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254. Yes Manny
Wed Sep 25, 2013, 01:24 AM
Sep 2013

As I posted earlier in the thread (#16):

Either the working poor are helped or they are not.

The rest is just hot air.

With current Democratic politics, you are permitted social equality if you are gay, black, brown, or female, but a sizable population must pay a fee to do it. Such is the mindset of the tycoons. A fee must be paid for every just about everything it seems. Political "automatic teller machines" (ATM).

In Democratic politics it is known as the Grand Bargain, or as the TPP, or as legal immunity for financial moguls. It is the compromise of the self described "pragmatists". It is the argument from the "center".

In reality, social issues are the bargaining chips that the wealthy elite wield for no other purpose than that they are bargaining chips. They are the ransom. In effect, we collectively purchase our freedoms. It won't be long until we purchase the air we breathe as well.

Beautifully written JustAnotherGen Sep 2013 #1
Thank You, Ma'am The Magistrate Sep 2013 #4
-1 GeorgeGist Sep 2013 #6
I was going to highlight the second paragraph as well. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #21
As usual, we are *here* I highlighted that exact same passage from the OP Number23 Sep 2013 #162
getting people to change their minds is always tough hfojvt Sep 2013 #2
That Is True, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #7
Centrist Reagan Democrats & DLCers SUCK leftstreet Sep 2013 #3
'Reagan Democrats', Sir, Are Republicans.... The Magistrate Sep 2013 #8
Correct. When are they going home? leftstreet Sep 2013 #14
Someone Once Said, Sir 'A Savage Converted To Christianity Is Christianity Converted To Savagery' The Magistrate Sep 2013 #19
Indeed leftstreet Sep 2013 #26
"Be Realistic. Demand the Impossible." Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #5
Cute, Sir, But We Both Know It Is Just A Bit Of 'Feels-Good' Noise.... The Magistrate Sep 2013 #10
I was actually trying to somewhat supplement your post ... Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #13
I Apologize For Mistaking Your Meaning, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #15
ODS! ODS! ODS! beerandjesus Sep 2013 #18
No problem, sir. I should have clarified in my original post. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #24
Republicans follow this tactic, and they get a lot of what they want. tblue37 Sep 2013 #28
Absolutely agreed. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #38
Awesome analogy riqster Sep 2013 #9
80% of Lefties support this POTUS. Rex Sep 2013 #11
We always hear that but truebluegreen Sep 2013 #181
The percentage never changes. Vanje Sep 2013 #196
Yep. truebluegreen Sep 2013 #215
Do you support the President's kill list? Or drone strikes that kill kids? R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #253
And it never changes....nt truebluegreen Sep 2013 #273
That's bullshit. Of course when some MSM pollster asks me if I support Obama I will say yes eridani Sep 2013 #266
Well stated mcar Sep 2013 #12
Either the working poor are helped or they are not. mick063 Sep 2013 #16
^^ This. Labels matter far less than intent and action. n/t winter is coming Sep 2013 #33
I Sympathize With Your View, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #39
I would argue that the center/right needs to accept that the left represents the majority view of grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #17
There May Be Something To That, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #31
In a way it means that the 'progressive left" would better be referred to as centrists, and the grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #37
+1 leftstreet Sep 2013 #35
So, if the majority view of the country as a whole is better represented by "the left" as opposed winter is coming Sep 2013 #48
Depends on the issue: grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #90
K & R Scurrilous Sep 2013 #20
KnR. I posted something along these lines in another thread last night: tblue37 Sep 2013 #22
Very well said. nt sufrommich Sep 2013 #23
K&R - nt Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #25
mote, eye, beam, etc.. cthulu2016 Sep 2013 #27
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #29
At root are the failings of a two part duopoly political system compared to multi-party systems. nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2013 #30
That Is A Solid Point, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #34
Disproportionate power to small fringe parties ... JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2013 #267
