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i dont' think so. glad im an american and I can't eat the way I want too. n/t. okieinpain Nov 2013 #1
I'm pretty sure that one may eat an apple how they wish regardless of what country they live in. LanternWaste Nov 2013 #27
Socialism requires very strict laws on how you eat your apples IronLionZion Nov 2013 #40
lol. okieinpain Nov 2013 #63
Or even spell the way they want too. Lex Nov 2013 #49
lol, shut up and leave my spelling alone. okieinpain Nov 2013 #62
For Those Of Us Who No Longer Have Strong Jaws... grilled onions Nov 2013 #2
Yes! You can still eat the skin and only cut out the seeds and Pretzel_Warrior Nov 2013 #6
Most people apparently didn't have my parents... HereSince1628 Nov 2013 #15
I have a food addiction so I high five myself if I leave food on my plate. liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #17
"People are starving in China" Can't tell you how many times we heard that. notadmblnd Nov 2013 #19
It was the cooked carrots for me. LWolf Nov 2013 #39
?? How do you eat the cob? nt tblue37 Nov 2013 #41
Slowly, very slowly HereSince1628 Nov 2013 #48
etiquette says you leave some food so show that you are full and enjoyed the meal loli phabay Nov 2013 #64
yaaiknow, but the host was threatening punishment if you did HereSince1628 Nov 2013 #65
sorry did not mean to sound crass either, accept apoligies if i did loli phabay Nov 2013 #66
I never thought of it that way. In high school I ate dinner with mf GF and her family, cleaned my Erose999 Nov 2013 #67
Yes. I think that's part of the social interaction... HereSince1628 Nov 2013 #68
Man, I hear ya! countryjake Nov 2013 #72
Slap some peanut butter on there too Cali_Democrat Nov 2013 #23
Nothing like hydrogen cyanide from the seeds. hobbit709 Nov 2013 #3
Snopes: RedCappedBandit Nov 2013 #31
Sure, wen you eat thousands of apple seeds at once. cleanhippie Nov 2013 #51
won't take that many if you crack them with your teeth first. hobbit709 Nov 2013 #55
False. Uncracked you could eat an endless number of apple seeds. Gravitycollapse Nov 2013 #71
I used to eat everything except the stalk and the seeds when I was a kid (nt) Nye Bevan Nov 2013 #4
I still do - even the stalk! sammytko Nov 2013 #9
My husband eats the core. Blue_In_AK Nov 2013 #5
Give the core to your dog. Laffy Kat Nov 2013 #54
My lab waits for his cores, butt wagging! nt msanthrope Nov 2013 #57
My dogs love them, too. They stare at me and salivate until I'm finished. Laffy Kat Nov 2013 #58
Core an apple, or drill holes in a big carrot. Stuff with peanut butter. Throw outside msanthrope Nov 2013 #59
Really? Blue_In_AK Nov 2013 #60
My god, can't we do anything right? B2G Nov 2013 #7
Well then I guess I'm going to continue to waste part of my apple. liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #8
A bigger problem is with the varieties most easily found.... NRaleighLiberal Nov 2013 #10
Red and Yellow Delicious Apples are not delicious; they're barely apples REP Nov 2013 #24
I think winesaps taste pretty god. nt tblue37 Nov 2013 #42
they are an older variety - really like them for fresh eating - really intense! NRaleighLiberal Nov 2013 #45
A couple of years ago a variety I had not seen before--honey crisps, I think they tblue37 Nov 2013 #46
another really good (fairly recent) one with a bit of a mysterious background...and yes, more costly NRaleighLiberal Nov 2013 #47
yep Kali Nov 2013 #53
If I ate the whole thing, there'd be nothing left for Romeo Sheepshank Nov 2013 #11
My chickens get the cores REP Nov 2013 #25
I core mine, and then discard the icky seeds and stem! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2013 #12
if you're going to eat the whole thing, how does the orientation matter? unblock Nov 2013 #13
You are using logic. That isn't fair. N/T GreenStormCloud Nov 2013 #37
That's how I eat them. :) idwiyo Nov 2013 #14
That's hard core. nt Xipe Totec Nov 2013 #16
Seems like a good way to get sick. Xithras Nov 2013 #18
Yep TroglodyteScholar Nov 2013 #50
Red peels give me a terrible stomach ache but yellow peels do not. Laffy Kat Nov 2013 #56
You're supposed to eat the stem? Fawke Em Nov 2013 #20
That's how I do it, too. GoCubsGo Nov 2013 #26
you wasteful eco destroyer Liberal_in_LA Nov 2013 #30
omg That is how my kid eats them. annabanana Nov 2013 #21
I will not eat the core or seeds, but... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #22
When I'm done with an apple, all that's left is the tough pith in the middle, Warpy Nov 2013 #28
I eat my apples in pie. (nt) Inkfreak Nov 2013 #29
funny, I completely forgot that such people exist reorg Nov 2013 #32
I eat what I want to. If there's anything left, it goes to the Dog or Bunnies or Rat or Chinchilla. BlueJazz Nov 2013 #33
My dad, who grew up without indoor plumbing or electricity, taught me the civilized way to eat kestrel91316 Nov 2013 #34
I'm not sure what one apple's seeds Shankapotomus Nov 2013 #35
Know someone who eats it all including the stem. But then, she eats sleepies, too. freshwest Nov 2013 #36
I cut them into fourths. cut away the seeds & eat everything but the seeds.. no waste SoCalDem Nov 2013 #38
I eat apple sauce. Rarely do I eat the piece of fruit. LuvNewcastle Nov 2013 #43
I have always eaten the entire apple, including the stem. n/t cherokeeprogressive Nov 2013 #44
I grew up in the Hood River valley in Oregon. All orcharding. I don't know anyone who eats the OregonBlue Nov 2013 #52
Just because some idiot does it on the internet, that doesn't make it "right." MADem Nov 2013 #61
I quarter them and cut out the part surrounding the seeds. I also cut out the stem, and the thing on Erose999 Nov 2013 #69
Thanks to this nonsense I have a small apple tree growing in my stomach. Warren Stupidity Nov 2013 #70
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