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Thu Sep 19, 2013, 02:33 PM Sep 2013

Why do you own the car you do? [View all]

What drove you to buy the car you use for your primary transportation? New or used, makes no difference.

32 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
I chose my car because it is economical to drive. Example: VW diesel at 50 mpg.
4 (13%)
I chose my car because to my eye it is beautiful to behold. Example: And early XKE.
3 (9%)
I chose my car because it is very reliable. Example: Any modern Honda.
5 (16%)
I chose my car because it has every gadget known to man. Example: Fully loaded Cadillac.
0 (0%)
I chose my car because it is very roomy and comfortable. Example: Full sized SUV
3 (9%)
I chose my car because of its high performance. Example: Corvette or an exotic from Europe or Japan
3 (9%)
I chose my car because of its initial price. Example: Used Hyundai.
3 (9%)
I chose my car because of its ability to get about in bad conditions. Example, 4-wheel-drive Subaru or Audi
3 (9%)
I chose the car because of its snob appeal. Example: Top end Lexus
1 (3%)
I chose my car for another reason, I'll explain below. Example: Grandmaw gave me her old Buick
7 (22%)
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Why do you own the car you do? [View all] 1-Old-Man Sep 2013 OP
With three kids in sharp_stick Sep 2013 #1
A combination yesphan Sep 2013 #2
same here northoftheborder Sep 2013 #13
I chose my car because I was broke and desperate. bunnies Sep 2013 #3
we do lots of off road camping and such.... mike_c Sep 2013 #4
I voted for 1, but it's a combination of 1 and3 NV Whino Sep 2013 #5
1999 Ford Explorer, V-6 automatic. furious Sep 2013 #6
Pick-up truck - union built in the US pintobean Sep 2013 #7
Other Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #8
Yummy :) n/t Aerows Sep 2013 #55
I always had a sedan or coupe and just thought it would be different to have an SUV liberal N proud Sep 2013 #9
Both my 1999 Saturn and 1991Subaru are reliable, get great gas mileage, and sinkingfeeling Sep 2013 #10
It was the only one I could afford. gopiscrap Sep 2013 #11
I have a Ford Taurus station wagon. RebelOne Sep 2013 #12
I chose my car for a number of reasons.... ohheckyeah Sep 2013 #14
Honda Civic. Good mpg, reliable. NuclearDem Sep 2013 #15
I chose my Prius when they were first available because I wanted to support the cbayer Sep 2013 #16
Other tabbycat31 Sep 2013 #17
Dad always taught me that the worst investment you could make eissa Sep 2013 #18
Dad's right - pay cash and buy used. Aerows Sep 2013 #79
Well, I always buy new. And love it. And then people like you have used cars available! n-t Logical Sep 2013 #108
single, 26, I bought a Mustang. GalaxyHunter Sep 2013 #19
Depends on the car. beevul Sep 2013 #20
We traveled a lot when the boys were younger and our van could carry us and our luggage comfortably. 11 Bravo Sep 2013 #21
We did just that in January. Bought a class A 34ft with 3 slides. Bought a mini cooper to pull SammyWinstonJack Sep 2013 #110
I love my mini cooper! tosh Sep 2013 #112
I chose my car because it happened............ wandy Sep 2013 #22
I own a minivan because I haul kids and sports equipment and dogs. I own the minivan I do because Brickbat Sep 2013 #23
I own all my vehicles for specific reasons, they're all reliable, one is safe & Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #24
Used volvo PowerToThePeople Sep 2013 #25
It's paid for. tavernier Sep 2013 #26
Yup, that is the important thing. RebelOne Sep 2013 #70
Yeah, duh... tavernier Sep 2013 #80
You can still have a dream car Aerows Sep 2013 #84
Pass/Other. Live in NYC, don't own a car, use ZipCar when I need one... stevenleser Sep 2013 #27
Toyota FJ Cruiser - 'cause it's beautiful telclaven Sep 2013 #28
Volvo XC70 -- safety for kid aikoaiko Sep 2013 #29
I chose to get rid of my car because living in a city with good public Luminous Animal Sep 2013 #30
I choose a pick up truck because it's practical. (n/t) spin Sep 2013 #31
Tail fins. Throd Sep 2013 #32
Ha! I had a '57 Plymouth Savoy in college ..... oldhippie Sep 2013 #47
I bought the car for someone else, it still runs good, low miles, so I "took it back" MADem Sep 2013 #33
Need a car Half-Century Man Sep 2013 #34
I chose my car because I live in a fucked up automobile culture that forces me to have one. hunter Sep 2013 #35
Mercury Grand Marquis Go Vols Sep 2013 #36
Are you related to me? Aerows Sep 2013 #85
I chose my car because MuseRider Sep 2013 #37
Which one? Link Speed Sep 2013 #38
'72 Triumph Spitfire Aerows Sep 2013 #78
We do not buy we lease Bunnahabhain Sep 2013 #39
Do they put marketing decals on their loaners? ecstatic Sep 2013 #97
Not really Bunnahabhain Sep 2013 #117