I am far left ideologically, but when it comes to STRATEGY, I realize progress happens incrementally KittyWampus Sep 2013 #32
"Agitators" Vanje Sep 2013 #58
That's what they called us when we spoke out against the Vietnam War. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #264
A lively agitator Vanje Sep 2013 #305
Representing majority American opinion is now 'agitating?' leftstreet Sep 2013 #64
And you take the 'long view'? Kitty, you advocated 'civil unions are as good as marriage' Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #67
Whoa. Vanje Sep 2013 #73
You didn't post the entire thing. Nor did you or the agitator above post what my views were in FULL KittyWampus Sep 2013 #96
I posted the link so that everyone can very easily see the context. Vanje Sep 2013 #99
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #105
Civil Unions for everyone" Vanje Sep 2013 #111
Another example of creating a wedge within the DEM Party about gay rights. DontTreadOnMe Sep 2013 #133
Dont tell me. Lemme guess...... Vanje Sep 2013 #134
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #136
...so I gather, from looking at your transparency page Vanje Sep 2013 #142
"crap flinger"??? Is that what you call agitators when they show your true colors? R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #255
Ugh Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #79
But it's just pragmatism and taking the long view! Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #83
I think Martin Luther King should have advocated for Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #103
Amazing, you must look up stuff about any DU'er you don't like or disagree with. It's sick, really. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #109
I have a memory, so all of your name calling is just your anger at being a known entity Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #122
This Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #123
People can arrive at the same place at different times, Abraham Lincoln's views as President Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #185
A Good Point, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #187
Absolutely. His approach to the issue of emancipation is a prime example. Adsos Letter Sep 2013 #208
That Was, Sir, A High Point Of The Democratic Art, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #245
You're right Vanje Sep 2013 #193
To this I defer to Yogi Berra Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #194
Its NEVER over. Vanje Sep 2013 #197
Then when progress is made Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #199
Yes Vanje Sep 2013 #201
The former can become the latter, Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #204
Honey. I know it works. Vanje Sep 2013 #207
That's when you need it the most to Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #211
Recent friendly overture- Vanje Sep 2013 #222
There are four elements Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #231
You're reasonable, and exactly right Vanje Sep 2013 #224
In This Sort Of Thing, Sir, I Prefer The Magistrate Sep 2013 #198
Yes sir, Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #202
These are the lies that the left <<< the real Dems, have to put up with all the time. R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #256
Don't confuse knowing how to use Google with stalking DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2013 #216
not stalking per se but arely staircase Sep 2013 #274
What, you mean civil unions for everyone? Yeah, I'm the awful person. LOL KittyWampus Sep 2013 #95
As long as you admit it Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #101
yes, I advocated Civil Unions for EVERYONE. Gay and straight. And too bad you didn't bother KittyWampus Sep 2013 #93
Are YOU married? Vanje Sep 2013 #100
As I posted up-thread, I posted about my experience years ago. And since you & the other person KittyWampus Sep 2013 #107
It Is An Easily Misunderstood Position, Ma'am The Magistrate Sep 2013 #106
Old joke from my grandmother> Why does the fool keep banging his head on the wall? KittyWampus Sep 2013 #112
Understandable Vanje Sep 2013 #116
if I had a life, I'd go through your posts and throw some of them in your face along w/your buddy. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #118
+1 treestar Sep 2013 #148
Oh, no doubt. Bluenorthwest called YOU out in a thread you weren't even in >>> KittyWampus Sep 2013 #246
Yep. Plus the standard for "homophobic" is absurd. treestar Sep 2013 #278
we've been looking at the "long view" for thirty years now frylock Sep 2013 #126
"far-left"? Thanks for the laugh! Far-left don't compromise when it comes to Universal Human Rights. idwiyo Sep 2013 #219
