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84. There are some people here who live for the thrill of being the star of the show
Fri Nov 1, 2013, 12:10 PM
Nov 2013

Its never enough to get kicked out ---- they just are rude enough, crude enough, impolite enough, unmannered enough, and discourteous enough to avoid the inevitable "see you later".

Just block them. The world is full of irritating, sarcastic and irreverent people.

Rather than attack the RePuke bastards who are entitled to disdain, they make comments that are in bad taste to people like you.

It is Snark-- and here is my favorite quote on that subject.

" Julie, with champagne as a lubricant, she unleashed an unending series of snarky comments for the duration of the wedding reception."

I Heard A Similar Story Like This On The Norman Goldman Show Yesterday..... global1 Nov 2013 #1
Dan should call Hannity immediately and get this on the record. rgbecker Nov 2013 #11
I really wish you weren't so glib. I'm a real person in a real predicament. n/t DanM Nov 2013 #24
I believe you. question everything Nov 2013 #70
There are some people here who live for the thrill of being the star of the show warrant46 Nov 2013 #84
I obviously don't know the particulars, but it can't be "comparable coverage" Tanuki Nov 2013 #2
I'm between "poor" and "middle class", but I'm educated and not stupid . . . DanM Nov 2013 #29
We aren't "stupid", either Tanuki Nov 2013 #40
Why won't you answer the very simple questions that have been asked of you? trotsky Nov 2013 #46
I have a great group of supportive friends who are doublechecking everything with me . . . DanM Nov 2013 #50
"For the same reasons, just throwing a mass amount of info on my particulars here would REALLY get.. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #55
"Several DUers here have helped other DUers with their health insurance issues" . . . DanM Nov 2013 #66
I'm willing to be sympathetic and helpful, but when you declare "The sky is falling, the sky Fla Dem Nov 2013 #87
bs! jbond56 Nov 2013 #58
Oh, well, glad you cleared that up (and pasted it again verbatim downthread), Tanuki Nov 2013 #62
LOL, exactly. n/t trotsky Nov 2013 #75
+1000 eom BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #117
+2000 nt Tarheel_Dem Nov 2013 #151
cool story, bro scheming daemons Nov 2013 #3
You need to illustrate BumRushDaShow Nov 2013 #22
Frankly, I'm fortunate that my friends aren't as glib as you and are pitching in to help me. n/t DanM Nov 2013 #30
Why are you avoiding the questions? B Calm Nov 2013 #33
Not avoiding, almost completely ignoring, because . . . DanM Nov 2013 #56
Total bs. Soundman Nov 2013 #64
Answer the questions, or be viewed as suspect; it's up to you. MADem Nov 2013 #103
Just explain what is was about your policy that caused it to be cancelled by the ACA. DefenseLawyer Nov 2013 #41
My thoughts exactly. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #91
Grandfather clause, anybody? eqfan592 Nov 2013 #4
you do know that if ANY change was made to the policy ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2013 #5
Yes, i do. You DO know that there is no requirement for the insurance company to make such changes.. eqfan592 Nov 2013 #6
yes, I do... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2013 #9
You don't think the insurance company knew exactly what they were doing? eqfan592 Nov 2013 #12
i am playing into THEIR hands? ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2013 #14
They are playing a political game with you. eqfan592 Nov 2013 #21
If the existence of the ACA doomed your policy gollygee Nov 2013 #7
"..your policy didn't meet the new minimum standards, and therefore was not comparable at all." Sheepshank Nov 2013 #60
Dan, when you asked the insurance rep about the 2010 grandfathered clause, rgbecker Nov 2013 #8
This is covered elsewhere, but wanted to acknowledge thanks! n/t DanM Nov 2013 #68
I'm looking...can you give a link or post number? rgbecker Nov 2013 #120
From Thinkprogress.org: How to Spot a Fake Obamacare Horror Story backscatter712 Nov 2013 #10
I was just coming in here to post that very link. Raine1967 Nov 2013 #13
You forgot #5 rgbecker Nov 2013 #16
You win the thread...nt SidDithers Nov 2013 #25
+1 uponit7771 Nov 2013 #34
The only reason a policy would no longer be availabe because of the ACA... Walk away Nov 2013 #15
I don't believe a word of this cock and bull story... Jeff In Milwaukee Nov 2013 #17
My state is continuing to sell non-ACA policies into 2014. moriah Nov 2013 #28
You do have a point that I am actually doublechecking with help from my friends . . . DanM Nov 2013 #44
I think a re-check is in order 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2013 #146
The mere fact Keefer Nov 2013 #74
The insurance companies were WELL AWARE that these alterations Tanuki Nov 2013 #80
Even if Keefer Nov 2013 #86
That is NOT the case... Jeff In Milwaukee Nov 2013 #133