Other: because I am a cheap bastard. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2013 #40
More than one reason. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2013 #41
Wow, you wrote that first answer exactly for me! Lee-Lee Sep 2013 #42
Tomorrow it will have been one month madokie Sep 2013 #43
3 and 6 JustAnotherGen Sep 2013 #44
Other - toyota Tacoma to help me haul my gardening supplies and easy to stick kayaks into NRaleighLiberal Sep 2013 #45
'72 Chevy Blazer. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #46
Reliability for me ..... oldhippie Sep 2013 #48
The two vehicles we own were cheap and will do the jobs we needed csziggy Sep 2013 #49
Dude owed me money. nt rrneck Sep 2013 #50
Other: Broken_Hero Sep 2013 #51
My Ford Escape was made by American union workers. sufrommich Sep 2013 #52
Over-all ability to suit a variety of needs TheCowsCameHome Sep 2013 #53
Because I like to drive it and I could afford it. upaloopa Sep 2013 #54
Red 2013 C7 because it's made in America, gets 29 mgp, I'm in my 70's, and it's fun. AnotherMcIntosh Sep 2013 #56
Dad gave me his car when we finally persuaded him to stop driving Freddie Sep 2013 #57
I inherited my 2002 Honda Accord stuckinodi Sep 2013 #58
2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Lizzie Poppet Sep 2013 #59
Not my cup of tea Aerows Sep 2013 #64
'Zackly! Lizzie Poppet Sep 2013 #73
She's pretty Aerows Sep 2013 #77
i fell in love with the first fiat abarth zagato double bubble coupe... madrchsod Sep 2013 #100
I remember those cars, they sure were good looking. But then the 124 and the Dino were beautiful 1-Old-Man Sep 2013 #118
Never seen one of those "in the flesh." Lizzie Poppet Sep 2013 #119
It's cute shanti Sep 2013 #104
I hear you. Lizzie Poppet Sep 2013 #120
bought it when we had four kids --two teenaged boys Maeve Sep 2013 #60
I chose it because of reasons 2-6 and 8 Boom Sound 416 Sep 2013 #61
Ford Ranger 2000/1 Starry Messenger Sep 2013 #62
It's red, it's hot and it's fast Aerows Sep 2013 #63
Silver works too: 1-Old-Man Sep 2013 #65
Sexy cars, lovely women Aerows Sep 2013 #75
What kind of car is that? kwassa Sep 2013 #103
NSX, 1993 1-Old-Man Sep 2013 #111
I bought a new Toyota Rav4 today. Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2013 #66
We have a hybrid for city driving nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #67
We inherited our vehicle when my father purchased a new car... Earth_First Sep 2013 #68
It's a small SUV with good gas mileage... a la izquierda Sep 2013 #69
Good daily drivers should be well-rounded. DirkGently Sep 2013 #71
a couple reasons PD Turk Sep 2013 #72
a combination of factors BainsBane Sep 2013 #74
Corvette aficianado Aerows Sep 2013 #76
Love my Yaris. OnionPatch Sep 2013 #81
Because my Honda Odyssey makes me look totally sexy in car pool line. Butterbean Sep 2013 #82
I love my odyssey. And the back with seats out is so nice for moving and lumber, etc. n-t Logical Sep 2013 #109
It holds my bass amp and instruments, gets 30 MPG and the seats have decent lumbar support. riqster Sep 2013 #83
Volvo four cylinder. longship Sep 2013 #86
'03 Corolla - now 265,000 miles HERVEPA Sep 2013 #87
My "car" consists of a decent bike and two good feet. And mass transit. kestrel91316 Sep 2013 #88
My parents sold me their Kia Marrah_G Sep 2013 #89
I have a ford explorer d_r Sep 2013 #90
New 2013 FOrd C-max Hybrid bhcodem Sep 2013 #91
2013 Altima, upgraded from 2007 model. Initech Sep 2013 #92
535 BMW quitnesset Sep 2013 #93
It's Union Made. Robb Sep 2013 #94
because I didn't do my homework ecstatic Sep 2013 #95
Utility and reliability. riderinthestorm Sep 2013 #96
Not sure if I chose it or it chose me 2naSalit Sep 2013 #98
economical and very reliable, next vehicle will be electric/solar/non-gasoline nt steve2470 Sep 2013 #99
Where the heck is the environmental option? grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #101
I Chose My 2004 Toyota Matrix On the Road Sep 2013 #102
"Real women drive trucks" - Mira Sep 2013 #105
I own a 2006 Toyota Tacoma because it is reliable, unlike many doc03 Sep 2013 #106
I bought my car because of (in no particular order): necso Sep 2013 #107
It was the ONLY clown car for sale at the time pinboy3niner Sep 2013 #113
Combination of many things SoCalDem Sep 2013 #114
Ever try to transport 4x8 sheets of materials... 99Forever Sep 2013 #115
Other: 1, 3, and 7. nt LWolf Sep 2013 #116
We don't own a car. nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #121
I Choose My Car Because ChiciB1 Sep 2013 #122
We haves a 2001 ford ranger that we bought in 2003. Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #123
Warranty, Price, Availability, and Suitability MineralMan Sep 2013 #124
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