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Bolo Boffin

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15. Did you know the Iranian President condemned Assad for using chemical weapons?
Thu Sep 5, 2013, 02:21 AM
Sep 2013

There may be fewer worms in that can than you anticipate.

And that would be a good thing, right?

Don't give any moral ground. Loudly Sep 2013 #1
And if we recognize that America is not the moral center Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #2
too nany peopke think Niceguy1 Sep 2013 #3
Gray areas are for children and movies, in the end it's orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #5
You have that exactly backwards PaulaFarrell Sep 2013 #14
As far as what, Exactly ? orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #23
All the Misanthropes have been on the couch in the White House orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #6
And how will bombing the shit out of Syria help stabilize the region and end the threats? Scootaloo Sep 2013 #8
You could drop the straw man and deal with Obama's actual reasons Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #9
Oh, I know his reasons Scootaloo Sep 2013 #10
Did you know the Iranian President condemned Assad for using chemical weapons? Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #15
I wouldn't be surprised... Scootaloo Sep 2013 #18
"We knock over Assad." Another straw man. That's not an aim with these strikes. Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #19
Well, that's what the Senate is angling for Scootaloo Sep 2013 #20
That is what some in the Senate want. Not all. Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #22
You'll have to start defending that assertion, too. sibelian Sep 2013 #16
Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky are sages we should listen to. orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #4
not the whole country. just boston. unblock Sep 2013 #7
Exactly! gopiscrap Sep 2013 #11
This is how we are viewing the world today .... MindMover Sep 2013 #12
LOL! polly7 Sep 2013 #21
We are the most powerful nation in the world, with that weight wisteria Sep 2013 #13
That's a line from the fucking spiderman movies. sibelian Sep 2013 #17
heh SammyWinstonJack Sep 2013 #26
Actually its Voltaire. phleshdef Sep 2013 #27
Could not agree more! nt marew Sep 2013 #24
rec SammyWinstonJack Sep 2013 #25
"Patriotism is the most foolish of passions and the passion of fools." Schopenhauer Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2013 #28
There are people that still believe in Manifest Destiny, felix_numinous Sep 2013 #29
And that resistance is futile felix_numinous Sep 2013 #30
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