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64. I get ignored, but I don't get "steamrolled."
Tue Oct 8, 2013, 11:48 AM
Oct 2013

The rough-and-tumble of General Discussions is fine with me. No reason to "hide."

I don't think there's any way to save capitalism (whatever the hell that is) or this world economy. Politically the only thing we can do is lay the foundations on which a less energy intensive society can grow as Mother Nature disposes of this current civilization.

Humans are an innovative species that has experienced exponential population growth. It's happened before in the history of earth, and it will happen again. Some sort of stability will be achieved. If we humans can't establish a stability that suits us, Mother Nature will impose one on us, one that probably won't be to our liking with a lot of us suffering horribly and perishing young.

In ten thousand years none of this shit will matter. In a hundred thousand years earth will be as wild as it's ever been. Our "civilization" will be little more than a peculiar layer in the geological record.

I've got a vision of a radical socialist ecologically sound utopia and there's no arguing with that. It will happen or it won't. If it doesn't happen then the human population will collapse, we will revert to something resembling the cultures of our very ancient ancestors, and the world population of humans will be about what it was 20,000 years ago. Or else we will be extinct.

My Mother is a Fox breathing Tea Baggin whacko trumad Oct 2013 #1
I don't have facebook. Xyzse Oct 2013 #35
Sorry about your mom. I know what it's like. CrispyQ Oct 2013 #54
One word: MIHOP Recursion Oct 2013 #2
Many on the Alex Jones wing of the right, which are just modern birchers, are MIHOPers too. nt stevenleser Oct 2013 #33
and most see it more like LIHOP with all the warnings that were ignored blm Oct 2013 #41
It's known that the CIA was very concerned.CIA Dir Tenet and several of his deputies including Black stevenleser Oct 2013 #48
Rice was not incompetent. She outright LIED about Iraq and you didn't need to sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #59
The two are not mutually exclusive. She was incompetent as NSA AND she is a liar. nt stevenleser Oct 2013 #60
I always thought that Rice sounded as if she were lying SheilaT Oct 2013 #91
I don't know about MIHOP or LIHOP but ... Ganja Ninja Oct 2013 #66
That would be me... Mopar151 Oct 2013 #3
No, all the crazies in this family are Republican rightwingers and fundies. ananda Oct 2013 #4
I joined FiredogLake for a while .. I found them too lefty srican69 Oct 2013 #5
fear sells beachbum bob Oct 2013 #6
I remember Y2K and all the insanity that went with it. littlewolf Oct 2013 #9
y2k was a little more wingery jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #22
yeah jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #24
my brother. I can't even really talk to him anymore. ejpoeta Oct 2013 #7
Glen Beck LWolf Oct 2013 #10
oops. i need to learn to read. i saw crazy RIGHT wing. uggh. ejpoeta Oct 2013 #18
Yup, I sure do. HappyMe Oct 2013 #8
DU used to be a left-wing discussion group. nt LWolf Oct 2013 #11
You think it isn't anymore? HappyMe Oct 2013 #12
lol - it is mostly centrists figuring out how to save the capitalism. TBF Oct 2013 #37
I get ignored, but I don't get "steamrolled." hunter Oct 2013 #64
Baloney and liberals do believe in capitalism that should be regulated treestar Oct 2013 #110
"Liberals do believe in capitalism that should be regulated" - TBF Oct 2013 #112
It works well for only the rich when it is unregulated treestar Oct 2013 #115
This is the statement I disagree with - TBF Oct 2013 #116
When DU transitioned to DU3, LWolf Oct 2013 #98
Yes - absoluteley. nt TBF Oct 2013 #113
it's simply absurd to think that there aren't nutwads who cali Oct 2013 #74
Not my point. LWolf Oct 2013 #99
I agree - it is a definite recent posture by the party. TBF Oct 2013 #114
Ok, so we have one jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #25
Yes there are fitman Oct 2013 #50
There is indeed a Christian Left Freddie Oct 2013 #13
I still get emails from Jim Wallis every day Recursion Oct 2013 #15
But Jim Wallis is a homophobic bigot, not liberal but conservative, and I'd say Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #42
He is. Recursion Oct 2013 #45
I personally don't need anything that a bigot like Wallis is pushing. Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #51
I guess people like parts of his message? Rex Oct 2013 #80
i have a few christian left facebook pages... madrchsod Oct 2013 #106
me myself and I dembotoz Oct 2013 #14
The far left is nothing like the far right RedCappedBandit Oct 2013 #16
reread my post jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #26
I think that maybe the left crazies HappyMe Oct 2013 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author Daniel537 Oct 2013 #38
It speaks volumea to me that you put left in qutations, there RedCappedBandit Oct 2013 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author Daniel537 Oct 2013 #61
