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261. Okay, I went back and looked at this thing.
Thu Dec 19, 2013, 02:17 AM
Dec 2013

The title of the piece is called Casting Off My Womb, which employs a play on words using a term for knitting meaning to tie off the piece so that it doesn't unravel. The title of the piece combined with the medium used to perform it (the artist and yarn) and the phrase "vagina knitting" sets up a play on words related to the role of women in society that views them as disposable goods or little more than baby factories, traditional attitudes regarding menstruation as repugnant, the female womb as the source of life, and the societal contradictions associated with the vagina and by extension women in general.

The confrontational nature of the piece is achieved by the shock value of the nude exposure of the artist and the storage of the yarn in her vagina prior to the production of the work. As the yarn is knitted into a long scarf like garment, it is suspended on coat hangers and stained with menstrual blood.

Metaphors relating to female sexuality, reproduction, abortion, the male gaze, and female control of their reproductive process work in conflict and resonate with the surrounding culture to create tension in the content of the piece. So the knitting phrase "casting (tying) off" resonates with "tying tubes" to prevent pregnancy and of course the concept of tying or binding is associated with bondage and repression. And the phrase "casting off" can also be applied to the concept of women as disposable due to infertility or aging. The "product" of the artist's vagina is suspended on coat hangers, an implement which has considerable symbolic associations with "back alley" abortions and the political and cultural repression of female control of their own reproductive process. Also, knitting is associated with the traditional knitting of baby booties by pregnant women, now suspended by coat hangers.

The result of the piece is the display of a bloody offering suspended by implements of repression of women by men. The method of execution is designed to both titillate and repulse the viewer through the nudity of the artist and the garment she creates. While the overall balance of metaphors and the tension they create in their relationship with each other is carefully crafted and the sublimation of the artist as the artwork itself validates the piece as a well crafted bit of performance art, it suffers a bit from a somewhat too obvious awareness of the market for which it is intended, evidenced by the tone of the commentary in the link provided and the somwwhat deravitive nature from the previous work of Carolee Schneeman. Also, while the overlapping metaphors work well, perhaps they work too well and become an exercise in riffing on hot button issues and metaphors without digging any deeper than their obvious connotations and contradictions. Overall, a successful piece but hardly groundbreaking.

That's my initial impression, but I'm tired now and I'm going to bed.

Um ... Okay. 1000words Dec 2013 #1
Like much (most?) performance art . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #2
Is the art the performance, the reaction or both?... Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #6
It's more of a crafting project, like my candles jberryhill Dec 2013 #9
I'm not eating that cake. n/t MrModerate Dec 2013 #28
All of the above, and none of it matters. n/t MrModerate Dec 2013 #26
What exactly is "silly" about this? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #18
'Silly' is a grab-bag word for . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #27
Is that how you see this performance piece? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #38
Yes. MrModerate Dec 2013 #103
That is inarguably sad. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #107
Why? HappyMe Dec 2013 #108
There is a difference between disliking a work and thinking it "silly." Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #109
Provocative art solicits a response 1000words Dec 2013 #111
Each response needs to be explicated. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #112
Says you. 1000words Dec 2013 #113
I happen to think that your dismissive HappyMe Dec 2013 #115
I happen to think that the elementary school responses in this thread... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #116
Good for you. HappyMe Dec 2013 #118
THIS is why I hate most defenders of art joeglow3 Dec 2013 #132
That was almost exactly my own experience. Marr Dec 2013 #165
That wouldn't be the traditional, easy position, actually. Marr Dec 2013 #163
I don't just "accept" anything because it's called art, if that's what you're implying. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #170
You've a superior understanding of art, congratulations. Marr Dec 2013 #175
And what is wrong with being shocking? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #176
Is Jack Ass as worthwhile as Bill Moyers? Marr Dec 2013 #181
