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Thu Sep 5, 2013, 09:19 PM Sep 2013

Poll: Do you still have Obama's back or are you tossing him under the bus? [View all]

21 votes, 20 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I trust him to seek out the 'facts' and make the right decision regarding Syria. I've got his back!
18 (86%)
Turning my back on him and tossing him under the bus.
3 (14%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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LOL Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #1
Total *push* poll... peacebird Sep 2013 #5
He tossed me/us under the bus. Time and time again. chimpymustgo Sep 2013 #2
+1 snappyturtle Sep 2013 #15
Yep whoiswithme Sep 2013 #23
I need a puke smiley sharp_stick Sep 2013 #31
Here ya go: chimpymustgo Sep 2013 #32
False dichotomy much? Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #3
I always will love the President. I may not always agree but I will always support him. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #4
Hey Justin~ sheshe2 Sep 2013 #52
. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #53
Neither. I think he's being lied to and I don't support him on Syria Warpy Sep 2013 #6
push poll is pushy. bunnies Sep 2013 #7
In a democracy, the people aren't supposed to "trust" the politicians. Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2013 #8
+1000! n/t markpkessinger Sep 2013 #17
I don't want him down here... 99Forever Sep 2013 #9
Poll: Are you serious? JHB Sep 2013 #10
Let's sing 'Stand By Your Warmonger' n/t whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #11
A push, a poll. NuclearDem Sep 2013 #12
Kerry! = Obama! = Hillary! = Rice! = Mrs Carlos Danger! onehandle Sep 2013 #13
The President walked under the bus with chained CPI....... tokenlib Sep 2013 #14
Exactly! nt marew Sep 2013 #80
Crap poll. City Lights Sep 2013 #16
... woo me with science Sep 2013 #18
He's supposed to have our back, not the other way around n/t markpkessinger Sep 2013 #19
Bravo. Agreed x 10,000. (NT) Zavulon Sep 2013 #83
Let's just say no more than he is tossing me under the bus. n/t 1awake Sep 2013 #20
Yes We Scan! Yes We Scan! Politicalboi Sep 2013 #29
The percentages are off, they SHOULD include those who choose not to accept the offered options peacebird Sep 2013 #21
Neither. I got his back...and I tossed it under the bus. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2013 #22
That's one helluva push poll you got going there, Tx markpkessinger Sep 2013 #24
Proud to "pass" on this nonsense poll. David__77 Sep 2013 #25
I think you made a mistake zipplewrath Sep 2013 #26
correction. progressoid Sep 2013 #56
LOL! zipplewrath Sep 2013 #82
Other---he is throwing us under the bus. Curmudgeoness Sep 2013 #27
I've found that the latest threads page has improved a lot. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #28
Who would have guessed the ODS bunch would have so many post, hard to believe Thinkingabout Sep 2013 #30
. R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #33
He is lying to us. I don't have his back on this. I oppose it 100%. morningfog Sep 2013 #34
IF I was a snarky type of person I would ask: ''Is that you Joe Wilson?'' Tx4obama Sep 2013 #35
Too cute by half. I just can't figure out why Obama wants this illegal war so badly. morningfog Sep 2013 #36
The images of all the 'dead gassed children' affected him deeply. Tx4obama Sep 2013 #37
So, what is the objective? morningfog Sep 2013 #39
Bingo! sheshe2 Sep 2013 #54
I get that. But, what is the objective? morningfog Sep 2013 #57
The situation is heartbreaking, morningfog. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #63
You just did. Really not that clever. n-t Logical Sep 2013 #43
Is he lying to us? Nevernose Sep 2013 #50
i dont support this war or push polls. nt La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2013 #38
I think he got under this bus himself fujiyama Sep 2013 #40
Thank you, we hadn't had a loyalty poll in hours LondonReign2 Sep 2013 #41
LOL, not a shock from you. You should do push polls for the GOP! n-t Logical Sep 2013 #42
lol. excellent poll Liberal_in_LA Sep 2013 #44
Damn Solly Mack Sep 2013 #45
Highly telling that you put "facts" in quotes. We are being propagandized with carefully chosen scarletwoman Sep 2013 #46
I remember when the most religious of the believers used to post a picture of him Dragonfli Sep 2013 #48
Good point. It isnt that the left "has his back", the left gets his backside. nm rhett o rick Sep 2013 #49
Thank you for saying what I meant so succinctly! scarletwoman Sep 2013 #51
Thank you for an observant and great post. n/t cui bono Sep 2013 #71
This is a joke poll right? Some caricature of something Stephen Colbert would have come up with? Dragonfli Sep 2013 #47
+1000 Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #85
How very "Yer either with us or aginst us" TDale313 Sep 2013 #55
I don't trust Obama at all, he's proven time and again he's a neo-lib technocrat. Drones, NDAA, NSA Erose999 Sep 2013 #58
This poll sounds like North Korea. Faryn Balyncd Sep 2013 #59
Lame. /nt Marr Sep 2013 #60
If you give me the choice of supporting war without reason or throwing him under the bus... last1standing Sep 2013 #61
I don't have his back on Syria, but he climbed under the bus all by himself. Iggo Sep 2013 #62
Fess up, you're just looking for more DUers to add to the banned-from-the-BOG list. WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #64
I am not a member of the BOG, so I think you are NOT right. Tx4obama Sep 2013 #66
I know this poll would score 100% in "I have Obama's back!" in the BOG, but I'm not a fan of that quinnox Sep 2013 #65
Does he have our backs? donheld Sep 2013 #67
push poll much? DiverDave Sep 2013 #68
What a pathetic poll. I would expect this from some Rovian types. cui bono Sep 2013 #69
Your poll approval rating is the same as your idol's. But with only Dem responders. cui bono Sep 2013 #70
wow. nice push poll. cali Sep 2013 #72
I both oppose the war and support president Obama LostOne4Ever Sep 2013 #73
Bullshit poll, I passed badtoworse Sep 2013 #74
Still personalities over policies, I see. I'm against his Syria policy eridani Sep 2013 #75
Stupid poll options MNBrewer Sep 2013 #76
As with Jesus Christ - he is to either be Lord of ALL or Lord not at all -The only 2 possibilities Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #77
Obama is driving the bus. NCTraveler Sep 2013 #78
It's not an all or none thing liberal N proud Sep 2013 #79
It's not about Obama... sendero Sep 2013 #81
I trust the president Andy823 Sep 2013 #84
Pass on this really disgraceful poll Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #86
I'm issues oriented. It's not a game about supporting our dear leader no matter what. magical thyme Sep 2013 #87
I hope he fails for his own good on Syria geek tragedy Sep 2013 #88
Obama's thrown us under the bus eom TransitJohn Sep 2013 #89
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