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109. Gallup: Cannabis Usage Little Changed Over Three Decades
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 06:29 PM
Aug 2013

Even as Americans' support for legalizing marijuana has doubled, and more than 20 states have loosened marijuana restrictions in various ways, Gallup finds relatively little increase throughout the past three decades in the percentage of U.S. adults who say they have tried marijuana. Thirty-eight percent of Americans admit to having tried marijuana, compared with 34% in 1999 and 33% in 1985.

Before Americans' self-reported experimentation with marijuana leveled off in the 1980s, it surged in the 1970s, rising from 4% in 1969 to 12% in 1973 and 24% in 1977.

Gallup's trend by age reveals that widespread experimentation with marijuana first occurred among adults aged 18 to 29 between 1969 and 1973, rising from 8% to 35%. It then continued to mount, reaching 56% by 1977, and remained at that level in 1985. Since then, however, marijuana use among young adults has progressively declined. At the same time, as the bulge of young adults who tried marijuana in the 1970s ages and replaces older Americans who never tried it, the rate of all Americans who have ever tried the drug has increased slightly.

There are relatively minor differences in marijuana use by race -- between whites and nonwhites -- and by education. There are no income-related differences among those who say they have tried marijuana, but lower-income Americans are the most likely to say they currently use it. This is consistent with the higher percentage of young adults who say they smoke it, given young adults report relatively lower household income figures.
Good for him! Thank you doctor! hrmjustin Aug 2013 #1
Yes. An honorable person can admit a mistake RainDog Aug 2013 #4
Agreed 100% hrmjustin Aug 2013 #5
... RainDog Aug 2013 #6
A moving and devastating game-changer...thanks...nt dougolat Aug 2013 #9
Another child with epilepsy RainDog Aug 2013 #19
FDA acknowledgement may not be the best thing. Chan790 Aug 2013 #30
Your views strike me as both East Coast and dated as well as inaccurate Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #34
No, I'm not. Chan790 Aug 2013 #36
Respectfully, I disagree with your outlook... Eleanors38 Aug 2013 #70
Dr. Lester Grinspoon wrote about this long ago RainDog Aug 2013 #63
Talked with Dr. Grinspoon some 20 yrs ago when he spoke at Eleanors38 Aug 2013 #72
He has done a great work with his life. n/t RainDog Aug 2013 #84
He admits his mistake now, when it is relatively safe to do so from a public relations standpoint... markpkessinger Aug 2013 #102
As he notes, only 6% of all research looks at benefits RainDog Aug 2013 #105
Wow. n/t eShirl Aug 2013 #2
K&R burrowowl Aug 2013 #3
Got to admire someone who admits they are wrong avaistheone1 Aug 2013 #7
Yes. That was downright refreshing to see, and on CNN no less. eom 99th_Monkey Aug 2013 #16
Obvious conclusion is obvious. Initech Aug 2013 #8
Glad he had the guts to say he was wrong. I admire that. eom millennialmax Aug 2013 #10
Sanjay was well spoken there LittleBlue Aug 2013 #11
to litle to late Chaco Dundee Aug 2013 #12
the story of history RainDog Aug 2013 #14
It's hardly too late demwing Aug 2013 #26
just people's lives eShirl Aug 2013 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author demwing Aug 2013 #37
up's. Chaco Dundee Aug 2013 #43
Sorry for the confusion demwing Aug 2013 #98
um, huh? eShirl Aug 2013 #71
Yes I did, sorry demwing Aug 2013 #96
More And More Doctors Have Come To Understand... KharmaTrain Aug 2013 #13
Now if only he'd smarten up about single-payer. n/t area51 Aug 2013 #15
No kidding. Micheal Moore made a fool out of him.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #94
kick Go Vols Aug 2013 #103
K & R Thank you Dr. Gupta for your honesty. eom 99th_Monkey Aug 2013 #17
Same as any other BillyRibs Aug 2013 #18
So, this is how you stop the damage RainDog Aug 2013 #21
Glad you snagged this... CanSocDem Aug 2013 #28
Kick. Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #20
... RainDog Aug 2013 #22
Back atcha. Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #23
Kind Of Like A Day Late And A Dollar Short DallasNE Aug 2013 #24
"Make No Mistake... marijuana is a dangerous drug, MannyGoldstein Aug 2013 #25
Abbie Hoffman said it back in the 60's hobbit709 Aug 2013 #31
And Anheuser-Busch has some kick-ass lobbyists (nt) Jeff In Milwaukee Aug 2013 #50
... big pharma must be getting closer to genetic replication & Copyrighting .... Myrina Aug 2013 #29
ding ding ding navarth Aug 2013 #100
how many lives have been ruined by this bullshit? how much money has been made on drug war? spanone Aug 2013 #32
"and I did part of that misleading" - indeed he did. n/t PoliticAverse Aug 2013 #33
Good for Gupta, he stopped lying! I think the seizure patients make it hard for Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #35
Yes. RainDog Aug 2013 #85
"Serious emotional side effects to marijuana addiction" 90-percent Aug 2013 #38
I was having serious emotional side effects from the chronic back/neck/arm pain from kestrel91316 Aug 2013 #52
I'm right behind you, Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #77
I think addiction is nearly always a secondary condition RainDog Aug 2013 #86
Will this be the equivalent of Cronkite turning against the Vietnam War? mainer Aug 2013 #39