Not all shocks are equal. The motivation for the shock is important. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #182
I am not shocked by this piece. kwassa Dec 2013 #186
Interesting. I just ran across this response so we might be out of sequence . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #187
Ah, okay, so she was asking for it. That sounds familiar... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #194
In the interview the artist specifically addresses her intent to confront on a sexual level. MrModerate Dec 2013 #199
She's asking for people to think and be provocative. Not be sexist pigs. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #209
I don't think you understand the conventions of performance art . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #210
Rude and stupid responses should be expected. But not on a message board like DU. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #211
I don't disagree . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #241
you are exactly right... snooper2 Dec 2013 #280
There are better ways to get a point across. HappyMe Dec 2013 #114
The question is why does someone consider it silly. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #117
Who gets to decide what is silly? HappyMe Dec 2013 #120
An opinion is worthless if it is not backed up with considerable explanation. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #124
You are the one demanding "considerable explanation". HappyMe Dec 2013 #127
I'm not demanding an explanation. I'm saying that without an explanation... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #131
That's your opinion. HappyMe Dec 2013 #138
Have you been able to find anyone who gives a shit about your disapproval? DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2013 #274
Ahhhh....no. Subjectivity doesn't demand assholery. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #275
my "Primary gut reaction" and my thoughtful, considered opinion Scout Dec 2013 #126
"so what if she shoves a skein of yarn up her vagina" - Ummm, that's kind of the entire point. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #128
sure, cause the vagina and menstruation have NEVER been productive Scout Dec 2013 #135
Oh good grief! HappyMe Dec 2013 #136
But why was it gross? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #140
Because being a pig and flinging your HappyMe Dec 2013 #144
So it's a minor annoyance that trash was not disposed of properly. How does that make it gross? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #147
It's a biohazard. HappyMe Dec 2013 #149
Discarded feminine hygiene products do not constitute a biohazard according to OSHA. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #152
And....? HappyMe Dec 2013 #154
Haha! RiffRandell Dec 2013 #220
The same reason a booger on the wall is gross. Marr Dec 2013 #167
Ah, so art can only answer deeper questions than what constitutes grossness. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #169
Art can address any question the artist likes. Marr Dec 2013 #172
What does make a used tampon gross? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #174
My guess is it's the same thing that makes ear wax gross, boogers, and toe jam gross. /nt Marr Dec 2013 #177
You haven't actually answered the question. You've just shifted to other things. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #178
I suppose it's a question for the world's 3rd grade philosophers. Marr Dec 2013 #183
No, abjectness and grossness are deeply related. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #184
This is the sort of silly excrement-doodling the art world has become thoughtlessly attached to. Marr Dec 2013 #189
How are abjectness and grossness related? kwassa Dec 2013 #191
Actually they did. You just can't respond. joeglow3 Dec 2013 #222
You still haven't answered the question without being circular. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #235
Damn. I've been to some dive bars but I've never in my life seen that. redqueen Dec 2013 #153
No it isn't a shitty bar. HappyMe Dec 2013 #158
Are you kidding? I've seen it in department stores. SMC22307 Dec 2013 #250
Thank you! HappyMe Dec 2013 #130
Glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I ran across "political and social activism" . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #139
Which implies that the artist must handle positive and negative feedback no matter how ridiculous. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #146
We agree on the 'everyone's got an opinion' part . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #180
Baseless and idiotic? EOTE Dec 2013 #278
Actually, I'm a happy person . . . MrModerate Dec 2013 #133
Maybe Rectal Knitting as a follow-up? WorseBeforeBetter Dec 2013 #3
Did you just compare a brown eye with a pink eye? ismnotwasm Dec 2013 #22
Ha, no. WorseBeforeBetter Dec 2013 #59
It's great for those of us with a sense of humor ismnotwasm Dec 2013 #60
You two need to quit, I really can't stop laughing snooper2 Dec 2013 #282
did you have to go there? Supersedeas Dec 2013 #208
