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Wed Sep 18, 2013, 10:46 PM Sep 2013

Sorry, I've had it with you crazies. [View all]

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So tonight I was again told that the NSA is a "non-issue" that I'm "fixated" on.

Holy #%^*.

Let's set aside for a moment that the accusation was out of the blue, apropos of nothing in that thread, nor anything I recall writing about in the past week (so who's obsessed?). You folks who claim that secretly spying on everyone, secret laws enforced by secret courts, and secret extrajudicial kill lists are non-issues are just crazy.

Or utterly ignorant.

Wake up! Your deluded beliefs are helping to destroy our country. Our Founders created a country of laws, not of kings. A transparent legal system that applies to all Americans is the foundation of our country. As it dies, we die.

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Sorry, I've had it with you crazies. [View all] MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 OP
Well, I'll at least kick it since senseandsensibility Sep 2013 #1
it's only bad and a threat when republicans do it, not when a democrat does it nt msongs Sep 2013 #2
Who is to say that they are Democrats? R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #35
x2 AnotherMcIntosh Sep 2013 #56
If they are, then many of us have been seriously misled regarding what OUR party is all about. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #73
Unfortunately one of the biggest problems is Democrats who think NSA is beyond questioning. Ford_Prefect Sep 2013 #105
Think it's the president that they think is perfect. lark Sep 2013 #160
True Believers come in all styles and standards. Ford_Prefect Sep 2013 #161
This isn't Who-is-to-say-that-they-are-DemocraticsUnderground! MNBrewer Sep 2013 #103
Because Obama! SammyWinstonJack Sep 2013 #162
You tell em Manny. dkf Sep 2013 #3
+ google roguevalley Sep 2013 #8
I rec your post but......... mick063 Sep 2013 #4
"This topic is always best concluded with "Tear the Utah facility down"." Agony Sep 2013 #95
Yeah!!! JackRiddler Sep 2013 #194
Due K & R defacto7 Sep 2013 #5
Totally with you on this. ancianita Sep 2013 #6
Rand Paul is against all that stuff madville Sep 2013 #7
I might have to revise my view of Rand nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #11
you expect to be taken serious after this? in a discussion VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #77
What I find truly baffling.... beerandjesus Sep 2013 #134
Well that is the million dollar questio many of us asked, but never get an answer to. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #166
Being taken seriously by you would never happen anyhow RetroLounge Sep 2013 #210
but i call myself a Democrat and post on a supposedly Democratic Underground website not Anarchy und VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #219
Instead of opining about being a democrat why don't you answer the question above? RetroLounge Sep 2013 #220
just because VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #222
Someday when you can actually spell, get back to me. RetroLounge Sep 2013 #223
sent from cellphone. VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #224
Yeah, I'll be sure to get back to you on that. RetroLounge Sep 2013 #226
Hitler was a vegetarian... awoke_in_2003 Sep 2013 #148
Or vegetables make one bad! n/t Quasimodem Sep 2013 #207
so what are you hiding? Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #9
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #10
If you do not like the OP nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #13
I wish I could respond to hidden messages. "Gee a BOGista ...whodathunkit?" L0oniX Sep 2013 #39
Yup, one I can no longer see nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #44
The BOGistas are piling up in my ignore dungeon ...and I'm not feeding them anymore. n/t L0oniX Sep 2013 #46
I have not for close to a decade in a coupe cases nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #47
Damn you! You're all leaving me alone out here! cui bono Sep 2013 #58
Nothing is gained by responding to those that are in the cult of personallity. L0oniX Sep 2013 #59
Perhaps we could call it the CLOG? R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #66
Nice pile you left there jazzimov Phlem Sep 2013 #16
