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29. Legalizing Marijuana is Not a Far-Leftist Position
Tue Dec 20, 2011, 11:31 AM
Dec 2011

Last edited Wed Jan 11, 2012, 09:38 PM - Edit history (1)

when 500 economists sign a petition to legalize marijuana the position is not far leftist.

when Joe Klein, in Time Magazine (which is considered centrist at most) writes about legalizing marijuana, it is not a far-left position.

when a Gallup poll finds 50% of Americans favor legalization (vs. 46% opposed) - it's not a far-left position.

As you see from this survey, support for legalization is the majority opinion among liberals, moderates, independents, Democrats, people from ages 18-49 (with 49% support for ages 50-64.)

Instead, what this poll indicates is that a failure to take action to legalize marijuana is a conservative and Republican position - the one group that does not favor the Obama presidency without doubt.

Obama's refusal to address this issue puts him in the same camp as the far right.

He totally spaced out and missed it. Scuba Dec 2011 #1
or has caved to pharma and the prison industry. I don't think he is that spaced out. bbgrunt Dec 2011 #42
On this one, I just think he's choosing his battles. tblue Dec 2011 #94
Munchies will do that. boppers Dec 2011 #121
There's a laundry list of issues that are important to young people SixthSense Dec 2011 #2
Time for those same young people to start demanding their parents vote (D). DCKit Dec 2011 #3
They did that SixthSense Dec 2011 #5
I said "progressive Democrats". DCKit Dec 2011 #6
people who work in drug policy reform RainDog Dec 2011 #8
Then that needs to be done in primaries SixthSense Dec 2011 #11
young voters are HUGELY ticked off that their issue has been laughed off RainDog Dec 2011 #9
This is one of the most ridiculous statements I've seen posted here. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #50
I didn't say it was only an issue for young people RainDog Dec 2011 #61
Obama does not deserve my vote. Maybe Ron Paul does, Rageneau Dec 2011 #100
Ron Paul is so principled he supports discrimination. Sorry you fell for his bullshit. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #104
I find Ron Paul disgusting but that statement is absolutely true Bjorn Against Dec 2011 #112
The only reason anyone would support Ron Paul is because they haven't done any research. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #136
"I was going to decriminalize marijuana, but then I got high" aikoaiko Dec 2011 #4
Lol! RiffRandell Dec 2011 #47
1 in 3 American Youth Are Arrested By Age 23 RainDog Dec 2011 #7
I agree, except I don't find it "puzzling" Enrique Dec 2011 #10
Not necessarily RainDog Dec 2011 #12
Obama has a crappy Med Marijuana policy for the same reason that he sold us out truedelphi Dec 2011 #87
Control the $$$$-Screw the Patient Rights fredamae Dec 2011 #13
You got it SixthSense Dec 2011 #15
Law Enforcement is the Primary Opposition fredamae Dec 2011 #23
when marinol was classed as schedule II RainDog Dec 2011 #19
My wife was prescribed Marinol during third round of chemo, it Dragonfli Dec 2011 #124
that's what made me aware of this issue - medical cannabis works RainDog Dec 2011 #127
OT "Raindogs" is one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time. banned from Kos Dec 2011 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author Romulox Dec 2011 #17
Obama hasn't been "silent"--he has actively ramped up a crackdown on Medical Marijuana. Romulox Dec 2011 #16
you misunderstood that post RainDog Dec 2011 #18
No. I didn't. Obama is in charge of the DEA, DOJ; He's a committed Drug Warrior. Romulox Dec 2011 #20
lol RainDog Dec 2011 #21
That's cool. ONE DAY you'll solve the mystery of who appointed Eric Holder, Michele Leonhart!` Romulox Dec 2011 #25
And he will remain silent until AFTER the election. nt Countdown_3_2_1 Dec 2011 #22
Obama hasn't been "silent"; He speaks through his POLICIES: Romulox Dec 2011 #24
Why is remaining silent on an issue where speaking out would be political suicide mysterious? Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #26
Legalizing Marijuana is Not a Far-Leftist Position RainDog Dec 2011 #29
Well done! n/t i_sometimes Dec 2011 #32
you might want to check out the Drug Policy Forum RainDog Dec 2011 #37