In this country the "far left" label means those considered middle road I believe in your country. Dragonfli Sep 2013 #252
We are just goal orientated and results driven. grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #303
You are talking about... RedFury Sep 2013 #310
The tactic of supporting Team Democratic regardless of the position that team Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #36
This country and it's politics does not revolve sufrommich Sep 2013 #40
The think the DU factions are an echo Vanje Sep 2013 #77
"hostilities will continue"- as far as I'm concerned you just outed yourself and your intent. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #42
outed myself as what? A person with actual principles? Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #46
No, a person only interested in being hostile. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #97
You're quite hostile. Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #104
Oh for fuck's sake. The hostility here and elsewhere within the Democratic Party Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #137
Funny thing is, a lot of people simply reject as untrue your personal belief that Obama is a geek tragedy Sep 2013 #163
A lot of people once thought the Sun revolved around a fixed Earth Vanje Sep 2013 #200
Must be rough to know everything and never geek tragedy Sep 2013 #283
Gettn that out of your system.... Vanje Sep 2013 #304
I didn't realize that conceding that the other person geek tragedy Sep 2013 #306
^^^This! Fekking This!^^^ R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #258
You've already been outed as being a fabrication of a left leaning Dem. R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #257
Hostility is not a sign of principles nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #164
The beatings will continue until morale improves. Autumn Sep 2013 #43
I Do Not Think That Is What Is Happening, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #44
I disagree. I think they are way to the right of most of the party and trying to pull Mojorabbit Sep 2013 #63
And you would be spot on in that analysis. Skidmore Sep 2013 #78
If you know of another team that has a chance of getting something done, let us know. randome Sep 2013 #57
It is a big tent treestar Sep 2013 #149
that's a hoot coming from you. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #150
That is just ad hominem treestar Sep 2013 #151
Ad Hominum? Not you! Vanje Sep 2013 #205
I didn't call you anything treestar Sep 2013 #210
Quiet, you! You have plenty of rights! QC Sep 2013 #289
I asked her for an apology the other day for that Puglover Sep 2013 #318
That is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen posted on DU. QC Sep 2013 #325
You weren't kidding with your threat to engage in 'hostilties' towards partisan Democrats. nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #161
Allying with people includes Vanje Sep 2013 #203
"the hostilities will continue" until people stop disagreeing with you geek tragedy Sep 2013 #160
Well now this is a rare sight on DU! JNelson6563 Sep 2013 #41
Interesting points LondonReign2 Sep 2013 #45
Regarding Your Points, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #66
Politics it the art of compromise question everything Sep 2013 #47
The rest of that quote is telling too... stevenleser Sep 2013 #50
Thank you for the addition question everything Sep 2013 #53
Spot on Vanje Sep 2013 #68
Sadly, the country has shifted question everything Sep 2013 #250
68? The primary in which the Party favorite was gunned down prior to convention? Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #72
Yes, '68 was a terrible year for Democrats and the Nixon machine question everything Sep 2013 #152
What an insipid response. Dripping with arrogance and contempt. Seriously shitty rhetoric. Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #170
I have never "alerted" that a post is hurtful, etc. and should be removed question everything Sep 2013 #249
"...come to take what began as deliberate exaggerations for effect to be statements of fact..." SunSeeker Sep 2013 #49
Kick & Rec BklnDem75 Sep 2013 #51
This exquisite exercise in logic ought to be pinned to the top of GD. stevenleser Sep 2013 #52
It's a Recession when your neighbor is unemployed, a Depression when you're unemployed.... Junkdrawer Sep 2013 #54
"I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a democrat." Ishoutandscream2 Sep 2013 #55
mostly agree bigtree Sep 2013 #56
Emotions Certainly Must be Roused, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #290