You are absolutely correct. Obviously you're not a member of the "liberal media". politicaljunkie41910 Nov 2013 #102
You got it right.. INdemo Nov 2013 #153
Low post count ... post and run ... no answers to questions libdem4life Nov 2013 #18
Yeah kenfrequed Nov 2013 #138
3 times what? 3 times $25, 3 times $100? LuvNewcastle Nov 2013 #19
So you had a worthless policy and were being ripped off, now B Calm Nov 2013 #20
Or for a torn ACL! moriah Nov 2013 #27
How are things going over at FreedomWorks? Btw, the website is working? JaneyVee Nov 2013 #23
Can you provide the Statement of Benefits for you old insurance that's getting cancelled? moriah Nov 2013 #26
I am sharing that info with a group of friends. Good thought, in case I had not thought of it. Thx! DanM Nov 2013 #47
why not share it with us? what is the cost of the policy, which company, which coverage? CreekDog Nov 2013 #79
*sniff* But, but, we're not your friends? moriah Nov 2013 #107
It's interesting that while the Obama admin admits this is happening, DU does not MannyGoldstein Nov 2013 #31
Here's the deal, Manny--any plans that are being cancelled DO NOT offer comparable geek tragedy Nov 2013 #32
I'm sure that's true, but it's still a problem. MannyGoldstein Nov 2013 #35
"there's no hope of improvement until 1/20/2017" geek tragedy Nov 2013 #42
+1000 BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #77
Nailed it... SidDithers Nov 2013 #83
Down goes Manny! Down goes Manny! Cali_Democrat Nov 2013 #93
FYI: Someone actually alerted on this. Chan790 Nov 2013 #48
6-0. Well that gives me hope. MannyGoldstein Nov 2013 #65
Plus they will not be able to alert for 24 hours. Rex Nov 2013 #141
Sorry to hear you're counting down the days till Obama leaves office. Nine Nov 2013 #126
It wouldn't be a problem if those states' governors EXPANDED MEDICAID COVERAGE and took valerief Nov 2013 #162
What passes for coverage in many places... Orsino Nov 2013 #81
that's all fine and dandy datasuspect Nov 2013 #129
That's rhetoric, not an argument. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #131
insurance being expensive and overpriced and mandated by federal law IS a new development datasuspect Nov 2013 #132
As is the ban on lifetime caps, guarantees of quality for healthcare plans, bans on geek tragedy Nov 2013 #134
you are spewing propaganda datasuspect Nov 2013 #135
heh, you come in here barfing up the Republican spin geek tragedy Nov 2013 #137
get past the mythology of political faction datasuspect Nov 2013 #139
Oh, you're a Bush=Gore type. Figured as much. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #140
no it's deeper than that datasuspect Nov 2013 #143
Aw gee, what Naderite ODSers think of me is so important too. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #144
Some folks just don't understand Affordable ... GeorgeGist Nov 2013 #156
I read a great OP 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2013 #148
Link to where Obama admin admits that new policy costs 3 x the old policy with roughly grantcart Nov 2013 #52
They've certainly admitted that people are being cancelled, and MannyGoldstein Nov 2013 #63
Ignore! Those! Subsidies! nt geek tragedy Nov 2013 #97
Am I ignoring them? MannyGoldstein Nov 2013 #110
There are cost controls in the ACA, as has been pointed out geek tragedy Nov 2013 #114
To do that, maybe you can wish us brand new Congress with a twitch of the nose. nt valerief Nov 2013 #164
Yes it will be affordable... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2013 #67
Exactly! Why would some on DU (who suffer ODS) and who aren't stupid, BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #78
BECAUSE they have ODS, and they think people are stupid and won't dig deep and ask them those MADem Nov 2013 #106
I agree with you 100%. BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #112
One OTHER good thing about the ACA.... MADem Nov 2013 #113
That's a good thing! VanillaRhapsody Nov 2013 #115
The ACA is proving beneficial on so many levels! Even here. BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #116
I agree wholeheartedly. We've got mid-terms to win. We don't need that foolishness! nt MADem Nov 2013 #130
Subsides designed exclusively to get premiums down to a little under 10% of gross. TheKentuckian Nov 2013 #95
It is NOT nonsense... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2013 #108
No, I'm not. The plan cost must also dictate the subsidy, the entire intent behind them is TheKentuckian Nov 2013 #119
No one EVER mentioned "free ride" VanillaRhapsody Nov 2013 #145
I didn't say my costs are higher, this isn't about me but about a general discusion about TheKentuckian Nov 2013 #178
Yeah actually you did... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2013 #179
You mean, *adjusted* gross income, yes? Because that's the income I had to enter for my husband. BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #109
It isn't your net. Net is where the rubber meets the road on affording anything. TheKentuckian Nov 2013 #122