I can attest to i_sometimes Dec 2011 #60
I fear the Party of NO fredamae Dec 2011 #30
It would not surprise me - legalising cannabis would make a Republican look moderate. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #46
yet almost half of the population of the U.S. lives in places with legal medical marijuana RainDog Dec 2011 #68
It's not a far left position, it's a position that would make a politician be viewed as far left. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #89
thanks for the reply. You're right - it's not a far left position RainDog Dec 2011 #118
I think politicians are probably accurately gauging electoral/media response. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #132
The issue may have changed just a bit - Gary Johnson is going to run for prez as a libertarian RainDog Dec 2011 #133
You're essentially asking, "Why do the right thing, if someone might criticize me?" They're called Romulox Dec 2011 #34
No, I'm not, you're simply wrong about that. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #45
Those are the thinnest slices of hair I've ever seen! Bottom line, you defend the status quo. nt Romulox Dec 2011 #58
Bottom line: no I don't, and your comments are both false and rude. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #90
I get what you're saying. randome Dec 2011 #59
Only if the person you're talking to wants to "win" rather than to communicate. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #91
"Political suicide"? SixthSense Dec 2011 #35
Sorry... nebenaube Dec 2011 #107
Anecdotally speaking, I have not seen 'the youth' united in demanding marijuana legalization. randome Dec 2011 #27
I know. You have not seen many things concerning this issue RainDog Dec 2011 #31
Thanks for setting me straight on how I perceive reality. randome Dec 2011 #33
I can link to discussions with you in which you simply deny reality RainDog Dec 2011 #36
Link away. randome Dec 2011 #39
go to the Drug Policy Forum RainDog Dec 2011 #40
Every poll you list has to do with medicinal use of marijuana. randome Dec 2011 #49
no. the first two have to do with entirely legalizing RainDog Dec 2011 #51
You're right about those first 2 links. randome Dec 2011 #52
so you're not going to bother reading any of the reports or studies? RainDog Dec 2011 #56
Creationism? Nope. You still have me pegged wrong. randome Dec 2011 #57
here are answers to your questions RainDog Dec 2011 #63
A thoughtful response and I appreciate that. randome Dec 2011 #66
With the number of LEGAL narcotics spewed out Tsiyu Dec 2011 #72
I think I know why that is. randome Dec 2011 #74
lol RainDog Dec 2011 #73
You don't have to smoke cannabis, you can use a vaporizer or ingest it combined with food. Uncle Joe Dec 2011 #76
I already said I think incarceration is stupid. randome Dec 2011 #77
The problem is that would still be prohibtion leaving all the dynamics in place Uncle Joe Dec 2011 #78
There will always be prohibition of something. randome Dec 2011 #79
That should be its' own thread, but as this one is referring to cannabis Uncle Joe Dec 2011 #81
*You* support the Drug War. Why try to put *your* views in the mouth of "the Youth"? nt Romulox Dec 2011 #41
I don't support the drug 'war'. randome Dec 2011 #43
Right. You just *really, really* understand where the Drug Warriors are coming from. nt Romulox Dec 2011 #82
Apparently I understand the nature of a paradox. randome Dec 2011 #83
No. You don't. Because that's not a "paradox", it's just inconsistency on your part. Not the same. Romulox Dec 2011 #84
Well, I do benefit... i_sometimes Dec 2011 #28
Another clue in this mystery: "Joe Biden, Drug Warrior" Romulox Dec 2011 #38
Obama never ran on legalizing Reefer. And he wouldn't be reelected if he did. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #44
Just promise you won't use your hammer for evil... randome Dec 2011 #48
since when does an issue that has favorable polls across all demographics- RainDog Dec 2011 #53
It's America, RainDog. randome Dec 2011 #54
Post #29 says otherwise ("across all demographics"). boppers Dec 2011 #123
pardon me. slight exaggeration. majorities across ALL political id's except for Republicans RainDog Dec 2011 #126
He did make specific and detailed statements regarding policy that he needs to uphold Bluenorthwest Dec 2011 #55