It could very well be the Cronkite moment for medical pot 90-percent Aug 2013 #40
There's definitely something in it for Gupta. reusrename Aug 2013 #45
Nice analogy RainDog Aug 2013 #58
The people with a real stake in keeping it illegal are the drug kingpins mainer Aug 2013 #41
Not to mention those who supposedly "fight" the lesser drug kingpins... hunter Aug 2013 #62
Big Kick!..Thanks! Segami Aug 2013 #42
I'd rather see him apologize for all the lies he told about Sicko. reusrename Aug 2013 #44
I have to agree. gvstn Aug 2013 #48
Shill! That's the word I was looking for. reusrename Aug 2013 #49
Wow, a TV doctor that not only admits he was wrong, but apologizes. Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #46
The DEA did not simply "mislead", the DEA LIED! Dawson Leery Aug 2013 #47
Yes, he said "systemically misrepresented" evidence RainDog Aug 2013 #61
While I condemn his previous failure, tabasco Aug 2013 #51
If society can live with legal alcohol it can live with legal Marijuana. Ganja Ninja Aug 2013 #53
+ a brazillion. kath Aug 2013 #55
calls to legalize RainDog Aug 2013 #64
Too much is at stake for big brother to fully decriminalize cannabis, for all that funding indepat Aug 2013 #54
I am glad he came clean, but he isnt a hero for saying he is sorry. rhett o rick Aug 2013 #56
The real point, for me, is that he has a national presence RainDog Aug 2013 #57
It is a rare bird these days that admits to being wrong Rex Aug 2013 #59
Yes it is Go Vols Aug 2013 #67
What's this "we" shit Doc? SomethingFishy Aug 2013 #60
Marijuana Causes Remission in Crohn's Disease RainDog Aug 2013 #65
Stop & Frisk Bloomberg in the forefront of prohibitionis... Eleanors38 Aug 2013 #66
The ACLU - the war on cannabis magnifies racism RainDog Aug 2013 #68
I appreciate, having an opposing view, Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #69
Pot may prevent Alzheimer's Disease mainer Aug 2013 #73
If you heard it on the news... NM_Birder Aug 2013 #74
LOL RainDog Aug 2013 #82
Sanjay Gupta: I tried to mislead you about cannabis and I failed. Iggo Aug 2013 #75
Be fair. He said he didn't do his homework. Now he admits it. mainer Aug 2013 #76
I agree! He is a reespected doctor Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #78
Gullible comes to mind. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #89
Whatever. It's still helpful what he says, in my mind Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #125
It's helpful if you can trust him and I dont. He wanted so badly to be Surgeon General rhett o rick Aug 2013 #127
I have no need to trust him. If he tells people that Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #128
I wish you the best. I hope his reversal helps those that need help. rhett o rick Aug 2013 #130
But think about it. "he didnt do his homework"? This man is supposed to be brilliant, and rhett o rick Aug 2013 #79
This is just where you see propaganda in action in the news RainDog Aug 2013 #83
I think you John2 Aug 2013 #99
I disagree RainDog Aug 2013 #104
I'm very John2 Aug 2013 #113
I just know RainDog Aug 2013 #115
+1 burnodo Aug 2013 #88
More like, "I realize my credibility is suffering because I'm lumped in with this other idiot." Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #93
K&R Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #80
You mean it's not called cannabis because cannibals smoke it? Kablooie Aug 2013 #81
Reefer Sadness Blue Owl Aug 2013 #87
The utter uselessness of the war on drugs in one graph RainDog Aug 2013 #90
That's good. Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #120
Prison economy r US! RainDog Aug 2013 #121
Their new argument- you can tell the rationale is failing- is "its very unlikely that a pot smoker Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #122
Michelle Alexander makes a great point RainDog Aug 2013 #124
Lies from the National Institute on Drug Abuse RainDog Aug 2013 #91
Okay,...where is this "potent" marijuana they talk about? Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #92
Ann Arbor, Michigan. Pathwalker Aug 2013 #106
I'm old enough to remember "Lids".... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #111
Trust me, potent marijuana is not new, either. Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #117
I'll stick with skunkweed. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #119
It's past time to move on and just legalize it all across the country! B Calm Aug 2013 #95
"We"? SHRED Aug 2013 #97
What a sloppy interview. The 2 guests were discussing different things. mucifer Aug 2013 #101
Howard isn't a medical doctor RainDog Aug 2013 #108
It's hard for me to trust anyone in the media Life Long Dem Aug 2013 #107
Gallup: Cannabis Usage Little Changed Over Three Decades RainDog Aug 2013 #109
Deal One Little Blow for the Cause of Truth...A Start. Who's next? drynberg Aug 2013 #110
Colbert responds RainDog Aug 2013 #112
Kick. Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #114
How long before Gupta Gets Got To Gitmo? Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #116
LOL RainDog Aug 2013 #118
This is a great thread... CanSocDem Aug 2013 #123
Thank you! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2013 #126
Good for him. War Horse Aug 2013 #129
well, there's another perspective... RainDog Aug 2013 #131
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2014 #132
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