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41. I stand corrected
Wed Sep 4, 2013, 10:13 PM
Sep 2013

Now let us hope at least two thirds of our party vote no.

It sure would be a boost to our sensibilities to see that most of our people are not warmongers, eh?

Let the Humanitarian Missiles Fly! leftstreet Sep 2013 #1
Silly, but a grain of truth: reformist2 Sep 2013 #37
He started one? When? Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #39
Yeah this isn't looking good for Democrats Harmony Blue Sep 2013 #2
I tend to agree with you mazzarro Sep 2013 #3
The Democratic leadership has always been as pro-war as the GOP davidn3600 Sep 2013 #4
Psst: ever hear of World War II, Korea, Vietnam? frazzled Sep 2013 #5
yeah. ever hear of LBJ? Know why he didn't run again? cali Sep 2013 #7
How about Clinton ProSense Sep 2013 #10
Right but the point is that the Democratic party Harmony Blue Sep 2013 #9
WW2 was the one where were were attacked and had war delcared upon us before we Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #12
Disingenuous response frazzled Sep 2013 #15
Um. Germany declared war on us! dawg Sep 2013 #32
I think it is intellectually dishonest to lay Vietnam at JFK's feet. Granted, he HardTimes99 Sep 2013 #26
OK, I'll go with Johnson frazzled Sep 2013 #30
I hardly think the Rs have become Skidmore Sep 2013 #6
didn't say they were. cali Sep 2013 #8
Obama isn't Bush...nt SidDithers Sep 2013 #11
No, he's not. so what? cali Sep 2013 #13
Bush started wars... SidDithers Sep 2013 #16
Obama ended Bush's wars Harmony Blue Sep 2013 #18
When and if he does, then we can talk. Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #38
Bush ended Iraq. TM99 Sep 2013 #19
That's accurate but inconvenient. nt Demo_Chris Sep 2013 #35
Rewriting history is a full-time, albeit minimum wage job. We're all Winston now. n/t Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #44
The 2007 status of forces agreement ended Iraq. NuclearDem Sep 2013 #25
What are you babbling about? Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #14
How often did the Dem party take control being antiwar? leftstreet Sep 2013 #17
The Democratic Party has never been an anti-war party. Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #20
Agree. They just pretended to be leftstreet Sep 2013 #22
let me spell it out for those too dim to grasp the obvious. cali Sep 2013 #27
"It will be a lot harder to do that next year, particularly now" Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #29
this thread is really classic DU. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #33
Kick for those who are too dim to grasp the obvious. jessie04 Sep 2013 #43
Now? MFrohike Sep 2013 #21
Democratic war mongers do not deserve to hold or exercise power. Neither do Republicans, but that's HardTimes99 Sep 2013 #23
Green energy progressives Harmony Blue Sep 2013 #28
I just can't see this happening in 'Merica anytime soon, unfortunately... N/t grillo7 Sep 2013 #42
I seem to recall the President getting re-elected handily last time... brooklynite Sep 2013 #24
Insipid nonsense. jessie04 Sep 2013 #31
In the run up to Iraqi invasion RobertEarl Sep 2013 #34
Close enough... bobclark86 Sep 2013 #40
I stand corrected RobertEarl Sep 2013 #41
This will be forgotten by the time American Idol geek tragedy Sep 2013 #36
If you will recall, the Democratic Party has always been the war party. Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #45
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