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9. Same crowd that brought us Iraq and Afghanistan. Truth be known, probably 9/11 as well.
Sun Sep 22, 2013, 11:29 AM
Sep 2013

PNAC never quit and they never will.

I am so sick of McCain/Graham, Kristol and group. Don't ever turn your back on them because they will never quit trying.

I trust Netanyahu and the Israelis as far as I can throw them.

Bill Maher's right - the U.S. has become the George Zimmermann of international affairs. backscatter712 Sep 2013 #1
Thst is a sad FN libodem Sep 2013 #4
Bingo Berlum Sep 2013 #16
The Zimmermann analogy is off because Zimmerman didn't get campaign contributions, jobs for AnotherMcIntosh Sep 2013 #49
over a million by some estimates. yurbud Sep 2013 #66
Not a penny in CAMPAIGN contributions. Campaign contributions are given to office seekers who ARE AnotherMcIntosh Sep 2013 #77
When it come to Bush/Cheney and warmongers in general, any analogy should have the disclaimer: yurbud Sep 2013 #68
Or wits. :) BlueMTexpat Sep 2013 #95
But he DID get contributions.. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2013 #76
They are lost and as outdated as their fear-clutched "binkies" are getting taken away. libdem4life Sep 2013 #2
Did anyone else watch the Charlie Rose int'w w/Ehud Barak? Wants Obama to bomb Iran without leveymg Sep 2013 #3
Yes , and the very ideas are insane and if implemented, would be criminal, literally. n/t Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #7
That never stopped them in the past. bvar22 Sep 2013 #36
Geeze, you just reminded me of David Addington...ugh. n/t Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #53
missed it. but reading your summation, seems soooo like him to have these war mongers on the air. 2banon Sep 2013 #86
Why do we listen to anything Israel says, again? Scootaloo Sep 2013 #90
Recommend! KoKo Sep 2013 #5
They profit from war malaise Sep 2013 #6
Big K&R nt riderinthestorm Sep 2013 #8
Same crowd that brought us Iraq and Afghanistan. Truth be known, probably 9/11 as well. summerschild Sep 2013 #9
I agree one thousand Duval Sep 2013 #87
Democracy is the enemy of the Petrodollar Sheikhdoms... Octafish Sep 2013 #10
The GOP is trying to destroy this country Cryptoad Sep 2013 #11
Not true. RC Sep 2013 #12
Enjoy your serfdom! nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #14
What serfdom? RC Sep 2013 #15
It seems to be his new mantra. Not sure why he keeps repeating it, or if he knows why either. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #18
Don't ya know Obama's PURE! Phlem Sep 2013 #22
It's the Third Way, New Dem theme song. Fuddnik Sep 2013 #62
Oh, I get it. RC Sep 2013 #64
Life is pretty darned exciting right before you enter a black hole. BlueStreak Sep 2013 #94
Serfdom for all is coming after Obama signs the TPP Phlem Sep 2013 #24
I'll bet you're sorry Cartoonist Sep 2013 #20
OMG Phlem Sep 2013 #23
Excuse me Cartoonist Sep 2013 #25
You mean this kind of positive? Phlem Sep 2013 #28
Was I talking to you? Cartoonist Sep 2013 #32
Ah a link to Conservative Democrat, makes perfect sense. Phlem Sep 2013 #33
You make the same mistake Cartoonist Sep 2013 #40
OOOO good one! Phlem Sep 2013 #42
I'm not stalling Cartoonist Sep 2013 #47
Bombing people because they're getting gassed by their leader is wrong. Period. Phlem Sep 2013 #56
Oh and since this is a pissing contest Phlem Sep 2013 #45
"Cartoonist" is the perfect Screen Name for someone... bvar22 Sep 2013 #37
F&F Cartoonist Sep 2013 #41
No. I was citing fantasies like this: bvar22 Sep 2013 #44
Sarcasm, look it up. Cartoonist Sep 2013 #50
Oh, I see what your problem is. bvar22 Sep 2013 #55
My problem? Cartoonist Sep 2013 #79
Can't refute anything in my post so you resort to attacking the messenger? RC Sep 2013 #58
Valid points, still . . . Cartoonist Sep 2013 #83
But there is a difference between parties. RC Sep 2013 #84
+1 deutsey Sep 2013 #91
this IS satire, right? Skittles Sep 2013 #71
I hope to see the end of corporatism. dotymed Sep 2013 #92
Obama's been a-bedding the GOP? independentpiney Sep 2013 #59
aiding and a bedding? treestar Sep 2013 #69
It sounds like what I was looking for. RC Sep 2013 #72
abetting treestar Sep 2013 #73
Yeah, that's it, a pun. RC Sep 2013 #74
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2013 #27
Thank you MIRT!!!!! uppityperson Sep 2013 #29
K&R! Enthusiast Sep 2013 #13
They never quit. But as Brzezinsky recently pointed out, it is becoming sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #17
Sure, what good is a military-industrial complex without an enemy? thesquanderer Sep 2013 #19
This parallels the Republican strategy on the ACA. GoneFishin Sep 2013 #21
Who knew ProSense Sep 2013 #26
Worse, it is disaster colonialism. Festivito Sep 2013 #30
I have constantly repeated this point over the last months. Thanks for this thread! Democracyinkind Sep 2013 #31
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #34
Now there's a spectacularly stupid conspiracy theory. Donald Ian Rankin Sep 2013 #35
And just because you label this speculation as "utterly absurd"... bvar22 Sep 2013 #38
Which part do you disagree with Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #39
In God We Trust polynomial Sep 2013 #43
Yes, it IS wonderful that Obama did not bomb Syria. Maedhros Sep 2013 #54
"In God We Trust" ? 2banon Sep 2013 #85
K&R! Phlem Sep 2013 #46
well that was part of it IMO however it was also supposed to be a show of strength azurnoir Sep 2013 #48
A bully beating up on a weak kid is supposed to scare Russia? davidn3600 Sep 2013 #51
Yes, I'm afraid so. Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #52
;somehow I don't it's quite over yet azurnoir Sep 2013 #93
Hey Kpete Phlem Sep 2013 #57
Some of us here at DU were quite outspoken abt the Iran conncetion. truedelphi Sep 2013 #60
They are TRAITORS. DeSwiss Sep 2013 #61
Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. Fuddnik Sep 2013 #63
WTF? Anyone who mentions a proxy war with Iran jazzimov Sep 2013 #65
The Supreme Leader in Iran came out with a Fatwa (religious) decree against Iran developing Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #70
good point gopiscrap Sep 2013 #67
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Sep 2013 #75
makes a lot of sense yellowwoodII Sep 2013 #78
Yep. jsr Sep 2013 #80
Kick And Recommend cantbeserious Sep 2013 #81
They won't be satisfied until the whole damn Middle East is under flames. Initech Sep 2013 #82
Great post kpete, as always! n/t Duval Sep 2013 #88
I feel that President Obama should be considered the best US President ever SaveAmerica Sep 2013 #89
Thinking back, although the phrase "red line" BlueMTexpat Sep 2013 #96
K&R woo me with science Sep 2013 #97
kick woo me with science Sep 2013 #98
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