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30. I love Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren for that matter...BUT...
Fri Mar 7, 2014, 10:31 AM
Mar 2014

Someone needs to really explain to me what the hell difference it will make anyway.

In 2006, Democrats took back the house...and held it for a whopping 4 years.

In 2008, the GOP ran the global economy off a cliff that should have crippled and discredited their philosophy and their party for a generation (think of Hoover Republicans in the 1930s or 1940s...not a very influential bloc, right??) The depth of their failure played a large role in allowing America, the deeply divided and still fighting the Civil War country in some areas albeit by proxy instead of with bullets, to elect the first minority President. The unthinkable in 1964 was reality in 2008, a black man was President of the United States.

So what did we achieve with this historic shift in power structure for the country???

In 2008 and 2009, we watched "TEA party" terrorists commandeer the national discussion as the media cheered and selectively covered everything at the behest of their pay masters. We wasted hours, days, weeks, months talking about "death panels", the invention of a Alaskan twit who could not summon the gumption to serve ONE gubernatorial term in the hinterlands of a state with less population and a single borough of New York City... We FAILED. Miserably.

In 2010, Democrats were ROUTED in the mid-terms. Historically swept out of power in the House and going from 60-40 Senate in 2008 to 51-49 in 2010????

The intervening 4 years have been a farce of inactivity and sniping at the ONE achievement of the President, the Affordable Care Act, choosing to vote 50 (FIFTY!!!!) times to repeal the law. We are left with a divided and disfunctional government and the mere fact that it is still possible in 2014 to speak Republican economic philosophy without derision - talking about nonsense like the primacy of debt reduction or the efficacy of tax cuts - after what the outcome in 2007 was of their unfettered implementation of neo-Con policy is depressing beyond words.

And that brings us to the now...where 55 votes in the Senate is not enough to get an up or down VOTE on proposals. Its not possible to pass anything into law without 60 votes and the Democrats are not going to do a damn thing about it....Reid's "nuclear option"?, really? Let's just say that if Fat Man and Little Boy went off like Reid's bomb we would have needed a lot longer to subdue Japan and end WWII.

I am beyond frustrated with the spineless nature of the Democratic Party leadership. The leadership is feckless and the willingness to fight the crazies on the right seems to be non-existent. The party has moved so far to the right that it more resembles the Republicans of the 1970's and early in the Reagan era than the party of FDR, JFK and LBJ. Even the signature win of the Obama era - the advancement of gay rights to remove things like DOMA and DADT and bans on marriage equality are diminished, not in their importance but in their significance by the fact that the driver of these changes is more societal changes in attitude and less bold leadership by Democrats.

We are in an ugly place...a party of leadership stooges, bought and paid for by many of the same donors who already own the right. A party that is confronted by obstructionist, arrogant fools and yet incapable of even holding up the mirror to them so that the public can see them for what they truly are... A divided government without the will or the mechanisms to actually DO anything other than spin its wheels and waste our time and money as the planet warms, the ice melts and millions of species disappear in the coming decades.

Democrats have issues that history will judge us on...not each other. The climate change and overall direction of the economy - towards greater and greater inequality without any kind of REAL opposition from the left will be our eternal badge of shame...and I KNOW there are many TRYING to stay positive, stay engaged, stay active...I respect them and their efforts, but I say here and now that without a total overhaul of party leadership (maybe throwing out EVERYONE over the age of 30 because they are co-opted, contaminated or cowed), the fate of the party is bleak.

Flame away...attack the messenger if needed, but please, don't trade sunshine and lollipops and consider the ONLY big issue to be the 2014 mid-terms or the 2016 Presidential election when its still MARCH of 2014, we're already treating the Obama Presidency as a lame-duck and have given up on passing meaningful legislation in the Senate because the right MIGHT be filibustering (again, still?) and the REAL issues are being ignored every second of every day...

