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33. We'll put off the quiz for a week, then. ;-) Let me know what you think about it
Sat Mar 10, 2012, 02:58 PM
Mar 2012

once you've had a chance to digest it.

If you like that one, companion work is by another French political anthropologist, Pierre Claustres, whose Society Against the State (1974), traces a lot of civilization's nastiness -- war, slavery, human sacrifice, capitalism -- through the Mayan example back to the advent of organized agriculture and the resulting need for mass labor, the creation and outfitting of armies to conquer peoples and territory, and internalized social control mechanisms (organized religion and ideologies of power) that enabled landowners to get and stay rich through accumulation of surplus value. One of Claustres great insights was an answer to why man in a state of nature would voluntarily subject himself to the exploitation of another. The answer he says, beyond violent duress, is the attraction of "magical thinking" held by a priestly class who created the myth that some men have higher wisdom. Embrace of the myth of superior intelligence and secret knowledge makes obedience possible, along with the maintenance of those who know how to wield that myth as power over others. Think Alan Greenspan at his height.

Jerod Dimond's book, Collapse (which you may already have) goes with that, whose application of Chaos Theory explains why even little flaws in the original condition of complex social systems will result in sudden, catastrophic collapse -- when people stop believing that the system works, systems built upon surplus value and the manipulation of illusions fall apart.

And I really don't know why so many pipoman Mar 2012 #1
Who is doing that? libtodeath Mar 2012 #7
My theory: It started with competition with The British Empire. no_hypocrisy Mar 2012 #2
That makes sense,thank you. libtodeath Mar 2012 #9
I think it predates that DavidDvorkin Mar 2012 #31
Sounds plausible. I concede. no_hypocrisy Mar 2012 #32
It is not just wing nuts nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #3
Wingers are always preaching personal responsibility which means learning from mistakes yet libtodeath Mar 2012 #8
Much of it is learned in grade school and high school history classes. I was a student in the 50s jwirr Mar 2012 #40
Collective guilt, denial, and scapegoating. It's like Absolution of Sin, there's a leveymg Mar 2012 #4
Damn, another book to read! nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #6
Go out and get "Violence and the Sacred" today. It's essential and revealing reading. leveymg Mar 2012 #16
I ordered from amazon nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #25
We'll put off the quiz for a week, then. ;-) Let me know what you think about it leveymg Mar 2012 #33
Collective Narcissism dynasaw Mar 2012 #5
from listening to a couple of my right wing aquaintances oldhippydude Mar 2012 #11
Then the fundies will run around libtodeath Mar 2012 #13
...same reason every 3-year old boy thinks he's the fastest runner there is bhikkhu Mar 2012 #10
A simple case of the contrary longship Mar 2012 #12
Americans do have a lot to be proud of. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2012 #14
We're obviously better because, um, wait. I'll think of it. HopeHoops Mar 2012 #15
For me it came from my earliest education raouldukelives Mar 2012 #17
Very true libtodeath Mar 2012 #19
Yes, to the national shame, racism clearly remains. hughee99 Mar 2012 #18
practically all other countries have wiped out racism? really? when did this happen? arely staircase Mar 2012 #39
Sort of my point... hughee99 Mar 2012 #41
then i misunderstood your point arely staircase Mar 2012 #42
Sorry, I actually have a bad habit of forgetting the hughee99 Mar 2012 #43
You use racism as an example SATIRical Mar 2012 #20
Tell that to the millions of Iraquis and Afghans who have had family killed by us over oil. libtodeath Mar 2012 #21
Don't you mean billions? SATIRical Mar 2012 #23
He made a true statement. DisgustipatedinCA Mar 2012 #29
Provide your evidence SATIRical Mar 2012 #36
This article adresses it clearly libtodeath Mar 2012 #44
According to those who know at least one million Iraqis died nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #30
By reliable counts SATIRical Mar 2012 #35
Sorry but the UN has calculated deaths in Iraq alone at million plus nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #46
Oops, guess you were wrong. Kingofalldems Mar 2012 #34
So your view of America is the correct one? cottonseed Mar 2012 #22
There is some history behind it. Zanzoobar Mar 2012 #24
Because we are an anti-intellectual country.... Bigmack Mar 2012 #26
Ego. Rex Mar 2012 #27
"Patriotism is the most foolish of passions, and the passion of fools." Schopenhauer Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2012 #28
Anti-anti-anti-intellectualism. Obviously. Robb Mar 2012 #37
Krueger Dunning effect Generic Other Mar 2012 #38
it's a powerful tool for social cohesion iverglas Mar 2012 #45
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