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Tue Feb 4, 2014, 06:08 PM Feb 2014

Is DU a Liberal Message Board? [View all]

By your definition of the word liberal.


37 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
16 (43%)
4 (11%)
3 (8%)
Shut up with your bullshit polls!
0 (0%)
I like to vote!
0 (0%)
It Used to Be
14 (38%)
At Times
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Is DU a Liberal Message Board? [View all] el_bryanto Feb 2014 OP
Its a Democratic board... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #1
but a relative few of us live underground NightWatcher Feb 2014 #4
Let's delve a little deeper, shall we? WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #13
Yet STILL Democrat... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #26
democratunderground.com? I can hear Limpballs saying that. WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #31
DEMOCRATS.....not hard at all is it... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #32
Again, delve deeper. WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #40
don't have too...they didn't choose Liberal Underground... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #55
Does the Mission Statement specifically mention anarchists? WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #58
I think you need to read what the Admins wrote: sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #15
but the Liberal part is secondary to Democrat...is it not? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #27
So, in your book, Dov Hikind > Bernie Sanders Scootaloo Feb 2014 #104
Why are you so upset that this forum is advertised as a liberal forum. As a Dem I am thrilled. sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #105
No I don't I just have trouble with what SOME people's definition of one... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #33
I don't think we use Third Way/Conservative/Neo Liberal talking points especially designed sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #45
Who is "we"? (n/t) OilemFirchen Feb 2014 #47
I agree...who IS this WE she is speaking for? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #77
Well most of the people who have answered the poll Mojorabbit Feb 2014 #83
Not exactly a scientific poll is it... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #84
It is not an anarchist symbol and your statement is pretty creepy isn't it? Mojorabbit Feb 2014 #91
Since only about 32% of the population now identifies as Democrats, and only 29% as sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #92
Plenty of authoritarians are anything but "law abiding citizens" Fumesucker Feb 2014 #134
Democrats. Are you a Democrat? You asked that question as if it's okay sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #87
Though I'm loathe to reveal much about myself on this board, OilemFirchen Feb 2014 #112
There were over 200,000 Occupiers in Oakland after the Robo Cops nearly killed sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #117
Hear, hear! Art_from_Ark Feb 2014 #159
Awesome reply Desert805 Feb 2014 #154
what? That's what you think? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #51
True liberals are tolerant of divergent views. MADem Feb 2014 #76
"true Liberals" VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #78
If you read my posts you'd know that I am interested solely in MADem Feb 2014 #79
thank goodness...then welcome to the majority! VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #82
Isn't it weird how often right-wingers play the "Liberals are supposed to be TOLERANT!" card? Scootaloo Feb 2014 #106
I am not arguing with you on that score one bit. MADem Feb 2014 #147
Where is the 'used to be' option nt Mnemosyne Feb 2014 #2
Good Catch. nt el_bryanto Feb 2014 #3
ty nt Mnemosyne Feb 2014 #7
Well, people do talk about a somewhat liberal party's ideals, but not so much on principle The Straight Story Feb 2014 #5
Seems like there is a strong libertarian streak BainsBane Feb 2014 #6
I haven't noticed what you are talking about. And considering that the '60s sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #16
i have no objection to any period of history BainsBane Feb 2014 #17
The clock has gone back. We have gone back to the fifties with the government spying sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #95
I must have missed the documentation of data mining from the 1950s BainsBane Feb 2014 #110
Wow, where have I seen this kind of disdain for the period of history when sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #113
I singled out the 60s because many people on this site came of age during that time period BainsBane Feb 2014 #122
THANK YOU. Number23 Feb 2014 #120