I guess delivery by Christmas is out of the question now jberryhill Dec 2013 #4
Are you saying there's something fishy about the story? 1000words Dec 2013 #23
I'm not going down that slippery slope with you jberryhill Dec 2013 #63
Forgive me, I didn't mean to be lippy. 1000words Dec 2013 #97
It's the knit-picking artsy-fartsy definitions. Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #66
Disappointed to learn that her vagina is not actually doing the knitting. TwilightGardener Dec 2013 #5
I think there is a bar in Tijuana... jberryhill Dec 2013 #10
Interesting contrast redqueen Dec 2013 #74
Very interesting observation...spot on..nt Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #102
that's what I thought-- it would be like chopsticks and then she'd be doing latch-hook with her ass yurbud Dec 2013 #123
Lots of clickety-clickety noises and then...a nice scarf emerges, perfect for TwilightGardener Dec 2013 #145
and you don't mean your Al Pacino imitation yurbud Dec 2013 #195
That was more of a "hooWAGHHH", if I recall. TwilightGardener Dec 2013 #203
hehe...misleading headline hibbing Dec 2013 #236
Vaginal Yarn Dispensing at best. eShirl Dec 2013 #265
LOL. TwilightGardener Dec 2013 #266
In Japan I saw a vagina that could eject 100 yen coins in time to music. Kablooie Dec 2013 #277
I know right, now if she was able to do it upside down snooper2 Dec 2013 #283
I've never heard of her and I have no comment... TreasonousBastard Dec 2013 #7
I will eye handknit Christmas gifts with new suspicion, myself. TwilightGardener Dec 2013 #17
Red ones I could maybe deal with,but... TreasonousBastard Dec 2013 #20
Chicks rock! zappaman Dec 2013 #8
I'll stick with penis crochet. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #11
you have a point there. grantcart Dec 2013 #34
You got me wondering what I would find with goggle and "penis crochet" grantcart Dec 2013 #166
I guess nothing is ever invented for the first time. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #207
LOL ... you have way too much time on your hands, Grant 1000words Dec 2013 #259
I thought she was going to work the needles with her klegels BainsBane Dec 2013 #12
Same here...I'm thinking, WOW, that's some toned kegels... countryjake Dec 2013 #13
Hi, why does your profile say you are male? uppityperson Dec 2013 #14
The OP has a link to the author.. Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #15
Ah, thank you. I was thinking it'd be neat if a DUer did this. thanks, am tired and confused tonight uppityperson Dec 2013 #16
No worries. Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #21
Thank you for posting this! Luminous Animal Dec 2013 #25
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #213
Best to use the "excerpt" button to distinguish. joshcryer Dec 2013 #39
Well, thank god for blocking. Warpy Dec 2013 #19
Final Jeopardy question: "Shit You Can't Make Up". K.O. Stradivarius Dec 2013 #24
This one time, at knitting camp ... 1000words Dec 2013 #29
That is gross Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #30
so gross The Wielding Truth Dec 2013 #32
I'm a conceptual artist myself Retrograde Dec 2013 #31
"bODY_rEMIx/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS" by Marie Chouinard, premiered in 2005 for the Venice Biennale's Int Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #33
In the first video at 0:50 Cliffordu makes a cameo appearance. grantcart Dec 2013 #35
That's rather amusing. In_The_Wind Dec 2013 #78
Hey....Can I lick this on Facebook? cliffordu Dec 2013 #104
uhhhh....yeah. that's worth the price of admission Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #41
this is dance. nothing weird about it. and it's obviously a riff on Paxton's 1986 cali Dec 2013 #48
Thanks for the link and reference...nt Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #100
Wow! Those videos are incredible! nt tblue37 Dec 2013 #263
I like performance art…it is a true act of consent... Tikki Dec 2013 #36
I don't know what to think about Interior Semiotics. joshcryer Dec 2013 #40
For what it is…someone(s) was supposed to feel uneasy... Tikki Dec 2013 #142
Oscar worthy acting then. joshcryer Dec 2013 #264
Stupid runs rampant in this world aristocles Dec 2013 #37
this is one of those giving birth with dolphins and other stupid shit JI7 Dec 2013 #42
No, it's meant to materialize menstruation in such a way that is not inherently abject. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #43
Refreshing to see a non-middle-school-level take on this. redqueen Dec 2013 #82
I'm a-gonna materialize me some abjectifications right now. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #91
"materialize"? lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #122
What makes it incomprehensible? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #125
"materialize menstruation"? lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #141
No, I like the verb materialize in this context. It fits well into the rhetoric... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #143
