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22. Yes, it's the cheap labor conservatives, and it started in the 70s.
Thu Oct 24, 2013, 10:04 AM
Oct 2013

And it will stay that way until we tax the shit out of them again.

our country's problem is not one of political faction or partisanship datasuspect Oct 2013 #1
+1 xchrom Oct 2013 #2
If you really think the parties are the same, why are you a DUer? nt SunSeeker Oct 2013 #8
some of us agree with the theory of the democratic party datasuspect Oct 2013 #10
+1000 LuvNewcastle Oct 2013 #12
It is being put in practice. If everyone VOTED, it would be implemented nationwide. SunSeeker Oct 2013 #18
Respectfully.... ReRe Oct 2013 #23
Respectfully, if Dems all voted, it would put a spine in those Dems. SunSeeker Oct 2013 #41
OK... I agree with that. ReRe Oct 2013 #44
You left out...... daleanime Oct 2013 #3
you are correct datasuspect Oct 2013 #4
Bullshit. The parties are not the same. The graph went up sharply under Clinton. nt SunSeeker Oct 2013 #7
Never said they were the same..... daleanime Oct 2013 #38
There's folks who like to push the "both parties are same" meme to depress the Dem vote. SunSeeker Oct 2013 #40
And there is no one pushing any.... daleanime Oct 2013 #43
It's one thing to not like some of the terms of a deal... SunSeeker Oct 2013 #45
It is good to see people waking up to the theater. woo me with science Oct 2013 #17
we have a choice of getting screwed with lube or without yurbud Oct 2013 #30
100% correct, and I for one will no longer play the game. liberal_at_heart Oct 2013 #42
Superimpose that graph over a graph of the top marginal tax rate... Blanks Oct 2013 #5
Excellent observation. Low tax rates cause the rich to pull money out, not reinvest. SunSeeker Oct 2013 #20
I wish more people noticed the correlation. eom Blanks Oct 2013 #25
What does this graph look like for other countries? nt SunSeeker Oct 2013 #6
2008 and on should look better than it does seveneyes Oct 2013 #9
Yes - It's taking this long to recover from Bush crashing the economy (DUH). groundloop Oct 2013 #14
Obama had 24 working days of a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. SunSeeker Oct 2013 #19
FYI ReRe Oct 2013 #26
The 1 % is the enemy. L0oniX Oct 2013 #11
And yet...the 1% are the 1% only because we allow them to be. Orsino Oct 2013 #32
Great post BethMomDem Oct 2013 #13
Looks like class warfare to me. And working people are losing. JEB Oct 2013 #15
Excellent post. K&R woo me with science Oct 2013 #16
The 1% are the one problem from which our others spring, always have been. n/t Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #21
Yes, it's the cheap labor conservatives, and it started in the 70s. bemildred Oct 2013 #22
k&r for the truth, however depressing it may be. n/t Laelth Oct 2013 #24
K&R ReRe Oct 2013 #27
If anybody knows what is going on, Robert Reich does! K&R B Calm Oct 2013 #28
K & R !!! WillyT Oct 2013 #29
Warren Buffet said it best, MindMover Oct 2013 #31
so what happened in the mid 1970s? hfojvt Oct 2013 #33
the early 70s saw 1) the oil slump turn into stagflation; on top of that 2) the ecologists and women MisterP Oct 2013 #34
When the President of the USA fires air traffic controllers ... MindMover Oct 2013 #37
The current downward spiral has its genesis in the Federal government's refusal to subject indepat Oct 2013 #35
What happened in the mid 1970s? BKH70041 Oct 2013 #36
K & R Quantess Oct 2013 #39
world trade, efficiency and productivity gains due to automation Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #46
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