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17. Some of America's wealthiest supported the Eugenics Movement - lines up well with elites who
Sat Mar 24, 2012, 08:39 PM
Mar 2012

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supported and financed fascism and Nazi movements around the world during the following decades:

Congressman says NO is treason [View all] malthaussen Mar 2012 OP
"State Representative Al E. Katt today proposed legislation...." DJ13 Mar 2012 #1
Good satire. nt ZombieHorde Mar 2012 #2
LMAO arcane1 Mar 2012 #3
Meh... He's just mad about being on every public database cherokeeprogressive Mar 2012 #4
Let's put it this way... malthaussen Mar 2012 #5
This would be defeated by Democrats Voice for Peace Mar 2012 #6
There are no bad anti-men jokes malthaussen Mar 2012 #7
I always figured the GOP was anti-abortion because they might only get one chance to breed. freshwest Mar 2012 #8
Just assuring a massive backlash felix_numinous Mar 2012 #9
Poe's Law usrname Mar 2012 #10
I had to look up Poe's Law Voice for Peace Mar 2012 #29
You'll find that both Poe's Law malthaussen Mar 2012 #30
now I have to look up Godwin's law Voice for Peace Mar 2012 #31
Legislation they dream about. nt Incitatus Mar 2012 #11
It was similarly a crime against the Fatherland to deny birth to a good "racially valuable" German leveymg Mar 2012 #12
Poe's Law and Godwin's Law activated? malthaussen Mar 2012 #14
The German Family Law is based in good old Gold Prize Better Babies and American Eugenics Theory leveymg Mar 2012 #15
Yeah, eugenics was big malthaussen Mar 2012 #16
Some of America's wealthiest supported the Eugenics Movement - lines up well with elites who leveymg Mar 2012 #17
Ugly stuff, malthaussen Mar 2012 #18
The "satire on the Republican War on Women" brings us back to the pillars of the Republican Party leveymg Mar 2012 #19
Which raises some pointed questions malthaussen Mar 2012 #20
There are much bigger figures in the Fascist International than Ayn Rand. She's a ditzy ideologue, leveymg Mar 2012 #22
The reason I raise Rand's name malthaussen Mar 2012 #23
Actually, she was known in fascist circles, particularly among White Russians/Baltics like Rosenberg leveymg Mar 2012 #24
Interesting malthaussen Mar 2012 #27
There's an excellent book about Left and Right in Hollywood during the period on Googlebooks: leveymg Mar 2012 #32
Does look interesting malthaussen Mar 2012 #33
Meant to respond to your last comment, immediately above. Technical glitch. leveymg Mar 2012 #26
And that movement has been revived Zalatix Mar 2012 #25
I wouldn't say "revived." malthaussen Mar 2012 #28
Whew that is a relief. zeemike Mar 2012 #13
not bad varelse Mar 2012 #21
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