didn't that sort of lefty pretty much die out in the 60's? jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #65
During Reagan era GOP discovered if you put RWers on and keep LWers off... Festivito Oct 2013 #17
ok, so it's like my supposition then jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #27
If you're exposed more to one. Festivito Oct 2013 #29
no, but my family members do d_r Oct 2013 #19
That would be me if you ask the rest of the family Fumesucker Oct 2013 #20
Same here. But they think Obama's a socialist, so their opinion means squat. LuvNewcastle Oct 2013 #43
Yes--I have two anti-vaxxer, Dr. Mercola types who have caused considerable family strife. nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #21
One 911 Truther and one anti-vaxxer. nt hack89 Oct 2013 #23
The far left health nuts are ones that bug me. If that is the way you want to live, go for it. But liberal_at_heart Oct 2013 #28
I couldn't have said it better myself. HappyMe Oct 2013 #32
+1 Daniel537 Oct 2013 #40
Right jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #44
Yes, me. Myrina Oct 2013 #30
I have two far right and two far left Niceguy1 Oct 2013 #34
at family gatherings do the sane ones bring popcorn? :D nt littlewolf Oct 2013 #68
lol yeah, Niceguy1 Oct 2013 #95
Some Liberals say Atheists can be too aggressive and anti-religious.. Tikki Oct 2013 #36
My children are atheists and I have raised them to be proud of who they are, but to also be liberal_at_heart Oct 2013 #39
We are an Atheist family and I have a brother-in-law who is a preacher..I used to ask.. Tikki Oct 2013 #52
Oh, yes. Quoting scripture instead of formulating SheilaT Oct 2013 #93
I know...He really has it down..he even blesses the guns of the people who go to his church.. Tikki Oct 2013 #97
Overly aggressive atheists getting in my face HappyMe Oct 2013 #47
good point jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #63
According to my RW-conspiracy loving sister, I am a left wing wacko. Go figure. n/t cynatnite Oct 2013 #46
I was the most left-wing until Scooter Walker got elected. charmay Oct 2013 #49
Like CT crazy? No. HooptieWagon Oct 2013 #53
I am sure that my two crazy right wing brothers would consider me to be crazy left wing liberal N proud Oct 2013 #55
Like spouting nonsense about arresting Republican senators for treason or sedition? Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #56
well they do have a point jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #67
yes. Me. nt Javaman Oct 2013 #57
My RW family members are mostly insane although a few are misinformed but left is right Oct 2013 #62
OK I am not really up on abbreviations littlewolf Oct 2013 #69
9-11 conspiracy talk jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #75
thank you for that detailed info. I feel so out of the loop sometimes. littlewolf Oct 2013 #88
it's a simple show jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #90
a (distant) cousin of mine fell in with some hardline black nationalist group after college Blue_Tires Oct 2013 #71
I've family members to the left of me and to the right of me. Puzzledtraveller Oct 2013 #72
Yes. My mom. KamaAina Oct 2013 #73
I got kicked off a Maoist message board. Archae Oct 2013 #76
wow jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #78
Of course. There are fan message boards for Hitler, N Korea, Castro... Archae Oct 2013 #79
I'm the closest thing our family has to a crazy left wing nut, lol. kestrel91316 Oct 2013 #77
It looks like most of us are the left wing wackos in the family. Curmudgeoness Oct 2013 #81
well that's the insane thing jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #83
No. I have tons of RWing Alex Jones believing relatives. Rex Oct 2013 #82
I am considered to be the crazy left winger and am proud of it! gopiscrap Oct 2013 #84
Let me direct you here joeglow3 Oct 2013 #85
question then jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #87
My older sister and brother believe that the Illuminati might actually exist. eom Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #86
It's me dem in texas Oct 2013 #89
Besides me? BainsBane Oct 2013 #92
I sort of consider myself a left wing SheilaT Oct 2013 #94
Yes, my family has one Samantha Oct 2013 #96
The term crazy left wing does bother me. texanwitch Oct 2013 #100
I chose the term deliberately jollyreaper2112 Oct 2013 #108
I am the left wing nut. My brother is a close second. WCLinolVir Oct 2013 #101
My cousin, who I love dearly, is over the left wing cliff mountain grammy Oct 2013 #102
That would be me, I think Warpy Oct 2013 #103
I think that's me. krispos42 Oct 2013 #104
no..just a couple of right wing nutballs madrchsod Oct 2013 #105
I wish I had crazy leftwing family members. Instead DevonRex Oct 2013 #107
Yeah, pretty much every one of us........ socialist_n_TN Oct 2013 #109
I'm sure someone does but treestar Oct 2013 #111
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