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Dreamer Tatum

(10,926 posts)
Fri Nov 1, 2013, 07:20 PM Nov 2013

How often do you eat at McDonalds? [View all]

93 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
I never eat at McDonalds.
44 (47%)
About once a year.
20 (22%)
Every few months or so.
13 (14%)
Every month or so.
6 (6%)
Every couple of weeks or so.
1 (1%)
Every week or so.
5 (5%)
Every few days, give or take.
4 (4%)
Every day.
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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How often do you eat at McDonalds? [View all] Dreamer Tatum Nov 2013 OP
3 times a day Cali_Democrat Nov 2013 #1
Not since I read Fast Food Nation n/t Demobrat Nov 2013 #2
I work rediculous hours... Agschmid Nov 2013 #3
Once every other month or so Aerows Nov 2013 #10
you need to find another way to deal with the stress first JI7 Nov 2013 #101
I like to grab breakfast from there Aerows Nov 2013 #4
Whenever Mr. McDonald invites me for dinner jberryhill Nov 2013 #5
Only the hot cakes. n/t Chan790 Nov 2013 #6
Senior-price coffee on road trips! JohnnyLib2 Nov 2013 #7
When you're way out in the boonies, you know that McDonald's will provide something almost dimbear Nov 2013 #34
Yep, same here. I've driven through some remote places, if I see a McDonald's I RKP5637 Nov 2013 #80
Am I the only one who will drive out of the way to try a greasy spoon? last1standing Nov 2013 #103
Part of the answer might depend on having the legendary cast iron digestive system, dimbear Nov 2013 #105
Last time I ate there was 1989. Codeine Nov 2013 #8
Once a year: Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal, large fries and soda. kestrel91316 Nov 2013 #9
A country serious about Health Care would treat McDonalds like tobacco users solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #11
That isn't the kids fault Keefer Nov 2013 #18
That poor kid is the result of lazy parenting. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #20
So you don't want this kid to have access to "Health Care?" Lex Nov 2013 #23
Who else would you like to exclude from health care access? Union Scribe Nov 2013 #27
I don't want to exclude anyone from health care solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #111
how do you feel about subsidizing athletes? Risky behaviors are a choice, right? Sheepshank Nov 2013 #138
Thank you. dmr Nov 2013 #142
Free Republic's thataway. NuclearDem Nov 2013 #28
+1 nt laundry_queen Nov 2013 #73
If people can afford Mickey D's they can afford real food solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #112
No they can't. NuclearDem Nov 2013 #119
at the market yesterday 5 lbs of potatoes were $1.49 solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #122
Bingo! NuclearDem Nov 2013 #127
Sooooooo indigoth Nov 2013 #130
Oh come on now Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #140
There's a future Republican Congressman if I ever saw one. RagAss Nov 2013 #36
FLOTUS is trying joesdaughter Nov 2013 #43
For fucks sake. Dramatic much? n-t Logical Nov 2013 #47
Nothing like when smokers are dumped on solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #115
Wow! I can't believe you had the nerve to say that here. notadmblnd Nov 2013 #56
How do you know this kid dosen't have Texasgal Nov 2013 #66
Do you think kids with "medical issues" should stuff their faces with Mickey D's "food"? solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #116
Did it ever cross your little mind that child could have a thyroid Autumn Nov 2013 #68
So? Even if he didn't, he deserves access to health care. nt Lex Nov 2013 #85
Everybody deserves health care. Autumn Nov 2013 #87
I know. But the kid doesn't have to have a thyroid problem Lex Nov 2013 #92
I'll let the others address the douchebaggery of your reply. Aristus Nov 2013 #69
BTW: "National Defense" is a joke. It's National Offense solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #118
all fat shaming does is show what a$$es people are who do it. liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #71
yet shaming smokers is a national past time. Go figure. solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #123
People who voluntarily, and at great expense, poison themselves and others? Aristus Nov 2013 #134
107 posts catrose Nov 2013 #90
The real coincidence is how many people support a right wing health insurance solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #124
You are clearly superior to an obese 8 year old Nevernose Nov 2013 #117
My eating habits *are* clearly superior to many people solarhydrocan Nov 2013 #120
Americans are fat. roamer65 Nov 2013 #125
I wouldn't say it's an issue of "eating too much." I would say it's more of an issue of what we eat. Dash87 Nov 2013 #145
Right arm...looks like a "fat sleeve". Look at the color and roll at the wrist especially Sheepshank Nov 2013 #136
He is right in a way - Dash87 Nov 2013 #143
I know it's horrible, but damnit sometimes a Quarter LB'er or a Big Mac NightWatcher Nov 2013 #12
On road trips from Florida to NY a few times a year HockeyMom Nov 2013 #13
once every 10 years....fries spanone Nov 2013 #14
I stopped when they put in a TV with fox news on it!! 53tammy Nov 2013 #15
If the coupon is still good, give it to a homeless person csziggy Nov 2013 #41
Thought about that as I was posting. 53tammy Nov 2013 #49
That's how I am about coupons - I forget I have them csziggy Nov 2013 #51
A couple times a year - breakfast stops on road trips, usually petronius Nov 2013 #16
McYuck, a diet for death (IMHO) blkmusclmachine Nov 2013 #17
I never eat there. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #19
B'fast, maybe once or twice a month. Ikonoklast Nov 2013 #21
Six years ago. ntt rrneck Nov 2013 #22
I don't get the self-righteous horror some have... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #24