“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #19
Fuckin A TheKentuckian Sep 2013 #38
That's a keeper, Manny... MrMickeysMom Sep 2013 #89
I think he said it back then: MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #96
Perfect. nt woo me with science Sep 2013 #133
I would respectfully disagree with Mr. Franklin. It's easy to remain ignorant, just as it's easy rhett o rick Sep 2013 #150
That is a wonderful quote. Maybe it is one I should start using anytime someone Liberalynn Sep 2013 #183
I was thinking the complete opposite when I read your post. mick063 Sep 2013 #20
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #21
You might as well put everyone in the BOG on ignore. It makes this place much nicer... L0oniX Sep 2013 #41
I don't go to the BOG Go Vols Sep 2013 #50
I see that suggestion Summer Hathaway Sep 2013 #57
You've spent a lot of time on this thread treestar Sep 2013 #93
*Unquestioning* MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #94
A distinction they are not capable of having RetroLounge Sep 2013 #211
Yikes... Flatulo Sep 2013 #25
The ignore function is good for your soul Marrah_G Sep 2013 #12
I really wish people would apply that to their TVs mindwalker_i Sep 2013 #27
I really want to block Fox so I don't even land on it by accident Liberalynn Sep 2013 #184
thank Manny and God Bles you and keep up the good fight to save our country. Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #14
Manny is on my mimi85 Sep 2013 #181
If the NSA scandal happened 30 years ago there would demonstrations in every city Joe Turner Sep 2013 #15
And the really odd thing is. zeemike Sep 2013 #22
And they put something on the air Liberalynn Sep 2013 #185
And "personas" woo me with science Sep 2013 #202
+1 woo me with science Sep 2013 #84
I keep having to adjust what "30 years ago" means demwing Sep 2013 #113
Yeah, I experienced the Reagan era as a vast and lonely political wasteland: people I knew struggle4progress Sep 2013 #159
it was a dark time indeed G_j Sep 2013 #215
It *is* for your own good. nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #17
Hear hear... zeemike Sep 2013 #18
In a way, yes. woo me with science Sep 2013 #85
That sounds like suspicousspeakedblplusbad. Rex Sep 2013 #23
Holy #%^*, indeed. DeSwiss Sep 2013 #24
The Obama defenders seem to be getting more aggressive lately. I'm going to have to start using liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #26
please do..start with me ok? Hobo Sep 2013 #70
Ahhh you need more smilies! HangOnKids Sep 2013 #74
If the smilie images were to disappear from this sight overnight, there would be many confused Dragonfli Sep 2013 #163
You need to get out more...eom Kolesar Sep 2013 #179
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #196
Smilies say so much more than reasoned arguments ever could. Maedhros Sep 2013 #165
ok TorchTheWitch Sep 2013 #81
There is a fundamental difference Tiredofthesame Sep 2013 #116
+1 LiberalLovinLug Sep 2013 #169
fair enough. sibelian Sep 2013 #157
I think I'll just call them out... MrMickeysMom Sep 2013 #90
Wow it's that bad to defend Obama? treestar Sep 2013 #97
Apparently it is ok to support the president... Blanks Sep 2013 #100
If you think I should support the President when he pushes for things like the TPP, Maedhros Sep 2013 #168
There's always going to be issues that politicians take... Blanks Sep 2013 #199
I don't "hate" anyone. Maedhros Sep 2013 #201
This is Neo-DU. It has nothing to do with the former site known as DU. tridim Sep 2013 #104
The day "Democrat" and "Progressive" become synonyms.... beerandjesus Sep 2013 #132
Nailed it... SidDithers Sep 2013 #138
The site might be a shadow of its former self because… Efilroft Sul Sep 2013 #188
+1 n/t jaysunb Sep 2013 #206
Dubya and Unka Dick was the worse president ever,.... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2013 #28
It's only the internet. It's not the "Real World." MADem Sep 2013 #29
You got that right. Real life contains none of the cartoonish characters here who Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #108
Or people who come on a Democratic message board with a singular goal of denigrating the POTUS, day MADem Sep 2013 #111
Lots of fuzzy verbiage, but you make no point. In American politics nothing is more Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #117
