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Sat Mar 8, 2014, 08:38 PM Mar 2014

If Bernie runs, Hillary won't [View all]

That's my guess.

There's a good chance she doesn't run anyway, she's smart enough to know that America's temperment is no longer for Third-Way shenanigans.

But if Bernie runs... If he gets media attention, he'll unrelentingly go after her record, her years of service to Wall Street and the millions they've showered upon her, her (still-unapologetic) vote to attack Iraq, her standing against same-sex marriage for almost a decade after it became legal in Massachusetts, and the rest.


And I think Bernie *will* get media attention because America's searching for a different voice, and Bernie *is* a different voice, yet one with authority.

I still think Elizabeth will run, but I think Bernie's rarin' to go and will hop in sooner. And once he does and gets a little traction, Hillary will bow out. She wants to go out with people thinking she coulda been a contender rather then out for the count*.

*Attention nitwits: "out for the count" is a metaphor. It will not help one bit if you start posting nonsense about my wanting Bernie to actually strike Hillary in any way. I don't. At all. Don't do it.

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If Bernie runs, Hillary won't [View all] MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 OP
If she doesn't run it is because she doesn't want to do it. Nothing else matters. hrmjustin Mar 2014 #1
never has krawhitham Mar 2014 #94
! dionysus Mar 2014 #2
^^^ OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #10
i'm not even a big fan of the Clintons, but damn this shit is getting delusional.... dionysus Mar 2014 #15
Nor I. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #29
Paulsen status.... Ned Fenwick Mar 2014 #133
That's a good take. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #138
maybe he is doing like Hotblack Desiato... awoke_in_2003 Mar 2014 #151
Spot On! chuckstevens Mar 2014 #135
Bernie would take Hillary's lunch money in a debate. As a corporate Dem she would be fodder... Scuba Mar 2014 #3
It would end with Hillary at the bottom of a smoking crater MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #5
The debates are not set up that way. former9thward Mar 2014 #57
just like Dennis did the last two times? dionysus Mar 2014 #17
More like Aerows Mar 2014 #53
^^^^ T H I S ^^^^ MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #54
I actually felt bad for Ryan that night... almost Scootaloo Mar 2014 #128
I thought Ryan was going to have to Aerows Mar 2014 #134
It could have been MORE awkward Scootaloo Mar 2014 #141
Or like that guy from Freedom Industries Aerows Mar 2014 #146
What is it with crooked conservatives and water? laundry_queen Mar 2014 #198
Do you think they'd ALLOW him in the debates? nt 7962 Mar 2014 #158
If he runs as a Dem, they'd have a hard time keeping him out. n/t winter is coming Mar 2014 #160
So you think Bernie will simply become a sudden Democrat without affecting his credibility?! Bwah! WinkyDink Mar 2014 #209
He could start a new trend, the "credible Democrat". Enthusiast Mar 2014 #212
Becoming a Dem would diminish his credibility? Wow L0oniX Mar 2014 #233
Duh. An avowed Independent changes Party and you think he won't be looked upon as an opportunist? WinkyDink Mar 2014 #255
Duh. Dems will vote for a Dem. Call it being an opportunist? I call it running for POTUS. L0oniX Mar 2014 #261
He's caucused with Dems for years. Which policies do you think he holds contrary to Dem positions? winter is coming Mar 2014 #247
My point wasn't about our individual micro-choices; I'd like Bernie, too. WinkyDink Mar 2014 #256
But that's what an election is: millions of micro-choices. winter is coming Mar 2014 #260
Bwahahah so yeah you're so concerned for his credibillity and you know an independant can't win... L0oniX Mar 2014 #262
And what debate would this be, where an Independent debates? WinkyDink Mar 2014 #208
Bernie caucuses with the Dems now, and rank-and-file Dems will welcome him with open arms. Scuba Mar 2014 #211
I'm a Union kind o'gal, so perhaps you are correct. But money talks, and the OP's claim is absurd. WinkyDink Mar 2014 #257
i think this is wishful thinking on your part. nt La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2014 #4