Yes. I was questioning your use of the english language. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #148
Teenagers have been doing that since the beginning of time... snooper2 Dec 2013 #284
performance art = meatspace trolling eShirl Dec 2013 #44
(chuckle) Bravo to her! sibelian Dec 2013 #45
The Hanky Panky trick is amazing to me, how does she do it? countryjake Dec 2013 #50
Sounds like the same girl! sibelian Dec 2013 #99
This message was self-deleted by its author jberryhill Dec 2013 #150
Awwwwww. I know now. sibelian Dec 2013 #200
Yeah I wasn't sure about that jberryhill Dec 2013 #202
True. sibelian Dec 2013 #262
what a self-righteous little prig this woman is. ironic, isn't it? cali Dec 2013 #46
Actually, I'd say that she is the total oppisite of a prigg notadmblnd Dec 2013 #105
Whatever floats her boat. MadrasT Dec 2013 #47
I don't think you need to have a learning difference to find that performance pointless. nt MADem Dec 2013 #52
If she knits really fast with "Pom-Pom" yarn ... intaglio Dec 2013 #49
I knit, but I knit outside the box. kaiden Dec 2013 #51
Lol!!! WCGreen Dec 2013 #64
Pfffffft! mmonk Dec 2013 #75
she did the whole performance art piece to set up that joke. yurbud Dec 2013 #119
I guess not enough people paid attention to her the first go-round.. Ikonoklast Dec 2013 #53
Good grief! HappyMe Dec 2013 #54
Blood. Try field-dressing a deer, either sex. Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #67
That includes blood and guts, HappyMe Dec 2013 #68
No wonder we hate ourselves -- look what's inside! Argh! Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #84
What? HappyMe Dec 2013 #88
With some trepidation, I use this metaphor: A tongue-in-cheek remark. Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #159
Ah, okay. HappyMe Dec 2013 #160
No problem. Field dressing means 2 memorable steps: Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #164
These people thanked Mother Nature, HappyMe Dec 2013 #171
There is a practice in some European countries a well... Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #197
People know, but it's a taboo subject. redqueen Dec 2013 #77
I have never thought of it as taboo. HappyMe Dec 2013 #80
Commercials are neither here nor there. Completely beside the point. redqueen Dec 2013 #81
I don't talk about anybody's bodily functions HappyMe Dec 2013 #86
This isn't about you, though. redqueen Dec 2013 #89
I'm not a part of society? HappyMe Dec 2013 #90
What? redqueen Dec 2013 #92
Well I can only give you my HappyMe Dec 2013 #93
Understood. redqueen Dec 2013 #96
Lost me at the blood stained wool liberal N proud Dec 2013 #55
But at the same time, both sexes shed a lot of blood in competitive sports derby378 Dec 2013 #156
Another interesting observation. redqueen Dec 2013 #161
Whatever works for a person get the red out Dec 2013 #56
If she had knit in the round ... surrealAmerican Dec 2013 #57
Huh? Iggo Dec 2013 #58
Where's the Volvo she keeps talking about? n/t indie9197 Dec 2013 #61
There are very few performance artist and their "art" Le Taz Hot Dec 2013 #62
I don't get it Marrah_G Dec 2013 #65
Well, she get her millions of YT views, so mission accomplished... Blue_Tires Dec 2013 #69
+1000 Liberal_in_LA Dec 2013 #214
OMG closeupready Dec 2013 #70
lol! I was kind of waiting for someone to say that. HappyMe Dec 2013 #71
lol Dash87 Dec 2013 #72
Things like this make me wish I was jberryhill Dec 2013 #73
I suppose we all have our own crosses to bear. closeupready Dec 2013 #76
Someone upthread mentioned 'a show in Tijuana'. redqueen Dec 2013 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #83
I'm trying to imagine shoving great wads of yarn up my vagina. .. riderinthestorm Dec 2013 #85
that was my thought--something dry and itchy, slowly rotating for 28 days yurbud Dec 2013 #121
I wish I could un-see that. ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #87
This is not art. This is no different from Lady Gaga's meat dress, like... Sarah Ibarruri Dec 2013 #94
Do you actually understand the message behind this? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #110
oh please, DO explain it to we immature middle-schoolers!! Scout Dec 2013 #129
I imagine that most middle-schoolers know that knitting with one's vagina is impossible. redqueen Dec 2013 #157
THat's not vaginal knitting! It's conventional knitting ... MNBrewer Dec 2013 #95
spot on, this. n/t Scout Dec 2013 #137
Wow. I completely missed the raging debate about this work. rrneck Dec 2013 #98
I just threw up in my mouth LordGlenconner Dec 2013 #101
Grab a skein of yarn and crochet a doily. SMC22307 Dec 2013 #253
If her objective was to get a conversation going... Laffy Kat Dec 2013 #106
Weird. polly7 Dec 2013 #134
not sure what "ideas" she's attempting to express, but magical thyme Dec 2013 #151
Wonder what she'll do as a follow up. dipsydoodle Dec 2013 #155
!... TeeYiYi Dec 2013 #173
Oh hum. earthside Dec 2013 #162
That's digusting and she deserves every insult she got and more. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #168
