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23. You mean the present day treadmill goal of trying to achieve the unachievable goal?
Fri Mar 7, 2014, 10:20 AM
Mar 2014

For most of us paying attention, the American Dream was nothing more than a marketing ploy so people would continue to buy more and more to keep the economy going (believing that it was never going to end) and to out do the russians.

That American Dream?

I'm of the firm belief that those of us born of the "baby-boom era" honestly believed that this was how it was always going to be. Of course we ate up the propaganda in copious amounts. After all, and believed that "we're Americans and we're just so special!"

Myself, having been born at the very tail end of the baby boom, and having paid attention to the devastating effects of horrible wars (Viet Nam, desert storm, iraq war, afghanistan and the many little micro-wars of choice in between), the slow and purposeful destruction of unions and the hollowing out of a living breathing economy by the right wing and ineffective democrats, the willful ignorance and lack foresight regarding pollution, and the rapid growth of a propaganda business to make us all believe that we are doing better, even though in retrospect, we are underpaid, overworked, less represented and gleefully ignored by our congress people; made for what we have to day. In essence, an American Dream that exists on paper with skewed stats and fudged numbers to make those in power sleep better at night.

Is that again that American Dream that is being talked about?

I don't know about all of you, but I grew up in a solid lower middle class union blue collar family, where my dad (a mechanic for the NY Dept of Sanitation) was able to, on a single salary, put myself and my brother and my two sisters through college, support my mom, buy a small cottage for vacationing, retire with a solid pension and provide for him and my mom, very well, until they passed away.

THAT, is the American Dream. Being able to live a full life without the daily slings and arrows, that seem to increase every moment, to keep us down, afraid and that much poorer with each and every following day all the while keeping us distracted and off balance with a new gewgaw or trumped up "controversy" to prevent us from coalescing into the formidable power we are as the people of this nation.

The real American Dream, is were the people of this nation have a voice and control the means by which they have an actual say in the decisions the effect us directly and not subject to the winds of daily bullshit that ravaged our character and destroys our spirit via the moneyed interests of the 1%. Who, I might add, have zero to nothing in common with us or care one whit of what we think.

The American Dream is to breath fresh air, drink clean water, eat clean food and raise our families without the threat of it all collapsing in the next moment.

We have been suckered into doing a more and more with a hell of a lot less. We are told daily to vote and support things against our own best interests out of fear that the "other guy" might win and "make our lives miserable".

Look the fuck around you. Our lives, compared to 40 years ago, are fucking miserable and they want us all so tied up in fighting for scraps that we don't have to time to realize this.

I love the writings of Robert Reich, but the whole concept and idea of "The American Dream", is nothing but a farce. What he writes of and what I wrote, is how it should be, not some fucking dream.

Dreams, I might add, for the most part, are just that: dreams.

Not "fallen apart" but rather "deliberately dismantled" Fumesucker Mar 2014 #1
+1 xchrom Mar 2014 #2
Yep newfie11 Mar 2014 #3
Yup. ctsnowman Mar 2014 #4
The first reply on the thread nails it. merrily Mar 2014 #7
+1000 dotymed Mar 2014 #9
But before that proReality Mar 2014 #18
I love Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren for that matter...BUT... Moostache Mar 2014 #30
You won't get any shit from me. CrispyQ Mar 2014 #40
Moostache, I agree with a lot of your OP. dotymed Mar 2014 #43
AMEN, Amen, Amen Glitterati Mar 2014 #55
MIA fits perfectltly dotymed Mar 2014 #59
Yes Stargazer09 Mar 2014 #34
+10000000 woo me with science Mar 2014 #36
Agreed. n/t Laelth Mar 2014 #52
Spot on. nt City Lights Mar 2014 #57
America - An Empire Built On Illusion - That Empire And Illusion Is Crumbling cantbeserious Mar 2014 #5
The American Dream was destroyed by Raygun and his heirs. bemildred Mar 2014 #6
I don't think it was any one President, even Raygun. merrily Mar 2014 #8
The dispute dates to before the founding of the republic. bemildred Mar 2014 #10
I so agree about before the founding of the Republic. merrily Mar 2014 #16
And until we have economic democracy too, it will continue. bemildred Mar 2014 #21
I think big reforms come when merrily Mar 2014 #25
I think so too. bemildred Mar 2014 #29
... merrily Mar 2014 #35
"Mobs in the street, calling for someone's head? I've never seen anything like that." bemildred Mar 2014 #37
This is how I ended my part of the our several exchanges on this thread. merrily Mar 2014 #42
Perhaps a sarcasm smiley would help. bemildred Mar 2014 #48
Wait, why are we blaming our political system when it is our economic system fasttense Mar 2014 #12
+1. Plutocrats, really, it's the money, it drives them nuts when they have too much. bemildred Mar 2014 #15
It is our economic system that sucks, but it's our political system that sets the rules. reformist2 Mar 2014 #17
You have to stop the politicians from pandering to the capitalists, not the merrily Mar 2014 #26
"The politicians were just going along with the highest bidder." merrily Mar 2014 #20
The only addition to that statement dotymed Mar 2014 #44
Quite right, they will never give up. nt bemildred Mar 2014 #46
I agree with a lot of what Reich says and it's not new. merrily Mar 2014 #11
K&R&Posted to FB & will likely be covered on my show this wk. nt stevenleser Mar 2014 #13
All these years shilling for NAFTA, "free trade"...Reich is a hypocrite or an idiot. Which is it? Romulox Mar 2014 #14
One major theme should be that we don't need more jobs, we need better paying ones. reformist2 Mar 2014 #19
+1. nt bemildred Mar 2014 #47
"It can also be understood as the greatest propaganda victory radical conservatism ever won" n2doc Mar 2014 #22
You mean the present day treadmill goal of trying to achieve the unachievable goal? Javaman Mar 2014 #23
+1 Great post. Thanks. merrily Mar 2014 #28
kick, kick, kick..... daleanime Mar 2014 #24
Gee Bobby ...glad ya woke up to tell us what we already know. L0oniX Mar 2014 #27
He should know. He was economic advisor to the Prez during repeal of Glass Steagall, merrily Mar 2014 #31
I blame Clinton 100% for 2008. Forced to sign the repeal? Not likely. L0oniX Mar 2014 #32
ITS ALL CLINTON'S FAULT Evergreen Emerald Mar 2014 #33
Try a fact-based refutation. It's much more effective. merrily Mar 2014 #39
Unfortunatly, fact based refutation does not matter Evergreen Emerald Mar 2014 #49
I call Oscar Mayer. This thread refers to things like NAFTA, repeal of Glass Steagall merrily Mar 2014 #53
It's not clintons fault... Javaman Mar 2014 #41
Agree. merrily Mar 2014 #54
of course he should of veto'd it, but alas...nt Javaman Mar 2014 #56
I saw him defend it on, of all shows, The View. merrily Mar 2014 #58
He was far from forced. According to Wyden, Clinton merrily Mar 2014 #38
Yeah, he worked hard to get it, against lots of opposition. bemildred Mar 2014 #50
"Why didnít we share the gains from globalization and technological advances more broadly?" gulliver Mar 2014 #45
Everybody thought the lower prices on tchotchkes would make a difference. HughBeaumont Mar 2014 #60
Everyone thought they could *pay* lower prices while retaining their existing high wages. Romulox Mar 2014 #61
k&r for the truth, however depressing it may be. n/t Laelth Mar 2014 #51
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