You might be right. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #8
I don't think hillary should run, but for different reasons La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2014 #21
delusional is more like it dlwickham Mar 2014 #82
You cannot possibly believe that BainsBane Mar 2014 #6
Hillary's said she's not running, repeatedly MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #9
No, she hasn't BainsBane Mar 2014 #14
I'm not sure why you do these things MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #18
If that's the case BainsBane Mar 2014 #24
Whoa. One step at a time. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #26
Hey, this is about what you think. Not me. BainsBane Mar 2014 #31
You said mean things to me. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #34
Mean things? BainsBane Mar 2014 #41
So has Hillary said she's not running? Or not? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #47
Okay, she's not running. BainsBane Mar 2014 #59
Hmmm... MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #60
I'm agnostic BainsBane Mar 2014 #63
So you called my OP "nonsense" MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #67
Oh, dear. I'm sure you're devastated. BainsBane Mar 2014 #72
So now I'm stupid, too. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #74
Try rereading BainsBane Mar 2014 #77
"Therefore I have trouble believing you ..." MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #84
No, I don't believe you really believe your own OP BainsBane Mar 2014 #89
So I'm a prevaricator, but not stupid. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #96
Wow you play victim better than my kids MyNameGoesHere Mar 2014 #131
Well played. RC Mar 2014 #147
Whew! Fumesucker Mar 2014 #97
That would be part of why people would support him 'He is unlikely to attract a lot of money from sabrina 1 Mar 2014 #189
Hillary has said she wont, but so has Warren. Never believe a politician who says no. Means nothing 7962 Mar 2014 #164
Agreed. But it's funny how some people believe Warren, but not Hillary. nt MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #167
Because we know politician speak BainsBane Mar 2014 #169
"I have ruled it out." MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #174
Okay, then you're right BainsBane Mar 2014 #186
I think you're trying to reframe what's going on: MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #224
It's still too early for anyone to say the big Yes. We should all know that. n/t Whisp Mar 2014 #179
Hilary wouldn't be the first to decide to run because public pressure to do so. lumpy Mar 2014 #46
But Elizabeth would be the first? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #48
When Hillary signs a letter asking Elizabeth Warren to run, get back to us... brooklynite Mar 2014 #104
Oh, so you found the letter? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #108
Seriously Manny? THAT's the position you want to go to? brooklynite Mar 2014 #112
So... Where's the letter? Is it a *secret* letter? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #114
Just a guess...it was a PRIVATE letter. brooklynite Mar 2014 #126
Don't believe the "secret letter" gambit. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #132
gawd Manny, it really, really disturbs me that I like this post of yours so much. n/t Whisp Mar 2014 #185
As it should. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #195
wait, I think I changed my mind. n/t Whisp Mar 2014 #235
Oh... you know how they are Manny.... ReRe Mar 2014 #92
Apparently it doesn't matter that Hillary never said such a thing, either. WinkyDink Mar 2014 #206
She said she would decide this year. joshcryer Mar 2014 #127
She HAS said no. Not that it means anything.... 7962 Mar 2014 #161
I'll have what you're smoking. WinkyDink Mar 2014 #205
I'm not aware that Warren has said she will not run. Can you provide a link for that? Scuba Mar 2014 #11
There have been multiple threads on DU about it BainsBane Mar 2014 #12
So, no. She's said she is not running. She has not said she will not run. Scuba Mar 2014 #33
She did, she got ambushed and had to say something MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #13
She pledged not to run. joshcryer Mar 2014 #130
Which is to bad as she would be a good choice imo. nt cstanleytech Mar 2014 #156
