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Bolo Boffin

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27. "Motive is extremely important in any murder case." I disagree.
Fri Nov 22, 2013, 04:22 AM
Nov 2013

In murder mystery novels, yes. In actual prosecutions? Not so much. They help at times. But, no, if the facts on the ground show someone committed the crime and mens rae can be demonstrated without explaining a motive, then motive can be set aside.

Since Oswald can reasonably be expected to know what would happen as he fired his rifle at the President, and since he then fled the scene (demonstrating a consciousness of guilt), mens rae at his trial would have been easily demonstrated. So as far as his guilt, his motive wouldn't need to be shown at trial.

I think the possibility of Oswald being hired or put up to the assassination by a conspiracy is rather low.

Sure, we can speculate on motive. He did it to get people to pay attention to him at last. He did it so people could only ever think of him passionately again (hat tip, "Assassins&quot . He did it because Kennedy was the human face of the bloodthirsty capitalistic United States, the enemy of Castro and the Marxist revolution. He did it to punish Marina for not coming back to him in the end. He did it because he thought Castro would let him into Cuba. He did it hoping that Kennedy's right wing enemies would get the blame. He did it to finally succeed at something in his sad, pathetic life. He did it to gain a national platform in his trial. He did it because everything in his life had prepared him for that moment.

He did it because he could.

That Oswald did it, easily shown. Why he did it, we'll never know for sure. And evil and good and good/evil people swept in and took advantage of JFK's death - of course they did. They always will when a powerful and influential man dies. But benefit is not evidence of guilt, not even when they are spectacular benefits. Guilt does not rest on knowing a motive.

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"We're heading into nut country"-JFK to aide, one hour before being assassinated. JaneyVee Nov 2013 #2
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So what? Motive isn't evidence. duffyduff Nov 2013 #4
And yet, it was a Communist who supposedly killed him. Now why would a Communist sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #18
the same reason a socialist might want to kill a "socialist" president. hint: he's not really Pretzel_Warrior Nov 2013 #28
Gee you have it all figured out HangOnKids Nov 2013 #29
I will strive to Pretzel_Warrior Nov 2013 #30
Love all of your posts HangOnKids Nov 2013 #32
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You're not kidding. Wow. nt laundry_queen Nov 2013 #41
Look who killed Israel's Rabin DFW Nov 2013 #31
Repug nazi Birchers, still the same 50 years later. Mc Mike Nov 2013 #5
Whether Many Wanted Him Dead Or Not Bolo Boffin Nov 2013 #6
And that person was not a Right Wing, rabid anti-Communist. That person WAS a communist. sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #19
Knowing why Oswald did it or not doesn't change the fact that he did. Bolo Boffin Nov 2013 #20
I wish I could be so certain about events that took place, anywhere actually, that I did not sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #22
"Motive is extremely important in any murder case." I disagree. Bolo Boffin Nov 2013 #27
Well, you prove my point. We don't know what his motive was. We know he was politically involved sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #37
Bullshit. zappaman Nov 2013 #38
Millions of people are angry at their wives. They don't go out and kill Presidents over it. THAT is sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #39
Obviously, you missed the point. zappaman Nov 2013 #40
We don't have to know his motive to know he did it. Bolo Boffin Nov 2013 #43
Put your faith in one who seeks the truth. Avoid any who claim to have found it. Scuba Nov 2013 #7
I think that's probably been true for every American president. Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #8
And That Was My Point... Forget The Conspiracy Argument For A Moment Every Now And Then... WillyT Nov 2013 #9
Yes, it is. ancianita Nov 2013 #16
And today those that wish to kill the president Mr.Bill Nov 2013 #17
When was there an attempt to kill Nixon? I missed that bit of news for sure. Sognefjord Nov 2013 #24
... Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #25
The story is someone on the Political Left did it.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2013 #11
Yes, isn't it odd that it was communist who by all accounts should have been happy with sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #21
A pro-Cuban Communist should've been happy with an anti-Castro McCarthyite? Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #26
It doesn't matter. The left got the blame. Rightwingers want us to stop talking about it so the sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #35
A lone gunman does not preclude a conspiracy. RagAss Nov 2013 #12
Exactly! sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #36
I remember George H. W. Bush saying he didn't remember where he was on that day. Booster Nov 2013 #13
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I didn't exist, so I don't remember. JackRiddler Nov 2013 #23
He may be the only North American laundry_queen Nov 2013 #42
They are, truly. What was sickening was the glee I saw in Southern faces after it happened. ancianita Nov 2013 #15
I don't think it was Oswald alone underpants Nov 2013 #44
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