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Additional Information MineralMan Sep 2013 #1
Here's the Falaq-2 rocket. Nothing like the crude gas rockets in Syria. leveymg Sep 2013 #26
It's the launcher that is the question. MineralMan Sep 2013 #28
There's a serious question about the range and accuracy of the rockets. The launcher is just a tube, leveymg Sep 2013 #39
The rebels have IRAMs. joshcryer Sep 2013 #40
Video of a Falaq-2 launcher with missile MineralMan Sep 2013 #2
Sorry. Dupe. MineralMan Sep 2013 #3
If this is the type of rocket used in the CW attack, MineralMan Sep 2013 #4
How do you know that? HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #5
I KNOW nothing. I'm surmising something. MineralMan Sep 2013 #6
Well, then I surmise... HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #9
Any photos of spent munitions from the scene that MineralMan Sep 2013 #10
YOUR photos "match his post" tkmorris Sep 2013 #20
Just noodling around the internet, it seems as though these systems can be copied riderinthestorm Sep 2013 #14
From the reports so far, there were multiple rockets fired. MineralMan Sep 2013 #15
Or the Saudis have their own version too. We simply don't know enough yet nt riderinthestorm Sep 2013 #17
That's possible, too, of course. MineralMan Sep 2013 #19
$3 billion from Qatar and the Saudis competing for influence can buy a lot. dkf Sep 2013 #29
I suppose. This kind of weaponry, though, is pretty MineralMan Sep 2013 #34
I meant to reply to this post, see post #40. joshcryer Sep 2013 #41
Excellent OP. I suspect the UN report will bolster the msanthrope Sep 2013 #7
Thank you. Ever since yesterday, I've been trying to MineralMan Sep 2013 #8
Protestors dancing around with one of those deadly SARIN filled rockets Jesus Malverde Sep 2013 #11
Yes. That is a used rocket, though. MineralMan Sep 2013 #12
interesting. Wish there was no cause to learn about such things. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #13
I agree. I'd rather not be looking this sort of thing up. MineralMan Sep 2013 #16
An update of that post has video of a group salvaging explosives... JHB Sep 2013 #18
Thanks for posting that. MineralMan Sep 2013 #21
Interesting stuff MFrohike Sep 2013 #22
k&r... spanone Sep 2013 #23
In your travels, if you come across something about their range, please let us know. leveymg Sep 2013 #24
The range of the Falaq-2 is approximately 10 km. MineralMan Sep 2013 #25
Please see my comment and photo, above. The things in Syria aren't Falaq-2 rockets. leveymg Sep 2013 #27
Why aren't we seeing this sort of documentation from the administration? dkf Sep 2013 #30
I can't answer that question. I'm not part of any government organization. MineralMan Sep 2013 #31
The administration doesn't want us to know their source. joshcryer Sep 2013 #42
Seriously why hide what we collect? How does that expose anything? dkf Sep 2013 #43
Did you read my post? joshcryer Sep 2013 #44
So exactly what are they testing? Nothing? Do we really have NOTHING in our hands?!?!? dkf Sep 2013 #45
Sure. They got samples. joshcryer Sep 2013 #46
You'd think we'd at least have remnants that we could conclusively assert came from Assad's stocks. dkf Sep 2013 #47
Sure. joshcryer Sep 2013 #48
Very interesting. Hopefully this will help put to be the "it was the rebels" nonsense. Barack_America Sep 2013 #32
I have no idea. I was really just looking for a system that MineralMan Sep 2013 #33
Apparently the red berets are worn by Republican guard. Barack_America Sep 2013 #35
Yes. Well, apparently Hezbollah also has access to MineralMan Sep 2013 #36
Another article, from Jane's JHB Sep 2013 #37
Thanks for that. MineralMan Sep 2013 #38
Analysis of the Rockets Used in Syria- Bookmarked KittyWampus Sep 2013 #49
Thanks for the info ! Sand Wind Sep 2013 #50
You're welcome. I was exploring yesterday, and assembled MineralMan Sep 2013 #52
Very good research sarisataka Sep 2013 #51
Thanks. MineralMan Sep 2013 #53
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