With a world economy in shambles, frazzled Dec 2011 #62
FDR ended prohibition and it spurred the economy RainDog Dec 2011 #64
Money should not be part of this discussion. randome Dec 2011 #67
FDR did not end prohibition by himself treestar Dec 2011 #96
lol well if you really really really really believe it, it must be true grantcart Dec 2011 #98
FDR and the End of Prohibition RainDog Dec 2011 #115
The issue is not whether he supported it after it was approved by the party but why he didn't lead grantcart Dec 2011 #139
I am not bashing Obama on this issue RainDog Dec 2011 #142
btw, grantcart, I am really surprised to see you lying outright here RainDog Dec 2011 #117
+1 This is absurd. treestar Dec 2011 #95
Yeah so the State can i_sometimes Dec 2011 #108
There was federal law on it too treestar Dec 2011 #119
What are you saying? i_sometimes Dec 2011 #134
The clinics were being investigated for violating federal regulations regarding medical marijuana treestar Dec 2011 #135
There are no Federal i_sometimes Dec 2011 #141
this is not true RainDog Dec 2011 #145
here's a link about that situation RainDog Dec 2011 #146
Ah, yes. The economy is in trouble, so we shouldn't get distracted Doctor_J Dec 2011 #137
The only "science" involved is economics. comipinko Dec 2011 #65
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Dec 2011 #69
I don't see a big downside for Obama in supporting marijuana legalization aint_no_life_nowhere Dec 2011 #70
Try "making it far less likely he'd be reelected". Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #148
I think it is probably an enviable position loyalsister Dec 2011 #71
people are losing their jobs because of the LEGAL medical marijuana trade in states here RainDog Dec 2011 #75
Does anyone believe that it would be easier than HCR or extending unemployment? loyalsister Dec 2011 #101
Getting out of the drug war game would greatly decrease the reach of the police state TheKentuckian Dec 2011 #88
Enviable? SixthSense Dec 2011 #99
So they can't walk and chew gum at the same time? What a dumb post Doctor_J Dec 2011 #105
The problem is they won't loyalsister Dec 2011 #125
I don't think Obama has to fight to legalize mj RainDog Dec 2011 #128
Yeah, its hard doing two things at once. i_sometimes Dec 2011 #109
K&R n/t Shining Jack Dec 2011 #80
More so-called "silence" from Obama's DOJ: "Feds Shut Down Marin Pot Club" Romulox Dec 2011 #85
K&R (n/t) a2liberal Dec 2011 #86
I don't think there is any puzzling silence.. it's pretty clear that Obama supports the WOD. lib2DaBone Dec 2011 #92
I can't believe the number of people who cite politics as justification for Obama's silence.... mike_c Dec 2011 #93
The private prison industry would never permit decriminalization. NorthCarolina Dec 2011 #97
Yes.. that sums it up. Prisons equal "PROFIT". lib2DaBone Dec 2011 #102
Not that puzzling - he ran as a liberal, and is governing as a far-right conservative Doctor_J Dec 2011 #103
Ya think there just might be a few hundred more pressing issues for him to deal with these days? RBInMaine Dec 2011 #106
Linky? eom i_sometimes Dec 2011 #110
No, actually, I don't. Donald Ian Rankin Dec 2011 #111
But the Pen Stoke needs solid main stream justification so people can get over their fear freedomnow Dec 2011 #113
here's a link to the Miron study RainDog Dec 2011 #129
I was looking for your defense! Not disappointed! Logical Dec 2011 #122
It is odd. It'd be low-hanging fruit to save taxpayer dollars, stimulate the economy, etc. DirkGently Dec 2011 #114
A question for all of you who feel Obama is silent on this for political purposes or electability FlaGatorJD Dec 2011 #116
Michele Leonhart's track record of undermioning state law.. red dog 1 Dec 2011 #120
It's a moral issue, and shameful that Obama has not had the courage of his convictions. Kurovski Dec 2011 #130
Try Marinol ... legal prescribed pill made of THC in pot. freedomnow Dec 2011 #143
it is not as effective RainDog Dec 2011 #147
Try Marinol ... legal prescribed pill made of THC in pot. freedomnow Dec 2011 #144
Not on my formulary. Kurovski Dec 2011 #149
As an active JackInGreen Dec 2011 #131
The president has abandoned many of his 2008 voters Doctor_J Dec 2011 #138
Sadly he listens more to "Dance with the ones who bought you" Marrah_G Dec 2011 #140
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