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Tue Oct 8, 2013, 05:22 PM Oct 2013

Do you have a smartphone, non-smart cell phone, or no cell phone? [View all]

58 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Time expired
I have a smartphone
28 (48%)
I have a cell phone, but not a smart phone
22 (38%)
I have neither a smartphone, nor a cell phone.
8 (14%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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No smartphone here. HappyMe Oct 2013 #1
You don't feel the need... KatyMan Oct 2013 #4
You know, I don't want to lay out HappyMe Oct 2013 #7
Lucky for me, my iphone KatyMan Oct 2013 #63
Not necessarily. kentauros Oct 2013 #75
i use my netbook in place of smart phone Liberal_in_LA Oct 2013 #5
Skype or e-mail? (I have a netbook.) WinkyDink Oct 2013 #49
email, checking the web Liberal_in_LA Oct 2013 #82
Ah. Same here! WinkyDink Oct 2013 #86
I have a similar setup... surrealAmerican Oct 2013 #54
Agreed. I have a basic cell phone with no bells or whistles, RebelOne Oct 2013 #8
I don't feel the need to shell out Jim Warren Oct 2013 #18
I like to say that I have a phone that is SheilaT Oct 2013 #2
A non smartphone is actually called a dumbphone. Happyhippychick Oct 2013 #3
I didn't use that term because I thought it would interfere with people answering CreekDog Oct 2013 #9
I knew you were trying to be non offensive Happyhippychick Oct 2013 #17
Color me dumb! babylonsister Oct 2013 #51
But you rock in every other way! DU's most valuable contributor in my opinion! Happyhippychick Oct 2013 #59
I have a smartish phone malaise Oct 2013 #65
Both. dipsydoodle Oct 2013 #6
I have a Galaxy Note II Aerows Oct 2013 #14
I go out dancing often - dipsydoodle Oct 2013 #21
You can dance with a Note II! Aerows Oct 2013 #23
No Ive got the original Note which I think was slighly smaller. dipsydoodle Oct 2013 #32
I have a stupidphone. They told me it was supposed to smart. ScreamingMeemie Oct 2013 #10
Just got my first cell phone a couple of months ago (I'm 55) and it is a smart phone... Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #11
I adore my Samsung Galaxy Note II Aerows Oct 2013 #12
Samsung Galaxy S3 here and I love that thing. n/t cynatnite Oct 2013 #15
It's awesome Aerows Oct 2013 #19
Same LadyHawkAZ Oct 2013 #24
I just got the Note 10.1 tablet the other day Posteritatis Oct 2013 #45
What is the battery life like? dkf Oct 2013 #76
This is NEWS Jim Warren Oct 2013 #13
I will be impressed if he has to pull up the antenna. n/t cynatnite Oct 2013 #16
The only reason I have this stupid smartphone is because my flip phone broke ScreamingMeemie Oct 2013 #37
like mine? robinlynne Oct 2013 #52
But he probably has several people following him around sammytko Oct 2013 #64
No frills flip phone. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #20
I have a smartphone and a flip phone. bunnies Oct 2013 #22
I have a texting machine with internet. Iggo Oct 2013 #25
I went to the Verizon store and asked for a Stupid Phone LiberalEsto Oct 2013 #26
Did yet you get the Senator Cruz It's All About Me Phone? Ikonoklast Oct 2013 #68
I just got rid of my iPhone 3 and replaced it with a Moto X. Made in America. Well, Texas anyway. denverbill Oct 2013 #27
I have a smartphone. KitSileya Oct 2013 #28
I have a smart phone, but only because my husband got an iphone for work Bettie Oct 2013 #29
2 iphones, a 4 and a 5 coldmountain Oct 2013 #30
Smart phone. HooptieWagon Oct 2013 #31
I have a cellphone, but may replace it with an iPhone. . . DinahMoeHum Oct 2013 #33
Thinking about doing away with my cell phone. Life B Calm Oct 2013 #34
Dropped the landline five years ago. Wife & I both have smartphones. GreenStormCloud Oct 2013 #35
I use my iPad for video chat and some voice calls. bravenak Oct 2013 #36
I have a rotary dial with no answering machine. adirondacker Oct 2013 #38
I have a land line with voice mail. RebelOne Oct 2013 #56
Fortunately, we Still have our small local telephone Co. and the transmission goes through wires adirondacker Oct 2013 #60
You need a real landline if you want to be able to use your phone during outages sammytko Oct 2013 #66
My Charter cable phone works Go Vols Oct 2013 #84
Droid FloridaJudy Oct 2013 #39
I still have the first Android Ron Obvious Oct 2013 #40
I tried it and hated it katmondoo Oct 2013 #41
Smartphone. Starry Messenger Oct 2013 #42
I gave up a cell phone when I quit working in 2002 tech3149 Oct 2013 #43
No any kind of cell phone, I hate them with a passion! n/t truegrit44 Oct 2013 #44
Do not want either, but have a plain cell phone. Puzzledtraveller Oct 2013 #46
No cell, landline with a rotary dial Gormy Cuss Oct 2013 #47
Get one of these and be your own landline hotspot! kentauros Oct 2013 #77
Shh.. Gormy Cuss Oct 2013 #80
Nothing. Land-line. I'll play games, read, watch videos/TV shows, etc., on my new Kindle HDX. WinkyDink Oct 2013 #48
I want that too, that Kindle HDX.....tell me about it. a kennedy Oct 2013 #73
I do have a wireless router, from my cable company. A router is required to get the Internet on WinkyDink Oct 2013 #87
Not to be outdone by the average nine-year-old girl, two iPhones and two iPads. NYC_SKP Oct 2013 #50
OK, so I'm a 69 year-old fanboy Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #53
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #55
Today in the SF Chronicle there was an article about the dangers of smartphones kimbutgar Oct 2013 #57
I have a two-year-old LG Spectrum (Android) phylny Oct 2013 #58
I didn't even get a cell phone until a few years ago distantearlywarning Oct 2013 #61
I'm pretty sure I have one of the older non-smartest cell phones here. hunter Oct 2013 #62
Smartphone, and no land-line for about 10 years now. bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #67
Flip Top Phone Here FM451 Oct 2013 #69
I have an "advertised as smart but not really so smart" phone ... Myrina Oct 2013 #70
cell phone, no land line. JNelson6563 Oct 2013 #71
My computers are "smart" and hold personal information, I have control of them. Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #72
I have a trac fone and it's pretty smart for what I use it for..... a kennedy Oct 2013 #74
Smartphone. I'm a liberal, not a Luddite. Arkana Oct 2013 #78
That's gonna leave a mark! Earth_First Oct 2013 #79
I have an ancient smartphone that is pretty fucking stupid. DireStrike Oct 2013 #81
I have a non-smart phone, pay as you go, but erinlough Oct 2013 #83
I was self righteously against smartphones up until March 2011 ecstatic Oct 2013 #85
I didn't see this poll till now... yuiyoshida Oct 2013 #88
I have just a regular cell phone cristianmarie533 Oct 2013 #89
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