I read you loud and clear Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #59
"mounds of spice and little else" panader0 Sep 2013 #60
+a nanallion Cryptoad Sep 2013 #61
This is well-written, but please allow me to summarize DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2013 #62
With all due respect sir, SomethingFishy Sep 2013 #65
I Consider Myself, Sir, A Leftist, and Address Myself To Fellow Leftists The Magistrate Sep 2013 #69
Hmmm.. Ok that wasn't clear to me in the OP.. SomethingFishy Sep 2013 #70
No Need To Apologize, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #71
I consider myself to be slightly more handsome than Brad Pitt. Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #82
No Idea, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #84
I think you unintentionally hit on something there. Beauty and "who is left enough" are both stevenleser Sep 2013 #85
Everyonehere seems to describe themselves as Left Vanje Sep 2013 #98
And Standards Can Very Locally, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #120
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #165
Indeed, Sir: Your Wit Went Right Over My Head, With A Perceptible 'Whoosh'.... The Magistrate Sep 2013 #169
I don't claim to know your views better than you do, I am just not assuming that your Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #178
Just Advancing To Claiming You Know My Inner Self Better Than I Do, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #180
All of you who claim others aren't "progressive enough" are claiming you know them. You really dont stevenleser Sep 2013 #212
To see an excellent example of why civil discourse isn't going to happen, take a look at some of the JoeyT Sep 2013 #74
Posts from The Other Direction Could Be Adduced From The Above As Well, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #76
Oh good lord yes. JoeyT Sep 2013 #186
I understand your point Joey, but would argue that posts such as the OP here are civil discourse. bluesbassman Sep 2013 #87
Hot damn! BumRushDaShow Sep 2013 #75
I agree in general. H2O Man Sep 2013 #80
An Excellent Analysis, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #81
I would agree, however... kentuck Sep 2013 #88
Well..then those of us in the ACTIVIST LEFT are by standards of yours KoKo Sep 2013 #237
I've edited above post, several times...in anger. n/t KoKo Sep 2013 #240
I also agree in general H2O Man Sep 2013 #286
Thanks for sharing update of what's been going on in your area... KoKo Sep 2013 #309
Recc'd. Thanks for being civil Vanje Sep 2013 #86
The whole "Left v. Right" motif is becoming increasingly obsolete 99th_Monkey Sep 2013 #89
Some very good points, but I strongly disagree BelgianMadCow Sep 2013 #91
I Appreciate Your Comment, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #94
It's interesting your bring up revolution BelgianMadCow Sep 2013 #113
In My View, Sir, 'Working Outside The System' Is Revolution The Magistrate Sep 2013 #117
The Memoranda of Understanding are sufficient to see that indeed, Europe isn't a democracy BelgianMadCow Sep 2013 #119
It Was Greece I Had Particularly In Mind, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #121
Discourse, diplomacy, discussion, dialogue...reasons I became a proud Liberal Left-wing Democrat. libdem4life Sep 2013 #92
This ProSense Sep 2013 #102
It is noteable that you speak of "The Left" and "progressive people"... bvar22 Sep 2013 #108
Notable To Me, Sir, Is The Instinct For The Capillary You Display In The Pretext You Take For Anger The Magistrate Sep 2013 #114
And it is notable to me that you choose diversion... bvar22 Sep 2013 #124
You Would Have To Have Made A Point, Sir, To Require Rebuttal The Magistrate Sep 2013 #127
....And now we have blind denial, bvar22 Sep 2013 #143
Then By All Means, Sir, You Tell Yourself You Have Proved Me Neither Leftist Nor Progressive.... The Magistrate Sep 2013 #145
What a cowardly response. U4ikLefty Sep 2013 #206
Thank You For The Laugh, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #209
There you go again, pointing out facts. Efilroft Sul Sep 2013 #238
Well done. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #268
The New Democratic/Republican Dynamic colsohlibgal Sep 2013 #110
it certainly is a good idea to keep in mind just how reactionary the current political culture is Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #115
Sir Hekate Sep 2013 #125
"First, it has to be acknowledged"... ljm2002 Sep 2013 #128
A-freakin'-men! dgibby Sep 2013 #129
As Observed Nearby, Sir, Above The Magistrate Sep 2013 #130
Historically, the faction that 'bolts" time and time again is the center-right faction. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #131