Me either. Need a link. Aerows Mar 2014 #154
LMAO! adirondacker Mar 2014 #7
I hope they both run and Bernie gets the nomination. bigwillq Mar 2014 #16
Perhaps 3/4 of voters have no idea who Bernie is. lumpy Mar 2014 #49
This, too. bigwillq Mar 2014 #50
like Obama in 2006 lunasun Mar 2014 #99
Obviously Obama drew attention because he was a first in a the presidential race. People learned lumpy Mar 2014 #150
Everyone knew who Obama was after his speech at the 2004 convention Doctor_J Mar 2014 #241
That would probably be in his favor since polls show that politicians, especially those who are know sabrina 1 Mar 2014 #190
Which will work in his favor because EVERYBODY Le Taz Hot Mar 2014 #214
No, it's far more likely that we'll see a well-funded effort to try to "Dean scream" Bernie winter is coming Mar 2014 #19
it will be a choice between Corporate Hillary and Corporate Christie or Jeb frwrfpos Mar 2014 #20
Well, when you put it that way... LuvNewcastle Mar 2014 #87
It's a nice thought, temporary311 Mar 2014 #22
She has a record. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #23
So did Bush, temporary311 Mar 2014 #27
Hillary's is far, far worse relative to where Americans are today MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #30
I hope so. temporary311 Mar 2014 #32
And whatever she might not've known about that subject in 2008 demwing Mar 2014 #36
I don't think Bernie will get media attention to the extent Hillary would Fumesucker Mar 2014 #25
Plus 1 Ishoutandscream2 Mar 2014 #183
Social media has been used to great effect enigmatic Mar 2014 #188
I think it's the other way around. Boom Sound 416 Mar 2014 #28
Why should we believe that you actually even want Warren to run or even win? Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #35
I'm actually Tagg Romney MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #37
You said you'd rather overturn the election of Obama than the election of Reagan in 1980 Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #39
Maybe you should link to that post, for context MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #43
Context? Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #45
Afraid to link to the post? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #51
Manny.... Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #58
I think you're scared to link to it. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #61
You're still admiting that you'd rather overturn the Obama election than the Reagan election Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #62
You're a chicken, an obfuscator, and have difficulty navigating metaphors. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #64
Here ya go. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #76
Thank you. nt MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #81
hahahaha Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #93
That's pretty blatant BainsBane Mar 2014 #85
Do you disagree? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #88
Yes, I disagree that McCain should have been President BainsBane Mar 2014 #95
I usually do, too. Sometimes not. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #98
But not after innauguration? BainsBane Mar 2014 #100
I started getting concerned about a month before inauguration MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #107
That doesn't surprise me BainsBane Mar 2014 #110
Here's a Manny duzy from that post.. "Would McCain's policies be much different? I don't see how." DCBob Mar 2014 #91
That's a shocker. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #102
Really? Marr Mar 2014 #168
Hillary became mononymous during her Senate campaign. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #175
Oh, that makes sense. It's cloying when done by people you don't like, and totally Marr Mar 2014 #176
Almost. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #178
Plus normally politicians are referred to by their surnames. But there are two famous Clintons CJCRANE Mar 2014 #201
Yes, I noticed that too! nt CJCRANE Mar 2014 #199
Don't worry about intimacy till Manny posts picture thread after Autumn Mar 2014 #246
That wouldn't surprise me. CJCRANE Mar 2014 #200
You lost me when you said demwing Mar 2014 #38
So you were alerted on neverforget Mar 2014 #165
