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60. We are certainly bounded by our culture,
Mon Sep 16, 2013, 09:57 AM
Sep 2013

but who designed the culture that bounds us? How is it distributed and how do we acquire it? How diverse is the marketplace of ideas? Ideology, on the right and the left, has become little more than a consumer product. The institutions that have traditionally been a bulwark against mercantilism have been co-opted or marginalized by the profit motive, and when they fail, disaster capitalism can find a way to make money off of that.

College enrollment is going up, but look what the kids are studying:


And add to that the number of disciplines that are considered mere extensions of business like communications, journalism, engineering, health professions and the arts. While the objectives and methods of business are obvious, how many people are trained in other disciplines within the context of those same methods and objectives? That's how we get Madison Avenue, network television, HMO's, Google Glass, Twitter, SSRI uptake inhibitors for "social anxiety", Olestra, Fox News and the Southern Baptist Convention.

I once talked to a cowboy that trained horses for a living. He said the trick to training horses was to make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. We are suffering from a national sense of anomie because our culture is been skewed to train us to make the wrong thing easy and the right thing hard. Today, given the obvious dangers over the horizon regarding resource depletion and climate change, the wrong thing is to do it the way we've done it for hundreds of years.

The term "liberal" refers to increased, or "liberally applied", cultural change. That's why we need a Democratic congress in 2014, because it's our best chance for change in a time when cultural change will make or break our country and our species. Conservatism simply makes no sense given what we know about the world today and our prospects for tomorrow.

Everywhere you look, from incessant culture wars to packaged cable television, your culture is doled out to you . Ninety nine percent of the images people see every day are produced by a corporation. Human relationships are metered and squeezed for profit by limiting them to, for example, 140 characters. Political discourse is dominated by ratings driven hyperbole on both sides of the aisle. From where I sit whole swaths of our population have become little more than trained pigeons pecking at a button for a pellet.

People are hurting out there [View all] Harmony Blue Sep 2013 OP
Acceptable genocide, one that feeds a cycle first . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #1
The One Percent has always wanted to do this. woo me with science Sep 2013 #2
^^^TRUTH^^^ Melinda Sep 2013 #7
Sad but all to true. Rebellious Republican Sep 2013 #9
Funny,,,,, Cryptoad Sep 2013 #13
Obama signs bill cutting 2.2 billion from food stamps woo me with science Sep 2013 #15
Taking increases in food stamp money Cryptoad Sep 2013 #20
BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA woo me with science Sep 2013 #21
Sorry Cryptoad Sep 2013 #25
Your propaganda is pathetic at this point. woo me with science Sep 2013 #30
Unable to do so , heh? Cryptoad Sep 2013 #31
You are defending less food for poor people. You are defending a corruption that kills. woo me with science Sep 2013 #33
Why do you feel the need to make up stuff and say that is what I am saying Cryptoad Sep 2013 #36
why waste the time? Skittles Sep 2013 #44
Sure,,,,,,,, nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #47
Absolutely pathetic. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #55
Great set of links. nt Mojorabbit Sep 2013 #35
Thanks. It's important woo me with science Sep 2013 #39
Lol. You have learned well. dkf Sep 2013 #52
Too bad they can't eat excuses and rationalizations. n/t jtuck004 Sep 2013 #26
"Excuses" for what Cryptoad Sep 2013 #27
Nor can they eat finger pointing. 'Course, they will have less food to worry about soon... jtuck004 Sep 2013 #28
Do tell Cryptoad Sep 2013 #34
RED HERONS Skittles Sep 2013 #45
Thx nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Sep 2013 #48
Come on. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #56
Excellent posts. woo me with science Sep 2013 #43
The upper 1% are the problem. Initech Sep 2013 #18
Are you trying to imply that the corporate Democratic and Republican parties *aren't* a problem? woo me with science Sep 2013 #19
Hell no, they're the cause of the problem. Initech Sep 2013 #23
+100000 woo me with science Sep 2013 #24
The old company store model. They never change their goals, and rarely their methods. Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #41
"Economic royalists" is what FDR called the 1% deutsey Sep 2013 #59
It's called 'soft kill'. Faux pas Sep 2013 #3
We're all on the dole one way or the other. nt rrneck Sep 2013 #4
Yet even the poorest pay their share in taxes bhikkhu Sep 2013 #17
My other post was too short. rrneck Sep 2013 #49
That is the nature of society, even without a profit motive bhikkhu Sep 2013 #53
We are certainly bounded by our culture, rrneck Sep 2013 #60
Well said! bhikkhu Sep 2013 #61
Thanks! Me too. nt rrneck Sep 2013 #62
People in Idaho (my state) are dying of the class war. Vanje Sep 2013 #5
I get so Angry, BillyRibs Sep 2013 #6
I see more needy folks with signs than I used to... KansDem Sep 2013 #8
I would see the best deals in the third week of the month for some places to attract customers. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2013 #10
The economy has been repaired. obxhead Sep 2013 #11
Which Bush? nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #14
Social Darwinism. roamer65 Sep 2013 #12
The changes that need to made to change this,,,,, Cryptoad Sep 2013 #16
K & R Thinkingabout Sep 2013 #29
One correction to your comment. Social Security payments are sent out on totodeinhere Sep 2013 #22
Good point Harmony Blue Sep 2013 #37
Yes, my social security check comes on the third RebelOne Sep 2013 #40
I read a lot of negative propaganda on DU, Obama caused this to happen, Obama did Thinkingabout Sep 2013 #32
we need democrats that have not been bought by the 1%. Those of us who complain do want to see liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #38
If you want to see Democrats in office make our Democrat president strong. Tear him down Thinkingabout Sep 2013 #42
sorry not buying it. liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #50
So far what have you accomplished by doing it you way or working for the GOP to Thinkingabout Sep 2013 #58
Wow. OP points out that people are hurting, and you decide it's ODS. winter is coming Sep 2013 #51
Thank You. This can Not be stated enough! nt adirondacker Sep 2013 #54
My SS check comes on the 15th of each month. B Calm Sep 2013 #57
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