There Have Been Two Sizeable 'Center-Right' Bolts, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #139
I don't see anything but conjecture and characterization in your post. Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #156
What You Cannot See, Sir, Is Neither My Problem Nor My Concern The Magistrate Sep 2013 #171
Your assertions fail. It is those to the right who bolt the Party, as Warren said. Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #182
Three Well Known Examples of Left Bolt Were Presented, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #184
I do not disagree... ljm2002 Sep 2013 #132
+1 idwiyo Sep 2013 #221
I'm not sure what it means to be a Democrat Jeff In Milwaukee Sep 2013 #135
Indeed, Sir: The World Is an Intricate And Complex Place The Magistrate Sep 2013 #140
If they oppose 'gay marriage' they are bigoted fuckwads, Party affiliation is moot. Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #153
Ted Cruz Vanje Sep 2013 #172
I'm a creature of hyperbole and here to recommend this post. hunter Sep 2013 #138
With all due respect - fuck pragmatism. TBF Sep 2013 #141
I Agree We Need To Fight, Ma'am The Magistrate Sep 2013 #144
It's not clear to me that the conservative Democrats are fighting very hard. They like to compromise rhett o rick Sep 2013 #146
I Expect The Senate Will Hold On This, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #147
It's not clear to me that they're fighting at all. At least for the 99%. winter is coming Sep 2013 #158
I agree. nm rhett o rick Sep 2013 #233
It's "Smoke & Mirrors" and how many times have we seen this crap going on? KoKo Sep 2013 #243
Don't forget that they are entitlements because people actually ARE ENTITLED to them. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2013 #259
Very True, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #301
If any post has convinced me that the Party has left me, the OP has. mick063 Sep 2013 #154
I'm with you, Mick. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #269
"When a Democrat "moves to the center," he is adopting a conservative position Zorra Sep 2013 #155
As A Matter Of Language, Ma'am, Mr. Lakoff Is Quite Right The Magistrate Sep 2013 #167
Or, what is necessary is to move the center closer to your end, and that's what the RW has Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2013 #262
Excellent post Sir malaise Sep 2013 #157
The attempt to reason with these folks is a noble one. A complete waste of time, but noble. Number23 Sep 2013 #159
A ray of sunshine Vanje Sep 2013 #174
Would I Be Wrong, Ma'am, To Suspect You Of Indulging In Sarcasm? The Magistrate Sep 2013 #176
You would not be wrong, Sir. Vanje Sep 2013 #188
Nor Do I, Ma'am The Magistrate Sep 2013 #189
It wasn't meant to be. It was my take on what's happening and has been happening Number23 Sep 2013 #226
It Is Simply my Preference, Sir, To Bring People More Into Agreement The Magistrate Sep 2013 #232
Well I agree. I didn't attack anyone with my post. I noted that for too many on the left Number23 Sep 2013 #234
Fair Enough, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #235
Would you be in that group hug? Then I would seriously need to reconsider it Number23 Sep 2013 #179
Sir, I think you implicitly conflate left/progressive ideology with geek tragedy Sep 2013 #166
Opposing The Very Concept Of Authority, Sir, Is Certainly A Strong Strain In The Left Here Today The Magistrate Sep 2013 #168
there are a remarkable number of people on both the far right and the progressive left geek tragedy Sep 2013 #173
Indeed, Sir: There Is A Place Where Far Left And Far Right Meet And Do The Booty-Bump The Magistrate Sep 2013 #175
Elevation of ideology over fact, from climate denial to Lysenkoism, geek tragedy Sep 2013 #177
This message was self-deleted by its author Number23 Sep 2013 #183
Good one! Thanks! Humor is medicine for the Self-Righteous Syndrome. ancianita Sep 2013 #190
So where do you put Bernie Sanders in the left - right spectrum, and do you think Zorra Sep 2013 #191
I Think He Is The Best Man In The Senate, Ma'am The Magistrate Sep 2013 #192
I agree. nt Zorra Sep 2013 #195
I have to admit after years of being told if I were to vote third party I would basically be voting liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #213
That is exactly how I feel Lydia Leftcoast Sep 2013 #228
I did vote third party last year. Efilroft Sul Sep 2013 #239
This sounds to me LWolf Sep 2013 #214
Well said, LWolf. smokey nj Sep 2013 #217
I agree LWolf. liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #218
Me too.......nt Enthusiast Sep 2013 #270
... winter is coming Sep 2013 #220
+1 idwiyo Sep 2013 #230