Interesting...juror #6 thinks I alerted Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #181
thanks for the post demwing Mar 2014 #184
THIS IS WHY WE NEED 7 JURORS Capt. Obvious Mar 2014 #259
I'm sorry, I've been traveling a lot lately... seattledo Mar 2014 #40
I fully agree with you. Nye Bevan Mar 2014 #42
Someone else HAS to run to show Dems have a "bench" elfin Mar 2014 #44
Yes, Hillary is a corporatist and needs to be challenged on that and drawn more left. DJ13 Mar 2014 #157
I could give two shit who runs and who doesn't Aerows Mar 2014 #52
I'm not ready for Hillary Aerows Mar 2014 #55
I'm ready. bigwillq Mar 2014 #66
If you don't have Hillary Aerows Mar 2014 #68
Damn. bigwillq Mar 2014 #73
I'm not sure about sleeping bags, yet Aerows Mar 2014 #152
Oh, there will be total obliteration. jsr Mar 2014 #204
No way. The only way I will vote for Bernie is if he runs as a Democratic. I will vote for him in lostincalifornia Mar 2014 #56
I don't advocate third parties Aerows Mar 2014 #65
and no matter how Democratic he is, if he runs under a separate party, I will NOT split the vote. lostincalifornia Mar 2014 #69
Cart before the horse, IMHO Aerows Mar 2014 #90
So will I,as long as it is in the Democratic primary, and if Bernie runs as a Democrat in the lostincalifornia Mar 2014 #103
Which is why the GOP will lose. They will NOT unite behind whoever gets the nod. 7962 Mar 2014 #172
If Hillary runs, it will tear the Democratic Party apart. bvar22 Mar 2014 #70
AMEN, brother! MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #79
how about "what utter bullshit" instead of an amen dlwickham Mar 2014 #83
+1 BainsBane Mar 2014 #105
Love your in depth, insightful political analysis of the suituation. bvar22 Mar 2014 #115
That's why they stick to insults, not facts MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #119
Absolutely. But at some point we need to cut them adrift, run them out of our party. rhett o rick Mar 2014 #228
thank you dlwickham Mar 2014 #143
PLUS A BRAZILLION! Enthusiast Mar 2014 #220
One side uses argument, the other insult. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #116
who did I insult dlwickham Mar 2014 #144
My bad, sorry. I forgot that MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #155
so who did I insult dlwickham Mar 2014 #244
Amen and Amen! ReRe Mar 2014 #109
no it won't. I would hope Bernie would run as a Democratic in the Democratic primary. Folks were lostincalifornia Mar 2014 #111
Sort of like it tore the Party apart in 2008? brooklynite Mar 2014 #113
Amen Caretha Mar 2014 #124
AMEN! (n/t) a2liberal Mar 2014 #129
I say AMEN! Le Taz Hot Mar 2014 #215
AMEN Brother!!! Enthusiast Mar 2014 #219
I so agree. The Left has to take a stand against the Conservative run Democratic Party. rhett o rick Mar 2014 #237
No ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2014 #239
I don't think you are on trend, sadly. WinkyDink Mar 2014 #258
More 2016 fantasy football. longship Mar 2014 #71
You could be right about "America's temperment is no longer for Third-Way shenanigans." Jack Rabbit Mar 2014 #75
*presses the Pause button* Le Taz Hot Mar 2014 #216
Finally! An outcome we can both hope for! randome Mar 2014 #78
If Bernie runs, and I wish he would, he will be marginalized by the media Cheese4TheRat Mar 2014 #80
Whatever M$M coverage he gets will be one long Dean Scream Fumesucker Mar 2014 #86
Hahahaha! So true. Cheese4TheRat Mar 2014 #162
The problem with Kucinich is that the media knew he wasn't serious. Le Taz Hot Mar 2014 #217
lol...good one. Iggo Mar 2014 #101
I think Hillary will run. If Sanders runs he will probably beat her in a few primaries and that Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #106
How is he going to beat her when he isn't a registered Democrat..... Historic NY Mar 2014 #117
he has said publicly he might run. He is too much of a pragmatist to run as a third party candidate. Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #123
If Bernie runs, dems lose liberal N proud Mar 2014 #118
I doubt that he would run as an Independent. But even if he did rhett o rick Mar 2014 #238
Bookmarking...nt SidDithers Mar 2014 #120
You never give up, do you Manny? ReRe Mar 2014 #121
The very good progressive vs the 3rd Way Not as Bad candidate. Go, Bernie! Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2014 #122
