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67. Might as well enjoy life while you can.
Mon Feb 3, 2014, 02:31 PM
Feb 2014

I think the current crop of "youth" has much to be said for it. I think they are going to kick some ass, but they will find their own way to do it, like we did.

I am comforted more by my ignorance than anything else, it leaves a lot of room for the unexpected, good and bad. If one actually examines the history of the species, it's always a surprise at the time.

One of the tactics of propaganda is the pretense of inevitablity for whatever one wants to occur. What I see is that the world is not stable anymore, country after country is a country in name only, an administrative shell, a Capital surrounded by lawlessness, or a private family enterprise with sovereign rights.

I expect totalitarian governments to fail, they always do. They are inferior. The more control they try to exert, the more it slips from their hands.

Uh oh! Tarheel_Dem Feb 2014 #1
And bus tires! eom 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #48
k&r n/t RainDog Feb 2014 #2
Reagan being bad consequences and Cha Feb 2014 #3
What does Krugman know about the economy and Dodd-Frank? pampango Feb 2014 #4
President Obama ProSense Feb 2014 #6
K&R for Obama, Warren and the Consumer Protections. n/t freshwest Feb 2014 #9
Oh yeah Hekate Feb 2014 #20
Krugman is one of those "blindly supporting the President" types. JoePhilly Feb 2014 #44
It's not ProSense Feb 2014 #45
K&R!!! but but he's a soul sickener! Whisp Feb 2014 #5
I must disagree with Krugman this time. Martin Eden Feb 2014 #7
Bush was the climax of Raygun-ism. Obama is the beginning of what comes next. bemildred Feb 2014 #38
Yes. n/t ProSense Feb 2014 #43
I try to be an optimist, but it's difficult in these "interesting" times. Martin Eden Feb 2014 #66
Might as well enjoy life while you can. bemildred Feb 2014 #67
One of Asimov's short stories spoke of "evitable" conflicts. riqster Feb 2014 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author Agnosticsherbet Feb 2014 #75
Obama's legacy will endure far longer than his presidency... Drunken Irishman Feb 2014 #8
Krugman is armed with facts. TheMathieu Feb 2014 #10
Rec #19 of 31 right here! Number23 Feb 2014 #11
No kidding. PragmaticLiberal Feb 2014 #26
I want history to record for all time the truth abut the Republicans summerschild Feb 2014 #12
with the media and lack of journalist in this country, it will be up to the people to insure the lostincalifornia Feb 2014 #58
Bush was plenty consequential. Obama will likely be DirkGently Feb 2014 #13
Appreciate your post. Right on ! lumpy Feb 2014 #29
my beef is not that "he didn't get anything done" hfojvt Feb 2014 #34
What did we get for making those tax cuts permanent? ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #51
I am sure the rich agree too hfojvt Feb 2014 #54
To borrow a statement from ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #56
well I care hfojvt Feb 2014 #64
As opposed to not passing a law ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #65
you can put as much chocolate frosting as you want hfojvt Feb 2014 #69
I don't like a fair amount of his policies either. DirkGently Feb 2014 #60
I agree that his legacy will be the ACA Democat Feb 2014 #40
DADT was the final legal barrier for gays in the military. DirkGently Feb 2014 #59
Be careful what you wish for Demeter Feb 2014 #14
It's not just the scorched earth opposition, but a media that hasn't told the average American the okaawhatever Feb 2014 #15
and this ^^^^ BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2014 #19
Yes, the media is killing our country. freshwest Feb 2014 #79
Great call Mr Krugman. I concur enthusiastically nt mikekohr Feb 2014 #16
I'd call Bush the most consequential... progressoid Feb 2014 #17
THANK you for this. BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2014 #18
Not for any actual accomplishments in support of Democratic values. gLibDem Feb 2014 #21
Not for paying attention are you? Hekate Feb 2014 #24
The President's only major accomplishment gLibDem Feb 2014 #31
Clean your lenses. Facts back up Krugman's assertions. The direction of the country mfcorey1 Feb 2014 #39
You Better Believe It! Oh, and Welcome Back! Tarheel_Dem Feb 2014 #55
but... but... DLC!!! Corporafascist... wyldwolf Feb 2014 #22
Thank you, Dr. Krugman. And by the way, Dems: GOTV 2014. Hekate Feb 2014 #23
Completely agree Politicub Feb 2014 #25
Yup. n/t ProSense Feb 2014 #30
Let's be clear about the LGBT and DADT. gLibDem Feb 2014 #32
Yes, Obama is always wrong! Democat Feb 2014 #42
Spoken like a true American. My President, right or wrong. gLibDem Feb 2014 #63
Hahahahaha Politicub Feb 2014 #61
Agreed, and beyond specific legislation Democat Feb 2014 #41
Now if only Jamaal510 Feb 2014 #27
hmmm hibbing Feb 2014 #28
Too bad he leads the same caving Party gLibDem Feb 2014 #33
Nowhere near as consequential as George W. Bush. Donald Ian Rankin Feb 2014 #35
Yes, I doubt we'll recover from Bush's disastrous tenure in my lifetime deutsey Feb 2014 #68
I think Krugman has forgotten... mattclearing Feb 2014 #36
I don't think so. ProSense Feb 2014 #37
I'm aware of Obama's achievements, and agree they are consequential. mattclearing Feb 2014 #77
Obama's Top 10 plus 40 more marias23 Feb 2014 #46
Thanks for the list of Obama's accomplishments! freshwest Feb 2014 #78
NO ONE has done more to expand the NSA or shred the constitution... Demo_Chris Feb 2014 #47
Not true. No expansions of the NSA have been signed into law by this President. n/t ProSense Feb 2014 #49
Law? Demo_Chris Feb 2014 #50
That is obviously untrue and I can prove it with two words. WARRANTLESS WIRETAPPING stevenleser Feb 2014 #52
unfortunately, shrub was very consequential. unblock Feb 2014 #53
I agree. He has been underestimated by the media, many Democrats, and of course the republicans. lostincalifornia Feb 2014 #57
I love Prof Krugman Gothmog Feb 2014 #62
Krugman is right. n/t ProSense Feb 2014 #70
k&r nt arely staircase Feb 2014 #71
If "Consequential" Is The Yardstick DallasNE Feb 2014 #72
I dunno, I think we had massive negative consequences under the BFEE Rex Feb 2014 #73
Extending benefits to married same-sex spouses of federal employees was BIG libnnc Feb 2014 #74
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