Yep, that's exactly why I checked no too. BainsBane Feb 2014 #123
Always looking forward and never where you've been Art_from_Ark Feb 2014 #99
cute slogan BainsBane Feb 2014 #100
So if Social Security were abolished, you wouldn't want to restore that? Art_from_Ark Feb 2014 #103
There is a difference between restoring a program BainsBane Feb 2014 #118
I have to disagree with you... Scootaloo Feb 2014 #111
I'm not sure why you addressed that to me. I am not 'starry eyed' about the sixties sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #114
Like I said, sorry for the rant Scootaloo Feb 2014 #119
No problem. I haven't had your experiences obviously so I just look at it from sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #127
I know plenty about the British... Scootaloo Feb 2014 #128
Actually they were all pretty young guys. A few were a bit older, Franklin and John Adams sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #130
Canada seems to have managed alright Scootaloo Feb 2014 #132
Canada is an exception and has its own government. Maybe the Empire learned sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #155
"but it has NEVER Been the majority that changes things" BainsBane Feb 2014 #150
Post removed Post removed Feb 2014 #116
Well, we haven't elected Ronald Reagan... Scootaloo Feb 2014 #124
Boomer vs. Millennial SMACKDOWN! We're turning the Rosemont Horizon into a giant MUDDDD PIT! Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #126
I would so pay 30 bucks to see that thing eat a Taurus station wagon. Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #131
Kids get in free Scootaloo Feb 2014 #133
That settles it Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #135
I'm more of a Crash Worship kind of guy but hey, you know, whatever Scootaloo Feb 2014 #136
Ah, you kids Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #138
Interesting bit for me BainsBane Feb 2014 #152
DU definitely skews more towards boomers than other corners of the intertubes, that's fo' sho'. Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #153
Praise the Lord!! Amen!! Number23 Feb 2014 #121
"go get fucked with Barry Goldwater's withered zombie dick" Aerows Mar 2014 #170
...like wanting to return to the days before Debbie did Dallas, that kind of restoration? Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #69
Depends on who and how many you have on ignore. morningfog Feb 2014 #8
Thread win! 1000words Feb 2014 #14
Heh. They're not greater in numbers... WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #21
but who is it defined by? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #34
Anarchists aren't hiding under your bed. WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #63
Margarine is hiding under Van's bed? hootinholler Feb 2014 #66
Back in the good ole meta days Puglover Feb 2014 #161
Lotta libertarian moles Cali_Democrat Feb 2014 #9
A lot of supporters for Bush policies I have noticed. Well, not a lot, a small sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #19
Really? Perhaps you should point them out! VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #35
I have, many times. Naturally they make excuses when confronted with being asked sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #97
+1...nt SidDithers Feb 2014 #85
It's Democratic LittleBlue Feb 2014 #10
I never knew that the Big Tent was meant to include people who are better described as sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #23
The Reagan Democrats have come "home" ... 1000words Feb 2014 #24
How "progressive" of you! VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #41
and WHO are these moderate republicans? And who makes you the arbiter of what IS Liberal? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #36
The moderate Democrats who welcomed Chris Christie to the Democratic Party... WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #61
Truth is LittleBlue Feb 2014 #53
For the most part, yes... cynatnite Feb 2014 #11
No...I think some want to "purify" VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #37
Honestly, it used to be so liberal, it was kind of frightening. closeupready Feb 2014 #12
according to some...you don't belong here.... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #38
I voted It Used to Be, but I see some names there Whisp Feb 2014 #18
It all depends on from where you look at it. GoCubsGo Feb 2014 #20
Yup. Laelth Feb 2014 #22
Then why wasn't it named "Liberal Underground" instead? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #39
You'll have to ask the Admins about that. Laelth Feb 2014 #43
How can you be "no affiliation" and be called "Democratic Underground"? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #56
