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Sun Feb 14, 2021, 01:39 PM Feb 2021

It's day two after my second Moderna shot. Here's what it's been like. (Spoiler: not that bad!) [View all]

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The first shot was no problem except a little soreness in the arm, until day 5 post-shot when a large bump (about 3" long, 2" wide and about 1/4" raised) showed up at the injection site. It was hot and itchy. It lasted till day 10 and then went away. Weirdly, it puffed up my polio scar, but that went back down with the bump. I'm told this reaction is not common, but also not particularly rare.

Had the second shot yesterday morning. A little soreness in the arm building throughout the day, a little tiredness. Woke in the night with aching joints. Like a medium-bad flu. 2 Advil took care of it and I slept through the rest of the night. (My doc said to give the shot at least 12 hours to begin the immune response before taking anything if I could, so it was more like 17 hours before I took the Advil.)

This morning, achy again, some minor chills and very tired. Taking Advil and it's doing the job. Drinking tons of water. The aches are definitely better now than they were during the night. I am guessing this will all be done by tomorrow morning. If it is NOT, I'll update this.

Not going to lie. I feel medium-crappy. Not awful, nothing debilitating, but not great. But I know the feelings accompanying the miracle of building an immune response (I'm trying to be positive) are much preferable to Covid.

It's not that big a deal. You can do it!

ETA a day later: Aches continued through last night (night of day 2) and I slept a really long time, but woke this morning feeling just fine. It's done! I know it's 2 more weeks before I have full immunity, but you cannot imagine how freeing this feels. You are going to be very happy.
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Glad you are past the worst of it. In_The_Wind Feb 2021 #1
I gave up trying to get an appointment. wnylib Feb 2021 #32
Ulster County said "80,000 seniors qualify" also only 1,500 shots were sent out. In_The_Wind Feb 2021 #44
My pharmacy is CVS. They did vaccinations wnylib Feb 2021 #45
Thank you In_The_Wind Feb 2021 #46
Thanks for the update. I got my first Moderna shot on 2/10. My shoulder Arkansas Granny Feb 2021 #2
I received my second shot last Thursday randr Feb 2021 #3
Ooh. A hot tub! I'm going to do that! Thanks. Squinch Feb 2021 #4
Thanks for the update. Got my first Moderna shot Friday and have a little soreness around the c-rational Feb 2021 #5
I wonder why these side effects are commonly experienced on the second shot? msfiddlestix Feb 2021 #6
Here is how it was explained to me: the first shot, your immune system recognizes an Squinch Feb 2021 #8
I LOVE this explanation! That's how I need it to process. msfiddlestix Feb 2021 #12
First time your body learns how to make the targeted antibodies. roamer65 Feb 2021 #13
Just try to plan a light day after the second. AllyCat Feb 2021 #50
Great explanation!! Thank you!! cornball 24 Feb 2021 #21
Absolutely! stillspkg Feb 2021 #35
That's also a great analogy for the elections of 2016 and 2020. Totally Tunsie Feb 2021 #43
My parents Dorian Gray Feb 2021 #48
It's so weird how different people are affected. msfiddlestix Feb 2021 #49
Thank you. I will get my 2nd shot of pfizer next week. Good to hear what others are going through. OregonBlue Feb 2021 #7
Got my second shot of Pfizer day before yesterday Mira Feb 2021 #31
Thank you for that. The first was a breeze and I'm hoping the second will be as well. I too OregonBlue Feb 2021 #40
A little more than two weeks into first shot should started itching. I had about 4"x 3" red patch on LizBeth Feb 2021 #9
I get my second Moderna this coming Thursday. Missed work... 3catwoman3 Feb 2021 #10
I have heard that people who have had Covid have a more difficult time with the vaccine. Squinch Feb 2021 #11
A relative is a doctors assistant in a clinic. roamer65 Feb 2021 #17
Yes My daughter is in health care and says the same thing. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #20
Thanks for the reports on your vaccine experiences. northoftheborder Feb 2021 #14
I've been talking with some Pfizer recipients... Hugin Feb 2021 #15
"Gayness?" What is this referring to? There was no reference to gayness in my OP. Squinch Feb 2021 #16
It's to dispel the latest Q BS catapulted by the irresponsible mass media. Hugin Feb 2021 #18
Oh, right!!!! I forgot about that! No, don't remove it. I just didn't know what it referred to. Squinch Feb 2021 #19
I got my first Moderna shot Friday. Patterson Feb 2021 #22
My second shot issues started about 10 hours after the shot ashredux Feb 2021 #23
I had both Moderna shots. Arm little sore but that's it. Pepsidog Feb 2021 #24
My dad got the Pfizer one. Initech Feb 2021 #25
Got my Pfizer dose 2 on Friday afternoon, and had a pretty similar reaction. malchickiwick Feb 2021 #26
I think we can sign up starting Tuesday. Wish I weren't dreading it so much. Vinca Feb 2021 #27
Don't. Really. It's not a big deal. Some discomfort, nothing more. Squinch Feb 2021 #28
I'm only dreading it because of my last flu vaccination. The reaction wasn't from the vaccine Vinca Feb 2021 #29
Oh. I got my first in a hospital, but the second was given at Belmont Racetrack! Squinch Feb 2021 #30
I got my first Moderna shot, yesterday. What surprised me was how thirsty I was. Frustratedlady Feb 2021 #33
Had second Pfizer jab yesterday afternoon William Seger Feb 2021 #34
First Pfizer shot leftinalabama Feb 2021 #36
Thanks for the info...our family gets 2nd Moderna on 1 March. KewlKat Feb 2021 #37
Got the 2nd Moderna shot yesterday at 1 PM. Shot arm is stiff and sore. I had a slight headache on retread Feb 2021 #38
First Moderna 2 hours ago at VA. moondust Feb 2021 #39
First Moderna shot yesterday. Arm a bit sore today. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #41
I know this will be me, too birdographer Feb 2021 #42
My sister-in-law's Mom (my brother's mother-in-law?) got her second Pfizer shot yesterday. Iggo Feb 2021 #47
Getting my second next month. NNadir Feb 2021 #51
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