The comedian Jim Gaffigan has a great bit on this; Union Scribe Nov 2013 #33
I LOVE that bit. NuclearDem Nov 2013 #63
We had it for lunch every day while on a project at Holloman AFB sammytko Nov 2013 #37
Great post. Agschmid Nov 2013 #45
It is totally annoying. Food snobs on the DU. nt Logical Nov 2013 #48
The last two times I was in a McDonald's I was treated badly csziggy Nov 2013 #50
OK, you wanted them to reopen the breakfast line and restart cooking... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #72
No, I did not argue with the employees csziggy Nov 2013 #74
What makes you conclude that choosing not to eat at McDonalds makes a person Luminous Animal Nov 2013 #53
That's hardly it-- there's no accounting for taste, but... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #70
I don't understand the "no defined reason" part of your post... Luminous Animal Nov 2013 #75
I don't see much of that, even in this thread. What I do see is... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #78
I receive a "Farm to Table" box of fruit and vegetables every week... Luminous Animal Nov 2013 #91
Agreed. Jamaal510 Nov 2013 #98
I don't get the need for polls about it on DU. I like McD's. But then, I don't have problems with ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #106
+1 n/t Silent3 Nov 2013 #121
Did it infrequently for a brief while in life, found it to be bad for health. Coyotl Nov 2013 #25
NEVER! MoonRiver Nov 2013 #26
It is the only "restaurant" in my area that I can enjoy with my dog - by using the drive -through Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #29
Not any more the thought makes me ill Auggie Nov 2013 #30
my mom is hooked on their mocha frappes dlwickham Nov 2013 #31
Me too aroach Nov 2013 #99
I said never Mz Pip Nov 2013 #32
Never, the sodium and chemicals make my lips burn for days. No joke. KittyWampus Nov 2013 #35
It's been at least twenty years since I ate at McDonald's csziggy Nov 2013 #38
Only if Carl's Jr., In-n-Out, Jack in the Box, Burger King or Wendy's isn't available. Throd Nov 2013 #39
I used to eat at McDonalds 10 years ago occasionally but after seeing the movie kimbutgar Nov 2013 #40
I pick up the odd choc milkshake occasionally at a drive in occasionally dipsydoodle Nov 2013 #42
Somewhere between never and once a year. BainsBane Nov 2013 #44
Whenever the mood strikes. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #46
It's the only fast food near my work Freddie Nov 2013 #52
Almost daily . . . kickitup Nov 2013 #54
Sonic or Wendys, Go Vols Nov 2013 #55
I can't. politicat Nov 2013 #57
Does 1990 count? easychoice Nov 2013 #58
I barely stop by a McDonalds.. but I must admit I do yuiyoshida Nov 2013 #59
I would never get more than coffee at McDonald's treestar Nov 2013 #60
Does coffee count? Quantess Nov 2013 #61
Twice a month or so. MagnumUK Nov 2013 #62
More than I'd like during competition season but always get a salad riderinthestorm Nov 2013 #64
Ice coffee abelenkpe Nov 2013 #65
My kid worked at McDonald's this summer. Jobs were scarce. hunter Nov 2013 #67
More than I care to admit to. JeffHead Nov 2013 #76
Only occasionally when cross country driving. I get a plain hamburger and use their restroom. My RKP5637 Nov 2013 #77
It's been about six years or so since I've been to one. SheilaT Nov 2013 #79
McDonald's? Haven't been there in decades Retrograde Nov 2013 #81
We choose Subway RandySF Nov 2013 #82
5-6 times a day Duckhunter935 Nov 2013 #83
I gotta say I like their sausage burrito for breakfast. Kablooie Nov 2013 #84
It's the kids' fault. You should have heard the shout "MINIONS" when we saw McD had those toys! Our txwhitedove Nov 2013 #86
When I first left home and headed for the big city with no job polly7 Nov 2013 #88
Every time I go on a date Spirochete Nov 2013 #89
I never eat Mcdonalds and I don't own a TV. ileus Nov 2013 #93
Never sakabatou Nov 2013 #94
Only when traveling. FarCenter Nov 2013 #95
I always eat Micky D's on greyhound trips Jamaal510 Nov 2013 #96
I get coffee there everyday - coffee @ work sucks ribrepin Nov 2013 #97
i would eat there more if they served Breakfast all day JI7 Nov 2013 #100
Go there for coffee a good bit just to use the doc03 Nov 2013 #102
Only buy the $1.00 cokes. beveeheart Nov 2013 #104
I have not eaten there in a while, ZombieHorde Nov 2013 #107
Sometimes daily, sometimes a couple times a week. David__77 Nov 2013 #108
I never seek it out, but I'll bet I wind up there maybe once a year. MADem Nov 2013 #109
Once or twice a week, out of practicality. sir pball Nov 2013 #110
too much lately, because it is very convenient (location) to me when I am doing my daily activities quinnox Nov 2013 #113
I grab a breakfast biscuit via drive-thru a couple times a week. n/t X_Digger Nov 2013 #114
love the senior coffee and the dollar menu AND the wifi dembotoz Nov 2013 #126
If you're from Bergen County New Jersey it WHITE MANNA!!! Walk away Nov 2013 #128
the only thing that i can eat are the fries madrchsod Nov 2013 #129
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2013 #131
The McD's on the corner from me still makes an amaaaaaazing Sausage McMuffin with Egg. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #132
Bought a cup of coffee mikeysnot Nov 2013 #133
closest one is about 20 miles either direction, so maybe once a month or so Kali Nov 2013 #135
Does coffee count? LWolf Nov 2013 #137
When I lived in the boonies I'd go for a yogurt parfait and unsweetened iced coffee every day Hippo_Tron Nov 2013 #139
Every month or so. Why? Iggo Nov 2013 #141
to the people that want to treat fat like crack DonCoquixote Nov 2013 #144
only at thruway rest stops dionysus Nov 2013 #146
I like the McAloo Tikki. I miss the biscuits Recursion Nov 2013 #147
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