Amen in the crowd! Aerows Mar 2014 #137
cannot underestimate ego, lust and mania reddread Mar 2014 #125
Hillary Clinton IS most certainly running. JaneyVee Mar 2014 #136
I think you misspelled "mud pit" Fumesucker Mar 2014 #149
Ewwwww. bvar22 Mar 2014 #243
If Bernie runs he has my vote regardless. He believes the same things that I do. AAO Mar 2014 #139
Is this honesty or wishful thinking? Auntie Bush Mar 2014 #140
THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Katashi_itto Mar 2014 #142
*sputter* Recursion Mar 2014 #145
If he runs quakerboy Mar 2014 #148
Whatever. delrem Mar 2014 #153
Just what we need....... whistler162 Mar 2014 #159
Well, according to Bernie he is prepared to run. Agnosticsherbet Mar 2014 #163
If Bernie Sanders ran for president, our corporate media would attack him 24-7. Marr Mar 2014 #166
Hillary has too much baggage drexelhillbilly Mar 2014 #170
Running as an independent for President is really hard. FarCenter Mar 2014 #171
Dumb. But everyone's entitled to their opinion. Pretzel_Warrior Mar 2014 #173
My guess is that if Bernie runs, Hillary will bury him. Deep13 Mar 2014 #177
Ran into a friend who knows a Republican politico (some of us do.....) brooklynite Mar 2014 #180
Karl Rove had unlimited financial resources too. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #182
Bernie Madoff is in jail. He might have had a chance in his heyday. aquart Mar 2014 #187
Hmmm. blue neen Mar 2014 #191
I don't think it's inappropriate at all. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #193
Hey, blue neen Mar 2014 #194
To stave off the nitwits. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #196
Manny, you should be a writer. Beacool Mar 2014 #192
Maybe... just maybe... I *am* a writer MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #197
It's delusion and wishful thinking. Beacool Mar 2014 #250
To the contrary quaker bill Mar 2014 #202
hopeful delusion at best beachbum bob Mar 2014 #203
I can't grasp how silly the OP post is. Bernie Sanders isn't even a DEMOCRAT. WinkyDink Mar 2014 #207
Using a Third Party candidate to divide Democrats--what does that sound like to you? nt msanthrope Mar 2014 #225
Comrade! MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #227
Hey Manny---I'm merely going to suggest you stop using google translate for msanthrope Mar 2014 #232
Manny, why do you want Bernie to punch Hillary in the nose? Enthusiast Mar 2014 #210
I don't often disagree with you my Dear Manny Le Taz Hot Mar 2014 #213
I don't give a fig who runs in 2016. It won't Skidmore Mar 2014 #218
Starting 2016 fights before 2014---FUD. nt msanthrope Mar 2014 #221
Do you agree that presidential candidates who declare before the November election MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #222
Show me one who has, and I will answer the question specific to that candidate. Care to tell us msanthrope Mar 2014 #223
So it will depend on which candidate files before the election? MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #226
No--I won't have this discussion until someone does. And you are damn right some are more equal msanthrope Mar 2014 #229
So if any Democrat jumps in for President before the election, then that MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #230
And again--you focus on the 2016s rather than your 2014 elections--seemingly in repsonse to this: msanthrope Mar 2014 #236
Why post drivel??????? Pisces Mar 2014 #231
Because he has a captured audience that wants to hear this kind of stuff. Beacool Mar 2014 #251
Wishful thinking? ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2014 #234
I really don't think Hillary will run. Biden most certainly will IMO. Autumn Mar 2014 #240
Ready for Hillary? A news article, at least three times a week for the past several months, winter is coming Mar 2014 #248
Biden and Sanders, two men in their mid 70s by 2016. Beacool Mar 2014 #252
That's all it is Bea. I just don't see Hillary running. Autumn Mar 2014 #254
What To Do? colsohlibgal Mar 2014 #242
If Hillary doesn't run, Cuomo will, and will be the favorite. Jim Lane Mar 2014 #245
Is this a plan to give the election to the GOP BrentWil Mar 2014 #249
Shhhh, don't ruin their fantasy. Beacool Mar 2014 #253
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