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Not "fallen apart" but rather "deliberately dismantled" Fumesucker Mar 2014 #1
+1 xchrom Mar 2014 #2
Yep newfie11 Mar 2014 #3
Yup. ctsnowman Mar 2014 #4
The first reply on the thread nails it. merrily Mar 2014 #7
+1000 dotymed Mar 2014 #9
But before that proReality Mar 2014 #18
I love Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren for that matter...BUT... Moostache Mar 2014 #30
You won't get any shit from me. CrispyQ Mar 2014 #40
Moostache, I agree with a lot of your OP. dotymed Mar 2014 #43
AMEN, Amen, Amen Glitterati Mar 2014 #55
MIA fits perfectltly dotymed Mar 2014 #59
Yes Stargazer09 Mar 2014 #34
+10000000 woo me with science Mar 2014 #36
Agreed. n/t Laelth Mar 2014 #52
Spot on. nt City Lights Mar 2014 #57
America - An Empire Built On Illusion - That Empire And Illusion Is Crumbling cantbeserious Mar 2014 #5
The American Dream was destroyed by Raygun and his heirs. bemildred Mar 2014 #6
I don't think it was any one President, even Raygun. merrily Mar 2014 #8
The dispute dates to before the founding of the republic. bemildred Mar 2014 #10
I so agree about before the founding of the Republic. merrily Mar 2014 #16
And until we have economic democracy too, it will continue. bemildred Mar 2014 #21
I think big reforms come when merrily Mar 2014 #25
I think so too. bemildred Mar 2014 #29
... merrily Mar 2014 #35
"Mobs in the street, calling for someone's head? I've never seen anything like that." bemildred Mar 2014 #37
This is how I ended my part of the our several exchanges on this thread. merrily Mar 2014 #42
Perhaps a sarcasm smiley would help. bemildred Mar 2014 #48
Wait, why are we blaming our political system when it is our economic system fasttense Mar 2014 #12
+1. Plutocrats, really, it's the money, it drives them nuts when they have too much. bemildred Mar 2014 #15
It is our economic system that sucks, but it's our political system that sets the rules. reformist2 Mar 2014 #17
You have to stop the politicians from pandering to the capitalists, not the merrily Mar 2014 #26
"The politicians were just going along with the highest bidder." merrily Mar 2014 #20
The only addition to that statement dotymed Mar 2014 #44
Quite right, they will never give up. nt bemildred Mar 2014 #46
I agree with a lot of what Reich says and it's not new. merrily Mar 2014 #11
K&R&Posted to FB & will likely be covered on my show this wk. nt stevenleser Mar 2014 #13
All these years shilling for NAFTA, "free trade"...Reich is a hypocrite or an idiot. Which is it? Romulox Mar 2014 #14
One major theme should be that we don't need more jobs, we need better paying ones. reformist2 Mar 2014 #19
+1. nt bemildred Mar 2014 #47
"It can also be understood as the greatest propaganda victory radical conservatism ever won" n2doc Mar 2014 #22
You mean the present day treadmill goal of trying to achieve the unachievable goal? Javaman Mar 2014 #23
+1 Great post. Thanks. merrily Mar 2014 #28
kick, kick, kick..... daleanime Mar 2014 #24
Gee Bobby ...glad ya woke up to tell us what we already know. L0oniX Mar 2014 #27
He should know. He was economic advisor to the Prez during repeal of Glass Steagall, merrily Mar 2014 #31
I blame Clinton 100% for 2008. Forced to sign the repeal? Not likely. L0oniX Mar 2014 #32
ITS ALL CLINTON'S FAULT Evergreen Emerald Mar 2014 #33
Try a fact-based refutation. It's much more effective. merrily Mar 2014 #39
Unfortunatly, fact based refutation does not matter Evergreen Emerald Mar 2014 #49
I call Oscar Mayer. This thread refers to things like NAFTA, repeal of Glass Steagall merrily Mar 2014 #53
It's not clintons fault... Javaman Mar 2014 #41
Agree. merrily Mar 2014 #54
of course he should of veto'd it, but alas...nt Javaman Mar 2014 #56
I saw him defend it on, of all shows, The View. merrily Mar 2014 #58
He was far from forced. According to Wyden, Clinton merrily Mar 2014 #38
Yeah, he worked hard to get it, against lots of opposition. bemildred Mar 2014 #50
"Why didnít we share the gains from globalization and technological advances more broadly?" gulliver Mar 2014 #45
Everybody thought the lower prices on tchotchkes would make a difference. HughBeaumont Mar 2014 #60
Everyone thought they could *pay* lower prices while retaining their existing high wages. Romulox Mar 2014 #61
k&r for the truth, however depressing it may be. n/t Laelth Mar 2014 #51
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