You were the one who was full of fuzzy verbiage in your remarks to me. MADem Sep 2013 #123
Interesting phrasing you've got there. enlightenment Sep 2013 #155
No--I am using the faux baseline provided to me by the other party. MADem Sep 2013 #164
Reminds me of the pictures of Dubya cheerleading.... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2013 #189
So Obama haters are just the Internet huh. Tiredofthesame Sep 2013 #118
No, thanks. I have a life. MADem Sep 2013 #122
So the implication of people who Tiredofthesame Sep 2013 #130
Obviously, if the Democratic Party, of which POTUS is leader, took a "right turn" in your mind, then MADem Sep 2013 #167
Not just my mind MAD. Tiredofthesame Sep 2013 #170
I'd have to care, and I don't. MADem Sep 2013 #171
Throwing around the TOS like I did anything wrong. Typical Tiredofthesame Sep 2013 #173
Who said you did anything wrong? If you're feeling guilty, that's your own issues at work. MADem Sep 2013 #175
Well it's quite clear you or I will never make any headway Tiredofthesame Sep 2013 #177
put the Rabbit Hole folk on Ignore, Manny Skittles Sep 2013 #30
Maybe it was Precisely Sep 2013 #31
Don't click this link: MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #33
+1000000 woo me with science Sep 2013 #86
I don't know if you read it, Manny but this is a great rebuttal against the NSA by John Gilmore. Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #32
Thanks. I agree heartily. nt MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #34
And even if official actions were scrupulously "by the book"... dougolat Sep 2013 #71
Thank you for posting this. nt woo me with science Sep 2013 #87
As we used to say in the old days, Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #36
K & R Lonr Sep 2013 #37
Why don't you just reply to the person who told you that? Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #40
There's a lot of OPs you could post this exact same reply in. cui bono Sep 2013 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #53
It's just odd Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #54
Pot. Kettle. Black. n/t PoliticAverse Sep 2013 #61
So?? What would be so objectionable about it if he did want attention. JDPriestly Sep 2013 #65
It wasn't so much a "reply", as Manny said it was a post out of the blue Fumesucker Sep 2013 #76
He's pissed tavalon Sep 2013 #55
+1 treestar Sep 2013 #98
This is an "all hands on deck" post Bobbie Jo Sep 2013 #99
+1,000 ... it's EXACTLY like that. nt MADem Sep 2013 #114
Angry OPs are a more effective grease for the DU Outrage Machine. JoePhilly Sep 2013 #121
Manny? Attention? Pshaw... SidDithers Sep 2013 #141
It's not like that at all... ElboRuum Sep 2013 #204
From gun grabbing to spying some folks want the govt to have more power over us The Straight Story Sep 2013 #42
there are a lot of people dissatisfied with the government. We are going to see more and more liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #43
There is a difference between accepting The Straight Story Sep 2013 #48
Believe me I'm with you, but like many times all through out history things always get worse liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #49
OK The Straight Story Sep 2013 #62
that's what registries are for. If you dad leaves you a gun you would simply inform the liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #67
When other countries start to boycott US tourism dgibby Sep 2013 #129
Gun grabbers? Who? Name names, please. Orrex Sep 2013 #101
Nobody is taking your precious. Nt. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #136
Don't own one. But there are those, even here, who want to see only govt with them The Straight Story Sep 2013 #139
Nobody is taking your precious. nt. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #143
Yep, we need transparency. Once we let a small erosion get by, the landslide will begin. juajen Sep 2013 #45
Manny, until about six months ago, I hadn't really noticed you tavalon Sep 2013 #51
like any criticism is gratuitous, done out of some perverted need or sheer boredom MisterP Sep 2013 #60
Word. whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #63
Secret spying on Americans and secretly negotiated trade agreements like the TPP... AdHocSolver Sep 2013 #64
Agreed - Democracy Is Dead cantbeserious Sep 2013 #68
"I got a lot of problems with you people!" Scurrilous Sep 2013 #69
