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Duck Dynasty - Best take down EVER [View all] WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2013 OP
Priceless!!! Arkansas Granny Dec 2013 #1
Priceless indeed! Plucketeer Dec 2013 #39
You could be onto something with that revised title. Arkansas Granny Dec 2013 #40
I actually saw a show last weekend tavalon Dec 2013 #61
Just curious Egnever Dec 2013 #50
I confess I was deceitful in that comment.... Plucketeer Dec 2013 #54
I can answer that. Curmudgeoness Dec 2013 #80
ALL of them are pablum for the ignorant. AlbertCat Dec 2013 #66
Your f****g ass is well spoken! nt Auntie Bush Dec 2013 #59
Douchbag Daniels says his civil rights have been violated. Dawson Leery Dec 2013 #2
Just another complete inability to understand the constitution, which the tea baggers claim to know DeschutesRiver Dec 2013 #27
Just another complete inability to understand the constitution AlbertCat Dec 2013 #67
Yeah, well Maynar Dec 2013 #89
He does have the right to say whatever he feels like. HOWEVER, that ALSO means he has the right calimary Dec 2013 #108
That's fake too. He already said he was leaving the show well before this happened. El_Johns Dec 2013 #109
That's great. mnhtnbb Dec 2013 #3
Awesome rant! adirondacker Dec 2013 #4
Hope A&E and the rest of the media tells these hairy whores to go away. Erose999 Dec 2013 #5
Perfect Incitatus Dec 2013 #6
Wow. Just. Wow. IdaBriggs Dec 2013 #7
Excellent. DURHAM D Dec 2013 #8
Until recently, I thought 'Duck Dynasty' was a show on the "Toon" network Siwsan Dec 2013 #9
That's where I was, too. Unfortunately, that would seem to be the point of the current kerfluffle. MH1 Dec 2013 #99
You have made me very happy. What a gift. IADEMO2004 Dec 2013 #10
My Liberal Southern Ass approves of this message. nolabear Dec 2013 #11
Ditto! cordelia Dec 2013 #14
My Socialist Yankee Ass.... daleanime Dec 2013 #30
So we gettin' cozy Maynar Dec 2013 #90
My ass agrees with your ass... Tom_Foolery Dec 2013 #33
My Liberal Southern California Ass concurs! calimary Dec 2013 #110
Fucking A madokie Dec 2013 #12
Excellent rant, hits on many good points, including that these asshats don't represent the South. Scuba Dec 2013 #13
Dusty use to be a fundy so he knows every Bible verse there is. nt Quixote1818 Dec 2013 #15
Wow, emailing this video to some of my friends. B Calm Dec 2013 #16
Wow, this guy is a genius! I love it. Sending it to people I know. n-t Logical Dec 2013 #17
Hah! toby jo Dec 2013 #18
Great Irishonly Dec 2013 #19
"Fuck these fake mf'ers!" Bobbie Jo Dec 2013 #20
Whoa. Give that man a gold medal. Is he righteous, or what? closeupready Dec 2013 #21
good rant heaven05 Dec 2013 #22
WOW. bvar22 Dec 2013 #23
AWESOME SAUCE! (Have we found the Rude Pundit?!) WinkyDink Dec 2013 #24
Thanks. All RW religious haters, particularly the christianists, are fakes. End of story. nt Zorra Dec 2013 #25
He made my week! n/t Digital Puppy Dec 2013 #26
"Fuck these fake mother-fuckers!" chervilant Dec 2013 #28
dailymail (UK) - Before the beards! October 2013 WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2013 #29
that was worth watching!!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #31
At 4 minutes narrator describes the Tea Party to a tee. JaneyVee Dec 2013 #32
That was simply dinger130 Dec 2013 #34
Thanks, Dude! K&R TxVietVet Dec 2013 #35
Shit ProSense Dec 2013 #36
"logic" hfojvt Dec 2013 #37
Duck Dynasty is to real Southerners as WWE is to real sports. grantcart Dec 2013 #38
As a native Texan, I agree with everything he said. Rex Dec 2013 #41
Me, too. hamsterjill Dec 2013 #58
How about that? superpatriotman Dec 2013 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #43
Thanks for creating an account and stopping by, Phil!! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2013 #44
Indeed. He certainly changed MY mind! arcane1 Dec 2013 #45
how do you like your pizza? Viking12 Dec 2013 #48
I HATE it when somebody gets removed before I can see why!! Blast! 7962 Dec 2013 #69
you didn't miss much Viking12 Dec 2013 #72
Yes, but see, navarth Dec 2013 #100
Magnificent rant. jsr Dec 2013 #46
Seriously!!! tosh Dec 2013 #47
, blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #49
That's pretty funny Xyzse Dec 2013 #51
Couldn't have said it better! Live and Learn Dec 2013 #52
I was perfectly happy last week, before I ever heard of Phil Robertson Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #53
Right on! DesertRat Dec 2013 #55
I like it! Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Dec 2013 #56
Now that's one Southerner I would love to invite over for dinner. Baitball Blogger Dec 2013 #57
K&R ReRe Dec 2013 #60
K&R Jamastiene Dec 2013 #62
That's awesome! neverforget Dec 2013 #63
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! pacalo Dec 2013 #64
now this is funny shit ` 4dsc Dec 2013 #65
Right-wingers ginned up about this. Faygo Kid Dec 2013 #68
Posted this on FB today for all who support "Southern culture." HIlarious. ancianita Dec 2013 #70
The President has said he watches the show, believe it or not, and likes it! nt 7962 Dec 2013 #71
Kay Robertson wears Hijab Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2013 #73
Are the two dudes on the right married to each other or in a relationship? Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2013 #74
Are they standing in the overflow from their septic tanks? TahitiNut Dec 2013 #106
"Seriously . . . logic". Major Hogwash Dec 2013 #75
dayum! mike_c Dec 2013 #76
The only thing is I just saw on Chris Hayes a picture of Phil from 2010 Maraya1969 Dec 2013 #77
This is just great. AntiSleep Dec 2013 #78
Welcome to DU! Agschmid Dec 2013 #88
This is a KEEPER! FarPoint Dec 2013 #79
Oh Hell YES!!!!!!!!!!! Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2013 #81
I suppose the greatest revenge for all of us to enjoy would be calimary Dec 2013 #82
I had never heard of this show. Yikes. oldandhappy Dec 2013 #83
That was self righteously awesome! Catherine Vincent Dec 2013 #84
fucking FAKES! barbtries Dec 2013 #85
K & R SunSeeker Dec 2013 #86
K&R!!! DeSwiss Dec 2013 #87
It is truly impressive King_Klonopin Dec 2013 #91
That was a little over 5 minutes of continuous, non-stop WIN. nt Poll_Blind Dec 2013 #92
Very well said! Callalily Dec 2013 #93
publicity stunt... he nailed it ProdigalJunkMail Dec 2013 #94
Tell it Dusty! brucefan Dec 2013 #95
Awesome blueinannarbor Dec 2013 #96
Old Macdonald had a swamp, revised for Phil..... drewbai Dec 2013 #97
well done! nt navarth Dec 2013 #101
good point about how they are trying to sell you shit treestar Dec 2013 #98
"...because this is America: land of gullible r****ds..." LWolf Dec 2013 #102
nevermind :) WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2013 #103
Marking for later watch underpants Dec 2013 #104
I sent it to one of friends who likes this show. darkangel218 Dec 2013 #105
Truth Means Nothing to Right Wingers Dogtired Dec 2013 #107
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