Great post! n/t Efilroft Sul Sep 2013 #241
This. Starry Messenger Sep 2013 #263
"If they want us at the table, they have to set us a place" ljm2002 Sep 2013 #281
I used to laugh at 1960s radicals who referred to their opponents as "fascists," Lydia Leftcoast Sep 2013 #223
Your post deserves a K&R. idwiyo Sep 2013 #229
Yes it does. I'll give it a big PLUS ONE! nt Enthusiast Sep 2013 #271
Agree...and it's certainly a WAKE UP CALL...but our Dems REFUSE to see it KoKo Sep 2013 #242
The Democratic Party has moved right. It has moved left. DirkGently Sep 2013 #225
But, then, Dirk ...WHY DO THEY DO IT? KoKo Sep 2013 #244
Because what the right and the center hold most in common is they both loathe the left Fumesucker Sep 2013 #261
^^^This!^^^ whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #280
+1 idwiyo Sep 2013 #285
There Is Something To That, Sir: The Left Is The Cassandra Of Political Life Here The Magistrate Sep 2013 #292
Lately this site has been in the mainstream and the political leadership are to the right. dkf Sep 2013 #227
The president and the DC Dems are far to the right of the majority of rank-and-file Dems Doctor_J Sep 2013 #236
No One has mentioned "Citizens United Decision!" No One! KoKo Sep 2013 #313
then do something about that, or again stop lying and pandering in the Doctor_J Sep 2013 #314
We ARE Doing Something! Bill Moyers and Many Others..Partial List here: KoKo Sep 2013 #315
Welcome To The Wonderful World of Friendly Fire, Doctor The Magistrate Sep 2013 #316
After so many tit for tat posts at DU recently, I embrace this post, sir! SaveAmerica Sep 2013 #247
Two-Thirds of Americans are for Medicare for All MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #248
Yes Manny mick063 Sep 2013 #254
Those positions favored by two-thirds of Americans are being characterized as far left positions. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #272
I Agree With Every Item On Your 'Two-Thirds' List, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #276
The problem is that the Republicans exploit these inconsistencies MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #293
Here We Are In Substantial Agreement, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #300
+a gazillion! ljm2002 Sep 2013 #284
Two-Thirds of Americans fadedrose Sep 2013 #288
Also wanted to add that I'm tired of labels. I don't even know what I am anymore - SaveAmerica Sep 2013 #251
''...the only tool available at present...'' DeSwiss Sep 2013 #260
+1 whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #282
If Your Point, Sir, Is That Our Political System Functions Poorly The Magistrate Sep 2013 #287
I love the Twain quote. bvar22 Sep 2013 #295
"Reasonable" is utterly meaningless without a context eridani Sep 2013 #265
Sometimes, Ma'am, People Argue With Constructs In Their Own Minds The Magistrate Sep 2013 #277
Check out the WA State Democratic Party platform if you don't think most grassroots eridani Sep 2013 #320
So people who advocate policies to the right of Reagan are 'center-left'? TransitJohn Sep 2013 #275
Yeah, it's like visiting a Twilight Zone. UK's zany Tory PM looks downright commie idwiyo Sep 2013 #279
A judicious enough statement, which ought to be expected... malthaussen Sep 2013 #291
A Very Thoughtful Reply, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #297
The problem you address is a real one... malthaussen Sep 2013 #317
I Am Glad We Find Points Of Agreement, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #322
Ah, when you put it that way... malthaussen Sep 2013 #324
Solidarity! librechik Sep 2013 #294
Brilliant! Unca Jim Sep 2013 #296
Well written Grateful for Hope Sep 2013 #298
People who write abstract posts with no concrete examples, no discussion of specific issues, JDPriestly Sep 2013 #299
Among Other Things, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #312
I agree with you on the following: Wilson was not what we would call a Democrat today. JDPriestly Sep 2013 #319
I Am Not Downplaying Mr. Roosevelt's Achievements, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #321
My parents were very idealistic at the time, but not Communists. They absolutely JDPriestly Sep 2013 #323
No offence, Magistrate, but this is wrong. last1standing Sep 2013 #302
Your Post Is Not The First To Make Me Think, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2013 #307
You know what your intent better than I. last1standing Sep 2013 #308
The Republican Party cannot use it's own rhetoric to box in the left. sibelian Sep 2013 #311
Well, if the Last fredamae Sep 2013 #326
Honestly, decades of being told TDale313 Sep 2013 #327
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