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Holder to Boston: #%^* you. [View all] MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 OP
Holder has been one of the worst attorney generals quinnox Jan 2014 #1
I strongly disagree. He's been one of the best. EOP nt kelliekat44 Jan 2014 #4
Exactly what has Holder done well? DefenseLawyer Jan 2014 #6
Let me guess : you're not a black voter in geek tragedy Jan 2014 #20
Okay...kudos...I literally laughed out loud! VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #32
you totally JustAnotherGen Jan 2014 #78
There are times when you piss me off, and there are times when I want to hug you. 11 Bravo Jan 2014 #105
suing the racist Texas Lege. arely staircase Jan 2014 #38
Lots of stuff... nikto Jan 2014 #68
Bingo. Scuba Jan 2014 #72
Holder has handled civil rights and voting rights matters very well. Laelth Jan 2014 #80
spot on! this, this, this. cali Jan 2014 #81
Good morning, cali. Laelth Jan 2014 #87
Citibank and Goldman Sachs agree with you KeepItReal Jan 2014 #21
The old slap on the wrist warrant46 Feb 2014 #124
Not really. gLibDem Jan 2014 #63
Are ... are you serious ...? DragonBorn Jan 2014 #93
Yes, what a disappointment he has been! To say the least ... sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #58
Wrong. bravenak Jan 2014 #103
Go give "Third Way Manny" a wedgie 1000words Jan 2014 #2
Agreed! He should be put away for life. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #3
I actually think he should be found guilty, first. eom Fawke Em Jan 2014 #10
I agree but I think he did it. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #12
I just have to say I don't know. Fawke Em Jan 2014 #16
Good points. we will just have to see how it unfolds. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #18
He said fuck you to the city, the state and the region. morningfog Jan 2014 #5
Does it make you sick to your soul? nt geek tragedy Jan 2014 #13
I think it is shameful and disgusting. morningfog Jan 2014 #31
Meh. I oppose the death penalty as a policy, geek tragedy Jan 2014 #34
Not even the bombing itself? VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #35
"Sick To My Soul" Is A Reference To An OP By WilliamPitt Yesterday Liberal_Dog Jan 2014 #102
At least one victims' parents asked for the DP MH1 Jan 2014 #7
So if a victim's family wants him drawn and quartered? DefenseLawyer Jan 2014 #8
I agree with you on that, which is why, MH1 Jan 2014 #14
I read the filing. Fawke Em Jan 2014 #9
Maybe he doesn't show sympathy for the victims... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #37
How would anyone know, though, is my point? Fawke Em Jan 2014 #43
I suppose he has had Psychiatrists or others who could interview him... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #49
The jury will find out. nt geek tragedy Jan 2014 #56
Catch 22 MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #42
Exactly my point. Fawke Em Jan 2014 #48
And pleading the fifth means your guilty, too, right? gLibDem Jan 2014 #65
Sorry, I just saw this. Fawke Em Feb 2014 #115
I like your screen name. gLibDem Feb 2014 #118
More angsty melodrama. nt geek tragedy Jan 2014 #11
Wow ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #17
Apparently Derpitious Soul Sickness geek tragedy Jan 2014 #19
Ahhh Will Gave You A Sad HangOnKids Jan 2014 #70
Are you saying ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #74
A real question BrotherIvan Jan 2014 #26
Speaking for myself only, I generally oppose the death penalty but I adamantly geek tragedy Jan 2014 #47
I don't support the death penalty. gLibDem Jan 2014 #66
None of the three ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #75
Spinal Tap check. Desert805 Jan 2014 #23
Being against the death penalty is now "angsty"? BrotherIvan Jan 2014 #24
No, claiming that Eric Holder insulted geek tragedy Jan 2014 #29
"People pounding nails through their own palms." Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #100
Can you ever, ever address the issues? morningfog Jan 2014 #33
This discussion isn't about the issue, geek tragedy Jan 2014 #36
You are still focusing on the poster. morningfog Jan 2014 #44
The propriety has nothing to do with public opinion in Boston. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #46
I appreciate you discussing the issue. Conversations are much more interesting this way. morningfog Jan 2014 #51
He still has to use the Boston jury pool geek tragedy Jan 2014 #53
The full jury pool will likely be against DP, morningfog Jan 2014 #54
Medical marijuana shouldn't be prosecuted anywhere. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #55
What about recreational marijuana? morningfog Jan 2014 #57
Prosecutors have vast discretion beyond geek tragedy Jan 2014 #59
Since when do the victims of crime get a say in sentencing? X_Digger Jan 2014 #15