Not "fallen apart" but rather "deliberately dismantled" Fumesucker Mar 2014 #1
+1 xchrom Mar 2014 #2
Yep newfie11 Mar 2014 #3
Yup. ctsnowman Mar 2014 #4
The first reply on the thread nails it. merrily Mar 2014 #7
+1000 dotymed Mar 2014 #9
But before that proReality Mar 2014 #18
I love Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren for that matter...BUT... Moostache Mar 2014 #30
You won't get any shit from me. CrispyQ Mar 2014 #40
Moostache, I agree with a lot of your OP. dotymed Mar 2014 #43
AMEN, Amen, Amen Glitterati Mar 2014 #55
MIA fits perfectltly dotymed Mar 2014 #59
Yes Stargazer09 Mar 2014 #34
+10000000 woo me with science Mar 2014 #36
Agreed. n/t Laelth Mar 2014 #52
Spot on. nt City Lights Mar 2014 #57
America - An Empire Built On Illusion - That Empire And Illusion Is Crumbling cantbeserious Mar 2014 #5
The American Dream was destroyed by Raygun and his heirs. bemildred Mar 2014 #6
I don't think it was any one President, even Raygun. merrily Mar 2014 #8
The dispute dates to before the founding of the republic. bemildred Mar 2014 #10
I so agree about before the founding of the Republic. merrily Mar 2014 #16
And until we have economic democracy too, it will continue. bemildred Mar 2014 #21
I think big reforms come when merrily Mar 2014 #25
I think so too. bemildred Mar 2014 #29
... merrily Mar 2014 #35
"Mobs in the street, calling for someone's head? I've never seen anything like that." bemildred Mar 2014 #37
This is how I ended my part of the our several exchanges on this thread. merrily Mar 2014 #42
Perhaps a sarcasm smiley would help. bemildred Mar 2014 #48
Wait, why are we blaming our political system when it is our economic system fasttense Mar 2014 #12
+1. Plutocrats, really, it's the money, it drives them nuts when they have too much. bemildred Mar 2014 #15
It is our economic system that sucks, but it's our political system that sets the rules. reformist2 Mar 2014 #17
You have to stop the politicians from pandering to the capitalists, not the merrily Mar 2014 #26
"The politicians were just going along with the highest bidder." merrily Mar 2014 #20
The only addition to that statement dotymed Mar 2014 #44
Quite right, they will never give up. nt bemildred Mar 2014 #46
I agree with a lot of what Reich says and it's not new. merrily Mar 2014 #11
K&R&Posted to FB & will likely be covered on my show this wk. nt stevenleser Mar 2014 #13
All these years shilling for NAFTA, "free trade"...Reich is a hypocrite or an idiot. Which is it? Romulox Mar 2014 #14
One major theme should be that we don't need more jobs, we need better paying ones. reformist2 Mar 2014 #19
+1. nt bemildred Mar 2014 #47
"It can also be understood as the greatest propaganda victory radical conservatism ever won" n2doc Mar 2014 #22
You mean the present day treadmill goal of trying to achieve the unachievable goal? Javaman Mar 2014 #23
+1 Great post. Thanks. merrily Mar 2014 #28
kick, kick, kick..... daleanime Mar 2014 #24
Gee Bobby ...glad ya woke up to tell us what we already know. L0oniX Mar 2014 #27
He should know. He was economic advisor to the Prez during repeal of Glass Steagall, merrily Mar 2014 #31
I blame Clinton 100% for 2008. Forced to sign the repeal? Not likely. L0oniX Mar 2014 #32
ITS ALL CLINTON'S FAULT Evergreen Emerald Mar 2014 #33
Try a fact-based refutation. It's much more effective. merrily Mar 2014 #39
Unfortunatly, fact based refutation does not matter Evergreen Emerald Mar 2014 #49
I call Oscar Mayer. This thread refers to things like NAFTA, repeal of Glass Steagall merrily Mar 2014 #53
It's not clintons fault... Javaman Mar 2014 #41
Agree. merrily Mar 2014 #54
of course he should of veto'd it, but alas...nt Javaman Mar 2014 #56
I saw him defend it on, of all shows, The View. merrily Mar 2014 #58
He was far from forced. According to Wyden, Clinton merrily Mar 2014 #38
Yeah, he worked hard to get it, against lots of opposition. bemildred Mar 2014 #50
"Why didnít we share the gains from globalization and technological advances more broadly?" gulliver Mar 2014 #45
Everybody thought the lower prices on tchotchkes would make a difference. HughBeaumont Mar 2014 #60
Everyone thought they could *pay* lower prices while retaining their existing high wages. Romulox Mar 2014 #61
k&r for the truth, however depressing it may be. n/t Laelth Mar 2014 #51
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