Are you kidding me? Are you really suggesting that her art is simply a result of not having sex? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #179
Let me ask you something. HappyMe Dec 2013 #185
Does it make any difference to my argument if I was one or the other? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #188
Are you male or female? HappyMe Dec 2013 #190
Unless you can justify such a disclosure, you're not getting an answer. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #193
Garble wharble! HappyMe Dec 2013 #196
Ah so now you've basically just resorted to calling me a dirty hippie. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #205
LOL! HappyMe Dec 2013 #206
I'm dying here LittleBlue Dec 2013 #251
Gravity Collapse used to be open about being male. Quantess Dec 2013 #271
Knitting bloody/plain yarn out of a vagina is not art to me. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #212
What about piss christ or Texasgal Dec 2013 #215
Those were made by men. Therefore it's okay. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #217
No, you're embarrassing to this website because of your disgusting, woman hating rhetoric. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #216
Did you ever hear of vibrators? RiffRandell Dec 2013 #218
But you mentioned her physical attrubutes Texasgal Dec 2013 #219
Oh well. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #221
It was defiantly shock value Texasgal Dec 2013 #224
Not at all. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #226
would you have wondered why piss Texasgal Dec 2013 #229
You know, it's funny... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #228
Certainly not the only poster whose contributions to this thread ... 1000words Dec 2013 #233
Hmmmm those tactics seem awfully familiar. redqueen Dec 2013 #270
Oh so you were merely implying that she needed to go fuck herself. That's much better. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #223
She did, with yarn. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #227
She said in the video that on occasion it was physically arousing. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #232
Sorry, you lost me in the spin. polly7 Dec 2013 #230
Well, it's not. The poster implied that something else needed to be inserted to her vagina. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #231
Bullshit. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #234
She was talking about physical arousal. Which is the result of physical stimulation. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #237
I don't get aroused by inserting or removing a tampon. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #239
I interpreted it as she needed some kind of attention. polly7 Dec 2013 #238
On the contrary, I've been begging people all afternoon to explain themselves. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #240
I'm not sure how you got to 'female hysteria' out of this. polly7 Dec 2013 #242
There's a difference between not enjoying the art and calling an artist physically ugly. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #244
Your strange accusations throughout this thread polly7 Dec 2013 #246
She could be a good spokesperson for Monistat. RiffRandell Dec 2013 #247
That's for sure ... polly7 Dec 2013 #252
I ain't art unless you suffer! 1000words Dec 2013 #255
LOL ... polly7 Dec 2013 #257
Another MRA that doesn't approve... Egalitarian Thug Dec 2013 #201
This message was self-deleted by its author lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #249
I'm very glad it is important and meaningful to her LadyHawkAZ Dec 2013 #192
If you are making vagina art when you are menstruating would that art be called a .... Botany Dec 2013 #198
Nice one! redqueen Dec 2013 #204
This just seems like someone trying too hard to be edgy...sorry. likesmountains 52 Dec 2013 #225
I hope no one follows this up with penis knitting NoOneMan Dec 2013 #243
Vaginal knitting what the foook? LittleBlue Dec 2013 #245
The very best DU handle is now taken! 1000words Dec 2013 #248
... LittleBlue Dec 2013 #254
Wonder whose sock that is? LAGC Dec 2013 #256
I'd like to welcome our new poster. 1000words Dec 2013 #260
Bizarre... one_voice Dec 2013 #258
Okay, I went back and looked at this thing. rrneck Dec 2013 #261
Sooo... the video is a protest of the male gaze? lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #267
That's part of it. rrneck Dec 2013 #268
Along similar lines: Lizzie Poppet Dec 2013 #269
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #272
Now THAT is what I call a cunning stunt. (nt) Nye Bevan Dec 2013 #273
Calvin would have something to say about this. sir pball Dec 2013 #276
lol thats great Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #281
This is the funniest shit I have seen in at least four years snooper2 Dec 2013 #279
This piece of performance art is pretty easy to MineralMan Dec 2013 #285
Archiving...I'm the 'vaginal knitting' perfomance artist – and I want to defend my work Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #286
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