Happens a lot davidn3600 Jan 2014 #97
I bet you have no clue how it's decided. DevonRex Jan 2014 #22
I know how it's decided and took issue with one point of it above. Fawke Em Jan 2014 #25
Then yuo should print the formula. DevonRex Jan 2014 #27
Could you do us a favor? MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #39
Find it yourself. DevonRex Jan 2014 #40
I looked. MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #41
It doesn't exist. It is very much decided on emotion. morningfog Jan 2014 #45
Got that? It doesn't exist. cali Jan 2014 #85
Here is how it works: morningfog Jan 2014 #50
They will make him a martyr. lpbk2713 Jan 2014 #28
I read an article earlier today Warpy Jan 2014 #30
I'm usually against capital punishment.... DrewFlorida Jan 2014 #52
So is my husband. Fawke Em Jan 2014 #60
you ar not against capital punishment. period. at all. so don't claim it. cali Jan 2014 #83
No not, "JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE", that's your exageration. DrewFlorida Jan 2014 #89
no, it's not an exaggeration. Everyone who supports the DP has their criteria for it- just cali Jan 2014 #90
"And honestly, one poster on DU shouldn't make you did in" what is that supposed to mean? DrewFlorida Jan 2014 #91
it's a typo- did should have been "dig"- as in dig in. cali Jan 2014 #92
I think that authoritarians love the death penalty. It's all about retribution. Nancy Grace will rhett o rick Jan 2014 #61
Or maybe Holder supports the death penalty. gLibDem Jan 2014 #62
Holder opposes the death penalty. former9thward Jan 2014 #110
Apparently not as he is seeking the death penalty. gLibDem Jan 2014 #114
I abhor the death penalty. TheMathieu Jan 2014 #64
Don't you know the goal of the first black AG is to prove he can be as good as a white Republican? Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #67
What does that mean? Bobbie Jo Jan 2014 #79
There is a long time meme that it's easier to slip in the conservative agenda under Dems. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #94
Ok Bobbie Jo Jan 2014 #108
Really? It's just like the OTHER meme out there applies to Obama too.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #109
Again... Bobbie Jo Jan 2014 #111
He has to be a badass or Republicans will attack him.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #113
Oh, is that why he called for federal oversight of stop-and-frisk in NY? BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #82
Look how Republicans are STILL railing about "Fast and Furious".... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #95
We are murdering Mr. Tzarhnaev DemocraticWing Jan 2014 #69
I oppose the death penalty, and I insist on a fair trial Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #71
I was pretty sure this would be the decision. Cowardly as far as I am concerned. The seaglass Jan 2014 #73
Pretty much expected though, politically. Blue_Adept Jan 2014 #76
Thank you. Fawke Em Feb 2014 #116
. randome Jan 2014 #77
Just because the DP is on the table doesn't mean it's going to happen lapislzi Jan 2014 #84
He can plea deal for life w/o parole in prison aikoaiko Jan 2014 #86
Not necessarily. That may not be on the table. morningfog Jan 2014 #101
Maybe not. aikoaiko Jan 2014 #104
What if he's not guilty? Fawke Em Feb 2014 #117
there is the theory that Holder favored the DP only to silence him soundsgreat Feb 2014 #119
Then he can defend himself at trial. aikoaiko Feb 2014 #121
You Better Believe It!!! nt msanthrope Jan 2014 #88
*snort* PeaceNikki Jan 2014 #112
Exactly. n/t FSogol Feb 2014 #127
I imagine it would be a rather bizarre country that predicates its judicial sentencing on polling da LanternWaste Jan 2014 #96
Yeah, but people on the internet who don't live here want him killed Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #98
To be honest, I think Carmen Ortiz is the driving force behind this. Not shocking bullwinkle428 Jan 2014 #99
The attack occured in Boston, but it was not an attack on Boston. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #106
It's not something that goes up for a vote... Lost_Count Jan 2014 #107
But, it is something that is up to the descretion of the AG. morningfog Feb 2014 #122
In your opinion... Lost_Count Feb 2014 #123
My opinion shared by the majority of nations in the world morningfog Feb 2014 #125
Oh... Lost_Count Feb 2014 #126
LOL. morningfog Feb 2014 #128
It's just a very convenient standard... Lost_Count Feb 2014 #130
Although you aren't here in good faith, I'll respond with this: morningfog Feb 2014 #131
Federal Court, federal law applies treestar Feb 2014 #120
...and you hate holder too!?!... lol... ok Would this be a post if it was about gay marriage and uponit7771 Feb 2014 #129
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