You have to remember this is the same country that refuses background check on firearms purchase. gordianot Sep 2013 #72
They don't speak for everyone Generic Other Sep 2013 #75
Yea, i am sure many there and at simular would like it to be a non-issue........... nolabels Sep 2013 #78
You are so right, Manny. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #79
Sock puppets being sock puppets. Ignore them, Manny! blkmusclmachine Sep 2013 #80
What happened to "Third Way Manny"? Skidmore Sep 2013 #82
This is First Way Manny in this thread. n/t backscatter712 Sep 2013 #146
I see. Skidmore Sep 2013 #151
Thanks, Manny, for trying to raise awareness. Don't give up.... truth2power Sep 2013 #83
+10000000000 woo me with science Sep 2013 #88
this is a issue for them Because Obama! KG Sep 2013 #91
But Obama1!1!! Bobbie Jo Sep 2013 #106
You are one of the funniest of your company, it is the deadpan aggression and the Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #115
Apparently Bobbie Jo Sep 2013 #128
Hear, hear! k&r n/t Laelth Sep 2013 #92
Yeah, but what ya gonna do? GalaxyHunter Sep 2013 #102
I'm with you completely on this issue.... BlueJac Sep 2013 #107
Kick. Agschmid Sep 2013 #109
Word harun Sep 2013 #110
Exactly !!! - K & R !!! WillyT Sep 2013 #112
K&R for pissing off all the RIGHT people! Rex Sep 2013 #119
Lol, so true. NealK Sep 2013 #191
See yah, n/t intaglio Sep 2013 #120
What kills is the apparent thought it's helpful politically. DirkGently Sep 2013 #124
Couldn't agree more! beerandjesus Sep 2013 #172
They are star struck Manny, they can't see anything else. Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #125
Loony toons abound. unhappycamper Sep 2013 #126
I find them all to be rather amusing weaklings stupidicus Sep 2013 #127
You aren't fixated, Manny, you're paying attention and clueing us in. Thankyou. marble falls Sep 2013 #131
Peasants should not be questioning the actions of our wealthy, wise, and, glorious leaders. Zorra Sep 2013 #135
Which Manny is this?... SidDithers Sep 2013 #137
I believe it would be American Manny. Efilroft Sul Sep 2013 #140
Rand Paul is American too... SidDithers Sep 2013 #142
Ergo, all Americans are Paulites MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #147
No, but neither are all opinions valid, just because they come from Americans... SidDithers Sep 2013 #149
I disagree. zappaman Sep 2013 #158
Yes. Indeed. Agreed Taverner Sep 2013 #144
K&R! Fuck the Stasi apologists! n/t backscatter712 Sep 2013 #145
Yup, those BOGistas, rabbit-hole, sock puppet, amusing weakling, star struck, Stasi apologists ProSense Sep 2013 #152
What I find interesting is that the Group made themselves a safe haven sanctuary where they are rhett o rick Sep 2013 #153
Did you not notice who is doing the complaining in the OP?... SidDithers Sep 2013 #154
Irony -- or the bubble -- is lost, I fear! nt MADem Sep 2013 #176
more hate stonecutter357 Sep 2013 #156
many forms of crazy spanone Sep 2013 #174
Taking names and bullying is encouraged here. Eddie Haskell Sep 2013 #178
Subject-line-teaser & you are not quitting the forum Kolesar Sep 2013 #180
Obsession, by Manny Goldstein andtheBeast Sep 2013 #182
You're back! NealK Sep 2013 #195
Welcome to DU Vanje Sep 2013 #198
Welcome to DU! Fumesucker Sep 2013 #221
Thank you for posting this, Manny! Th1onein Sep 2013 #186
Gonna quote "Inherit the Wind" on this SleeplessinSoCal Sep 2013 #187
318 recs. Top of the Greatest Page. woo me with science Sep 2013 #190
Great post, Manny MissDeeds Sep 2013 #192
+1 nt Poll_Blind Sep 2013 #193
K&R NealK Sep 2013 #197
Huge K/R 840high Sep 2013 #200
MUST. LINK. TO. THREAD! Was it a crazy or was it crazies? JaneyVee Sep 2013 #203
I'll PM it to you. MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #208
Just the plain facts bvar22 Sep 2013 #205
... SidDithers Sep 2013 #209
kick. that nsa spying crap is wrong Liberal_in_LA Sep 2013 #212
356 recs RetroLounge Sep 2013 #213
I like this post so much I'm going to kick it again. Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #214
GG's lack of ground breaking reveals is what's disturbing to me. joshcryer Sep 2013 #216
kick woo me with science Sep 2013 #217
360 Recs. woo me with science Sep 2013 #218
lol, they've always collected data on people and they always will. okieinpain Sep 2013 #225
Well fuck that Go Vols Sep 2013 #227
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