I agree. Net income *is* where the rubber meets the road. BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #125
Net can be manipulated so it isn't very usable, I understand that but the reality is TheKentuckian Nov 2013 #136
best point so far questionseverything Nov 2013 #118
A little more detail please Marrah_G Nov 2013 #36
I want to know too. Lex Nov 2013 #59
I simply don't believe your story..... Sancho Nov 2013 #37
This is certainly not true for all markets Yo_Mama Nov 2013 #53
Subsidies don't have anything to do with assets.... Sancho Nov 2013 #127
That's entirely correct Yo_Mama Nov 2013 #157
I wouldn't have believed it either . . . before it happened to me. n/t DanM Nov 2013 #71
"I wouldn't have believed it either . . . before it happened to me." whttevrr Nov 2013 #104
yep!! Sancho Nov 2013 #128
If she explained why, tell us! bhikkhu Nov 2013 #38
"President Obama's(whom I voted for)" Kaleva Nov 2013 #39
OP thinks that teaching children gun marksmanship is as important as sex education. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #43
!! BumRushDaShow Nov 2013 #49
I don't believe you! post your last policy to prove any point you said! Sunlei Nov 2013 #45
You are not alone. This is happening to a lot of people. Yo_Mama Nov 2013 #51
Clarification: I'm an ACA supporter and don't believe a large majority will share my experience.n/t DanM Nov 2013 #72
I don't understand why you can't say what price you're paying for insurance now CreekDog Nov 2013 #155
Not buying it PasadenaTrudy Nov 2013 #54
What are your premium costs under the ACA and for what plan (bronze, silver, or gold)? Lex Nov 2013 #57
These stories are difficult to corroborate without specifics. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #61
My plan through work: Keefer Nov 2013 #69
I've never had heart trouble. Why should I pay for Cardiac Care to help keep your stopbush Nov 2013 #89
Cardiac care is not a "special" coverage. Keefer Nov 2013 #90
And neither is maternity a "special" coverage. stopbush Nov 2013 #159
The next time I get pregnant, Keefer Nov 2013 #161
Another ignorant RW troll wasting their time at DU. stopbush Nov 2013 #171
"Your plan through work" taught_me_patience Nov 2013 #94
In my original post... Keefer Nov 2013 #100
You are missing what the concept of insurance is... cags Nov 2013 #167
Numerous posts have said the same thing. The ACA needs to be operated on, and undergo major surgery quinnox Nov 2013 #73
do you believe everything you read? CreekDog Nov 2013 #85
+1 leftstreet Nov 2013 #92
What a shocker to find you supporting rightwing talking points on the ACA nt geek tragedy Nov 2013 #99
Policy that you liked? Except for price, why did you like it? Mass Nov 2013 #76
One thing to remember here: surrealAmerican Nov 2013 #82
That's sad about your policy being canceled. Omnith Nov 2013 #88
It will in all likelihood be better, not just comparable. factsarenotfair Nov 2013 #121
True. His new policy under the ACA will be BETTER. BlueCaliDem Nov 2013 #123
Honestly, you should submit some details taught_me_patience Nov 2013 #96
Is there any way you can post a side by side comparism jamzrockz Nov 2013 #98
Uh huh. Arugula Latte Nov 2013 #101
In case you missed it upthread whttevrr Nov 2013 #105
It's not good insurance if it doesn't even meet the minimum standard of ACA Lifelong Dem Nov 2013 #111
You're not rich, you're not really middle class, and you don't think of yourself as poor. factsarenotfair Nov 2013 #124
One positive thing fadedrose Nov 2013 #142
OP refuses to give innocuous details that could validate the story... scheming daemons Nov 2013 #147
I live in NYC. I am male. My age is 49. I checked online. My monthly premium for platinum.... Yavin4 Nov 2013 #149
I believe you onlyadream Nov 2013 #150
Well I have searched the ACA several times and compared as closely as I could INdemo Nov 2013 #152
Lol Pretzel_Warrior Nov 2013 #154
Sorry about that... tallahasseedem Nov 2013 #158
For what it's worth Dan OwnedByCats Nov 2013 #160
Yes, I'm sure you're sharing pertinent details with your friends, too. valerief Nov 2013 #165
Dan should share because it's about OwnedByCats Nov 2013 #168
You'll just make sure everyone knows about the hardships created by that president. valerief Nov 2013 #169
It is a hardship for some OwnedByCats Nov 2013 #170
Let us know what your father can get on the exchange with any subsidies included. valerief Nov 2013 #172
The President never said that you could keep your same policy at the same price. kentuck Nov 2013 #163
Bull. 99Forever Nov 2013 #166
Dan you claim your policy will triple and stated you are eligible for a subsidy correct? Drew Richards Nov 2013 #173
Hello?......... Drew Richards Nov 2013 #174
Crickets... Drew Richards Nov 2013 #175
Noted itsrobert Nov 2013 #176
Right wing newspeak Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2013 #177
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