As I said, you'll have to direct your question to the admins. Laelth Feb 2014 #59
why would you need too? VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #68
democratic WorseBeforeBetter Feb 2014 #65
I'll take a stab.. it was named DemocraticUnderground.. Cha Feb 2014 #54
Thank You Cha....I just got called a "rightwinger" by one of those that want to run VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #57
I agree with Cha that you're at home here, just so you know. n/t Laelth Feb 2014 #60
And, you too, Laelth~ Cha Feb 2014 #73
Yeah, and we're the ones who are Cha Feb 2014 #62
Nice post, Cha! Number23 Feb 2014 #71
I actually think Cha Feb 2014 #72
Yep. Bobbie Jo Feb 2014 #74
Mahalo Bobbie Jo! Cha Feb 2014 #75
Not exclusively, no. Still predominantly liberal, but the margin has eroded. Scuba Feb 2014 #25
With respect, I think you're wrong OmahaBlueDog Feb 2014 #30
With all due respect, I hope you're right. Scuba Feb 2014 #107
Whether I'm right or wrong, we should remember that we're all Democrats OmahaBlueDog Feb 2014 #162
How about this??? Scuba Feb 2014 #164
Hmmm...closer, but OmahaBlueDog Feb 2014 #166
I disagree that Hillary is more effective than Elizabeth in doing good things for our citizens. Scuba Feb 2014 #167
I don't dislike Elizabeth Warren, but I can make more arguments as to why she won't win OmahaBlueDog Feb 2014 #168
I invite you to define liberal! OmahaBlueDog Feb 2014 #28
Wish there was an "At times" option in the poll. justiceischeap Feb 2014 #29
Done. nt el_bryanto Feb 2014 #44
mostly CreekDog Feb 2014 #42
Whatever could you be thinking of? BainsBane Feb 2014 #48
I like Cjeekdgg CreekDog Feb 2014 #49
Then there are the death penalty threads. Nye Bevan Feb 2014 #81
I say yes and no. Notafraidtoo Feb 2014 #46
Lets just call it....NonConservathuglican.com lol SummerSnow Feb 2014 #50
Post the lyrics to "Imagine" and see. Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2014 #52
If you consider Politics-as-usual and Not-as- bad "liberal"....sure. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2014 #64
Methinks there are some in this very thread who dost protest too much Electric Monk Feb 2014 #67
The place hasn't been the same since they got rid of "Meta" Warren DeMontague Feb 2014 #70
This Is A Liberal Message Board? Laxman Feb 2014 #80
DU is so liberal Jamaal510 Feb 2014 #86
Hell, some of us think that Obama and the Democratic Party itself MannyGoldstein Feb 2014 #89
The Democratic Party Platform is 90% liberal. joshcryer Feb 2014 #146
That is a great site. I had not seen it before. Thanks for posting it, joshcryer. n/t pampango Feb 2014 #157
DU is NOT a Message Board! It is a political discussion group. Coyotl Feb 2014 #88
Gotta go with "yes" MannyGoldstein Feb 2014 #90
By my personal definition... No Ohio Joe Feb 2014 #93
So to you a liberal board would be 100% liberal? nt el_bryanto Feb 2014 #96
No Ohio Joe Feb 2014 #98
I agree! Phentex Feb 2014 #158
Yes it is a liberal message board. hrmjustin Feb 2014 #94
It is politically liberal, yes, and Agnosticsherbet Feb 2014 #101
Have you ever read the mission statement of this site? Rex Feb 2014 #102
Yoostabee Fumesucker Feb 2014 #108
I've always seen it as a place for Dems of all stripes. Skip Intro Feb 2014 #109
I guess we shall see when many of us liberals get censored around election time. liberal_at_heart Feb 2014 #115
Define "Liberal" fadedrose Feb 2014 #125
No AgingAmerican Feb 2014 #137
Why would you come here if you don't think DU is liberal? joshcryer Feb 2014 #139
The OP has been coming here for years Fumesucker Feb 2014 #140
The OP didn't vote in the poll. joshcryer Feb 2014 #141
The OP already knows what they think about the poll Fumesucker Feb 2014 #142
"Substantial support" when it's nearly a tie? joshcryer Feb 2014 #143
Add in "no" and "supposedly" and the "tie" isn't so close Fumesucker Feb 2014 #144
DU has more infighting when we have a Democratic President. joshcryer Feb 2014 #145
If you shut your lip rather than oppose a policy of bombing it's easy to mistake that for support Fumesucker Feb 2014 #148
Wait and see is politics, though. joshcryer Feb 2014 #149
Of course you think your team is superior to the other team Fumesucker Feb 2014 #151
I do think it's liberal el_bryanto Feb 2014 #160
Not particularly but the leadership in the party is not all that liberal or progressive either. wocaonimabi Feb 2014 #156
More liberal than a tea party rally PowerToThePeople Feb 2014 #163
No. I see a sight dominated by what would have been "liberal Republicans" back in the old days. nt Romulox Feb 2014 #165
After due consideration, I vote "Yes" OmahaBlueDog Feb 2014 #169
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