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Obama and Christie [View all] brentspeak Jan 2014 OP
How dare Obama help NJ after Sandy!!! JoePhilly Jan 2014 #1
Sandy happened in the previous October brentspeak Jan 2014 #6
So the President can't go back and review JoePhilly Jan 2014 #10
Yes, he was "reviewing the progress" brentspeak Jan 2014 #12
He should have kicked Christie in the balls I guess. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #25
Even with Obama, Buono wouldn't have won. vi5 Jan 2014 #2
+1. jsr Jan 2014 #4
Right on cue. What kept you? Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #3
Sorry for the delay. brentspeak Jan 2014 #9
Buono was going to lose no matter what fantasy you've created to the contrary. This is just... Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #22
Like clockwork! babylonsister Jan 2014 #34
Hey, I don't give him much for substance, but you gotta give him points for creativity. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #37
That is a serious bromance photo there... giftedgirl77 Jan 2014 #5
What a ridiculous assessment. Democrats, thanks to anti Dem folks like yourself, don't have the.... Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #24
Anti-dem folks like myself? giftedgirl77 Jan 2014 #30
"Wow" is right. You're just a big ol' mass of contradictions, aren't you? You're aware this is a.. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #31
No, you are the one missing the point REPEATEDLY giftedgirl77 Jan 2014 #32
You do know that Buono was already an elected official, right? She went in to this race with a 30.. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #36
want some cheese to go with that whine? nt geek tragedy Jan 2014 #7
Interesing Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #18
Frankly, ProSense Jan 2014 #8
President Obama JustAnotherGen Jan 2014 #11
Obama and Christie PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #13
Politics as usual does not = "change". Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #14
Can't help but respect a political move like that. ProgressSaves Jan 2014 #15
This photo was not from before the election. n/t PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #16
It was taken in 2012, during the first buddy-buddy photo-op brentspeak Jan 2014 #20
You want the president to go out and stump for a sure loser Boom Sound 416 Jan 2014 #17
He did it for Martha Coakley Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #19
So rinse, repeat? Boom Sound 416 Jan 2014 #21
Yes Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #23
Coakley lost by 5 points, 110,000 votes geek tragedy Jan 2014 #33
They are recycling an old outrage widget. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #26
It is cold out Boom Sound 416 Jan 2014 #27
THANKS OBAMA!!!! JoePhilly Jan 2014 #28
... Boom Sound 416 Jan 2014 #29
Extreme ODS...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #35
Extreme, indeed. But this is really reaching, even for the o.p. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #38
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