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25. Few people can pay medical out of pocket and if you don't have insurance and only can get in
Fri Nov 15, 2013, 01:26 PM
Nov 2013

during enrollment periods who are those other people?

Good question...... Swede Atlanta Nov 2013 #1
Good question. It defeats the purpose of paying premiums if you can get care for free. NYC_SKP Nov 2013 #2
Supporting an industry that I blame for the death of family members makes me break out in hives Fumesucker Nov 2013 #4
I think I'll just refuse to pay any kind of insurance, car, home, health because they aren't perfect NYC_SKP Nov 2013 #16
In my view deliberately causing the death of sick people goes just a little beyond imperfection Fumesucker Nov 2013 #19
You could still get a subsidy and not be able to afford it, especially in areas with a doc03 Nov 2013 #6
I have been wondering about that also. You can't be refused if you have a pre-existing doc03 Nov 2013 #3
You have to wait until an open enrollment period. upaloopa Nov 2013 #5
And even if a policy is bought during open enrollment, it won't take effect immediately. . . Journeyman Nov 2013 #8
So if you don't buy insurance you die. n/t doc03 Nov 2013 #23
Why do you say that? upaloopa Nov 2013 #24
Few people can pay medical out of pocket and if you don't have insurance and only can get in doc03 Nov 2013 #25
The cost of care if not paid for by the patient or insurance upaloopa Nov 2013 #26
That will never happen the insurance industry owns Congress. n/t doc03 Nov 2013 #27
There was a discussion of this in the 2008 primary debates karynnj Nov 2013 #7
Death squads Pretzel_Warrior Nov 2013 #9
Yes. The difference between having insurance and not having it, hughee99 Nov 2013 #13
It's insurance. You don't have it, you are fucked. riqster Nov 2013 #10
I think we the taxpayers get to pay for their treatment if they cannot do it. jwirr Nov 2013 #11
you go to the ER, then hospital, then a BIG bill is mailed to your home, like today. NightWatcher Nov 2013 #12
They will show up at the ER, get treated and then be hounded for eternity SoCalDem Nov 2013 #14
Current open enrollment ends 3/31. As I understand it, next open enrollment is 10/15 - 12/7... lamp_shade Nov 2013 #15
They must enroll by March or they have to wait till the end of the year. pnwmom Nov 2013 #17
There has to be some form of punishment FatBuddy Nov 2013 #18
See reply #14. NYC_SKP Nov 2013 #20
how about instead of punishing people we just work towards getting single payer? liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #21
Why are you so concerned? philosslayer Nov 2013 #22
Let em die! YEAH! WHOO! NuclearDem Nov 2013 #28
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