34
I'm not going to waste my time because I know it's not true. Post your proof or get lost. nt tridim Aug 2013 #46
Well, now that the proof you demanded has been posted, YOU get lost! Divernan Aug 2013 #64
What proof? The study numbers are unsourced "estimates". tridim Aug 2013 #85
See Post 13, and click on the link! Divernan Aug 2013 #88
Duval wasn't put in prison by Obama for smoking medical cannabis. nt tridim Aug 2013 #90
that wins the "head in sand" award for today, hands down.... mike_c Aug 2013 #78
This message was self-deleted by its author tridim Aug 2013 #86
Mike . . . . Mike . . . . consistency is a virture. Stinky The Clown Aug 2013 #93
oops. Phlem Aug 2013 #71
Could you find a cite for the "$100,000 per-day" claim? tridim Aug 2013 #2
Let's track some numbers RainDog Aug 2013 #22
Thanks, but I'm really looking for a cite for the claim in the OP and the article. tridim Aug 2013 #30
I see others have posted info too RainDog Aug 2013 #33
289,000,000 divided by 1643 questionseverything Aug 2013 #50
Here the MPP take on 2013 RainDog Aug 2013 #62
Here's one report Aerows Aug 2013 #24
NORML's chart showing arrests by administration RainDog Aug 2013 #25
The massive increase in arrests under Clinton RainDog Aug 2013 #28
A truly grass roots movement from the bottom up. mick063 Aug 2013 #45
Yes. As Ethan Nadelman noted - our politicians are too scared to speak up RainDog Aug 2013 #55
It was 2010 when sorefeet Aug 2013 #79
Yes. Only in states with mmj laws RainDog Aug 2013 #83
Yes and we are fighting like hell sorefeet Aug 2013 #92
this and education are probably the two issues I would say Obama is actually worse than Bush on. liberal_at_heart Aug 2013 #4
There are thousands more legally operating dispensaries in MMJ states since Obama took office. tridim Aug 2013 #5
Exactly! nt AverageJoe90 Aug 2013 #6
LOL....read this slower..... Logical Aug 2013 #10
I need a cite or it's bullshit. nt tridim Aug 2013 #31
LOL, lets say you prove it wrong and then you can whine. n-t Logical Aug 2013 #39
Obama spent nearly $300 million busting Ganja ℞ ops. - See more at: http://www.thomhartmann.com/foru matthews Aug 2013 #49
OH sweetie! You just called your own citeless post bullshit! Divernan Aug 2013 #68
I am as upset about this as you are, if not more so Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #73
They operate despite him mick063 Aug 2013 #12
Thousands more? bluedigger Aug 2013 #16
Tridim demands links; fails to provide any him or herself. Divernan Aug 2013 #66
What does that have to do with federal? JackRiddler Aug 2013 #70
Be careful mick063 Aug 2013 #8
+1 for the dope smokers Safetykitten Aug 2013 #7
Shhhh... You'll upset the defenders. nt GlashFordan Aug 2013 #9
Someone will soon be posting 20 links to Obama being pro-pot soon. n-t Logical Aug 2013 #11
Actually, they will be links back to the poster's other posts LondonReign2 Aug 2013 #26
LOL.....and you will be so confused that soon you will believe anything. n-t Logical Aug 2013 #35
I think there are other circumstances behind this. randome Aug 2013 #14
I believe you need to "bone up" on this issue mick063 Aug 2013 #15
I don't need to bone up on it. I believe you. randome Aug 2013 #23
Sorry, I was a little brash mick063 Aug 2013 #29
Washington state IS a social experiment in progress, I agree. randome Aug 2013 #38
Lawmakers In 5 States Tell Feds To Back Off Medical Marijuana matthews Aug 2013 #56
Damn what the people want. Go Vols Aug 2013 #17
We always have so much money to throw away for corporate interests. Catherina Aug 2013 #18
Thanks for the charts & info think Aug 2013 #60
I'm shocked, I tell you: absolutely shocked! Who woulda' ever thunk it? indepat Aug 2013 #20
Buy ProSense Aug 2013 #21
Doing this Go Vols Aug 2013 #32
When someones life is adversely altered by the federal government in a state where pot is legal mick063 Aug 2013 #36
Post removed Post removed Aug 2013 #57
President Obama isn't going to be the President... Scurrilous Aug 2013 #27
So it's ok if he lies about going after marijuana burnodo Aug 2013 #37
I have thought about it. Go Vols Aug 2013 #40
No President is going to be that President RainDog Aug 2013 #42
That said, I still predict Cannabis will be removed from Schedule I after the 2014 elections. tridim Aug 2013 #43
Nope. The other way round. More states will legalize and at some point the federal government liberal_at_heart Aug 2013 #47
I don't care how it happens, but it's going to happen. :) tridim Aug 2013 #48
in spite of the Democratic president burnodo Aug 2013 #91
Well, maybe he should have the backbone to stand up and say.... Logical Aug 2013 #44
That would be a real shock yet a refreshing change! Divernan Aug 2013 #67
Medical MJ. You know, for cancer patients. NoOneMan Aug 2013 #53
True. Scurrilous Aug 2013 #54
since nearly 3/4s of all voters want this shit to stop RainDog Aug 2013 #61
Who gives a fuck? Sick people need access to effective medication NoOneMan Aug 2013 #65
Atrocious defense. JackRiddler Aug 2013 #72
72% of Americans say marijuana enforcement isn't worth the cost RainDog Aug 2013 #52
Shameful. Absolutely shameful... think Aug 2013 #58
Willamette Week, May 14th, 2008 Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #59
So basically a flat out lie. n-t Logical Aug 2013 #69
Yes an absolute lie and display of disrespect to the voters of Oregon who supported Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #84
Understatement much? DeSwiss Aug 2013 #63
Exactly. Maybe it's not so great to have allies who, like the Republicans, think that jtuck004 Aug 2013 #74
U.S. Attorney Said Montana Medical Pot Growers Wouldn't Be Prosecuted -- Life Long Dem Aug 2013 #76
thank you for posting this. Obama gets to say whatever he wants. It's his appointees that do the liberal_at_heart Aug 2013 #77
That post merits Go Vols Aug 2013 #81
cannabis users are racists! mike_c Aug 2013 #80
and don't forget Paulbots. We're not allowed to have the same position on any issue liberal_at_heart Aug 2013 #82
That's actually good, of course. If Obama had spent zero... gulliver Aug 2013 #89
. LondonReign2 Aug 2013 #94
kick otherone Aug 2013 #95
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