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72. Sabrina, did you get a chance to watch the news conference by the other whistleblowers including
Sun Jan 19, 2014, 05:43 AM
Jan 2014

Binney and Tice?

Here is the link.


If you haven't watched it, it is long but worth listening to.

You should check out the Drudge Report this morning, Willy Cali_Democrat Jan 2014 #1
Drudge?..... really? bvar22 Jan 2014 #12
Drudge loves him some Snowden. Cali_Democrat Jan 2014 #14
Sorry. I don't do Drudge. bvar22 Jan 2014 #17
It's not about doing Drudge. LMAO Cali_Democrat Jan 2014 #18
Fuck anyone spying on us whatchamacallit Jan 2014 #27
AMEN! HangOnKids Jan 2014 #71
You didn't just gawk and laugh HangOnKids Jan 2014 #73
I bet most libertarians also love ice cream and our Constitution and sunny days and Sundays JDPriestly Jan 2014 #69
No self respecting Democrat would ever give a click to that blog. Is it still going? sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #38
Nailed it in Post #1 Number23 Jan 2014 #62
You might enjoy the press conference given by whistleblowers Binney, Tice, et al. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #70
Vindicated? Did the indictment get vacated? nt msanthrope Jan 2014 #2
No, but grantcart Jan 2014 #37
Have there been any indictments against War Criminals yet? sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #39
+1000 whatchamacallit Jan 2014 #41
I guess Eddie hasn't been vindicated then treestar Jan 2014 #65
I think we should prosecute no one until Bush is prosecuted! Free Bernie Madoff!!! nt msanthrope Jan 2014 #66
Unfortuantely, the acknowledgment does nothing to fix the problem. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #3
So Obama owes Snowden a solid for a heads up on the spying agencies Rex Jan 2014 #4
I don't think anyone mimi85 Jan 2014 #22
I never noticed him asking for shit. He exposed crimes he witnessed that is the duty of any citizen sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #40
Alex Hamilton in your quote? HangOnKids Jan 2014 #74
Didn't the President say something about revising the NSA 3wks. before the Snowden leak? The Wielding Truth Jan 2014 #36
No one ever argued that the NSA didn't need reforms, even Senator Obama agreed JaneyVee Jan 2014 #5
That is the heart of the matter ksoze Jan 2014 #6
And here I thought that the Constitution is "heart of the matter". Wilms Jan 2014 #9
the Constitution is still the law of the land questionseverything Jan 2014 #26
Since this has been upheld dozens of times as Constitutional by the courts... ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2014 #30
Are you done lecturing me from the milquetoast center? Wilms Jan 2014 #33
+1 treestar Jan 2014 #64
That's what I thought also, that the violations of Constitutional Rights using 9/11 was the heart of sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #44
So you hate Obama too?!? Wilms Jan 2014 #53
That doesn't "vindicate" Snowden. Not hardly. n/t Lil Missy Jan 2014 #7
Why don't you care that Snowwald had pole dancers in his garage? Fumesucker Jan 2014 #8
I am delighted to read that headline. bvar22 Jan 2014 #10
Is there some sort of bat alert? BrotherIvan Jan 2014 #15
waiting for their talking points xiamiam Jan 2014 #16
Its like they have nothing else to do... Th1onein Jan 2014 #61
Wait, ProSense Jan 2014 #11
Yeah, how can it be both a PR stunt and vindication of Showden? randome Jan 2014 #19
Why can't it be both? Hissyspit Jan 2014 #25
Because Snowden isn't in favor of "modest reforms" ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2014 #31
You have cites to support that Snowden is in favor of no intelligence services at all for the US? nt Fumesucker Jan 2014 #34
Given all he's broadcast about how we collect from foreign countries TO those countries ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2014 #42
No cites? Fumesucker Jan 2014 #43
In other news, there are no "cites" ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2014 #49
LOL! Rex Jan 2014 #54
Got a link to this: 'He's told the Chinese ... He's told the Russians' I've asked sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #45
Sure, I'll be happy to google that for you... ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2014 #48
You mean he spoke to the press? We know that, that's what Whistle Blowers generally do. sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #51
Are you seriously trying to say, Sabrina, that no one in China reads Chinese newspapers? ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2014 #58
When the NYT published the Pentagon Papers are you seriously saying that no one in Russia sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #60
He will get credit for it when he does it. zeemike Jan 2014 #21
'Nothing' came from Candidate Obama? Nothing? randome Jan 2014 #23
Nothing that concerns the topic. zeemike Jan 2014 #32
Have there been any indictments against War Criminals, Wall St Criminals, Torturers, people who lie sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #46
Sabrina, did you get a chance to watch the news conference by the other whistleblowers including JDPriestly Jan 2014 #72
Just saw this JDPriestly, thank you. I will listen to it. sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #76
Yep mimi85 Jan 2014 #24
Recommended, for the headline alone. Autumn Jan 2014 #13
K&R LittleBlue Jan 2014 #20
hahahahahahaah! VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #28
I don't care much for the word "vindicated", as it implies Blue_Tires Jan 2014 #29
Edward Snowden Vindicated.... rtracey Jan 2014 #35
Like Ellsberg, a thief like Ellsberg you mean? sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #47
Check the profile HangOnKids Jan 2014 #75
vinĚdiĚcate [vin-di-keyt] - to clear, as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like baldguy Jan 2014 #50
Making modest adjustments to NSA operational guidelines... gcomeau Jan 2014 #52
A lot of good that'll do him BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #55
The biggest changes will be to stop future "Snowdens" from getting access to sensistive data. DCBob Jan 2014 #56
So they're going to ask Eddie Progressive dog Jan 2014 #57
Yeah...And Our Politician's "Fidelity" To This Nation Is Underwhelming... WillyT Jan 2014 #59
Our politicians get elected because We The People Progressive dog Jan 2014 #63
We need more Snowdens, Mannings, and whistle blowers to get "transparency" and action. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #67
K & fucking r! n/t wildbilln864 Jan 2014 #68
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